Targets & Stands

I want to practice more moving & shooting, drawing, CQB, etc., that I can’t practice at a regular range. Steel targets seem to be the way to go but I’m reading minimum distances to be 100 yards with a rifle. That defeats the purpose of having steel for me. What are some recommendations for stands and targets? Is better to just get some sturdy stands with a backing that holds paper targets?

@Jason148 Go to 0.36 on the video, I made one of these and it worked well with a buddy.
Intelligently controlled target system. He has other videos where he uses the target. :+1:

Here is the other one.


Thanks Bruce, I will definitely take a look!

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You might explore a dueling tree? I shoot at home so put an 8 foot 4x4 in the ground with a 2 foot piece at 90’ at the top. I can hang a can from the overhang and let it sway back and forth as a moving target. As far as moving personally I could do that but the old back dosent like to play that game anymore.

I love mine, (6 paddles for 9mm+, 6 for .22)silhouette, dual 9mm spinners, single spinner for .22😎


They are rubber targets made for exactly what you’re talking about.

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I use 2" x 4" x 6’ wooden saw horses to hang my steel (sorry can’t find a pic) . A couple of 1/4" screw in hooks to hang the grade 43 truckers chain from and aluminum snap links to attach to the targets. For steel I have 12" x 16" x 3/8" AR500 plates (and some other sizes as well) that were cut from a big sheet and then 1/2" holes cut into three corners for various mounting options. Cut them 1" x 1" from the corner so you can get the snap link on. I have shot the above mentioned plate at 15 feet with a 300 WM loaded with a 220 running 3000fps and nary a blemish. That said M852 (green tip 5.56) inside 100 yards will dimple the surface due to the penetrator. For CQB and run and gun I prefer to keep the steel at least 15 yards from me just because of the spalling. ALWAYS wear EYES, GLOVES and LONG SLEEVES if shooting any closer. I’ve shot pistol as close as 5’ but I don’t recommend it, see the previous sentence. The secret to steel is speed, keep your velocities high or you distance long otherwise ricochets are possible. In general I don’t even like 38 special on steel because I have recovered boolits behind the firing line, lead only 22LR is fine but 380, 38 SPL, 25 ACP, 32 and similar low velocity, low mass rounds are a bad thing, they BOUNCE. I won’t shoot shotgun at steel EVER for that reason, not even slugs.

For paper stands 2" PVC tube cut to 24" with 4 “T’s” makes a great stand that you can break down and stuff in the trunk of a car. The 6’ target poles may be another issue. I have corrugated plastic backer that I use but cardboard works good too.




I use steel targets for handguns at 10 yards or more. Have a rifle rated steel target but it gets pitted even at 100 yards so would not use it closer. I have been thinking of getting some of the foam torso and head targets for training with rifles and handguns at closer ranges. Also has the advantage of practicing shoots at different angles instead of just straight on.

A lot to think about, thanks for sharing folks. I stumbled across these in my search and they’re roughly the same cost of rifle rated steel silhouettes from what I can tell. Anybody “play” with these before?

15 yards for this set. The big plate resets the small ones, which flip up… Club also has falling plates (hinged) at 25 yards at a pistol range.
Fixed steel can be an issue, but swingers, hangers (off chain) and hinged plates can be set up for pistol. I also like hanging bowling pins off a rope, fun hitting them while both you and they are hopping around.

That’s a neat set-up!
Homemade or store bought?

Good question, and I’m not sure. Club texted me about the new set up, and it’s definitely more responsive than the falling plates at 25. These guys get hammered though, and I’d imagine will need some repair soon.

Challenge Targets (one of our USCCA member perks companies) has a similar setup. I got to see it at the Ft. Worth Expo, and it’s very nicely made:

Not cheap, and I don’t think I’d enjoy hauling it 100 yards down range on the BLM land where I shoot, but very nice.

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I’ve got similar to this for personal use, went with AR550 which is real heavy duty, and can carry it fairly easily. I transport in my truck, but easy enough to get in a car. I set the legs into a pallet and .308 doesn’t affect movement of the frame. Nice for air rifles at home as well.