Watch out for ricochets!

Always be on the look out for the danger of ricochets! This guy took chances… YOUTUBER CATCHES AK RICOCHET (VIDEO) - The Classic Woodsman


I would never practice shooting live rounds at metal plates or other solid objects. As a newbie shooter, I have been wondering why so many videos show this. Not okay with me.


Metal plates, set up the right way and following correct procedures are VERY safe. I’ve fired THOUSANDS of rounds at metal plates I own and in training with other trainers over the years and NEVER had an issue.

What this guy did was stupid. He fired a FMJ round from an AK at short range at a fixed metal object. He’s lucky to be alive. He violated every rule with that stupid stunt and then he publishes the video to share his stupidity with the world as some sort of a “lesson”?!?!?



I’ve fired lots of rounds against steel targets.

So far I’ve only seen 2 ricochets come straight back to the shooter.

One was a pellet (air rifle) shot at a bowling pin at about 30 yards, we heard the buzzing as it came back, it hit the shooter mid chest. Fortunately, being a .117 caliber airgun pellet and drastically reduced in energy being a ricochet it thumped harmlessly off his shirt.

The only other time was when a spinner target set out at 10 yards meant for handgun shooting caught a 30-30 round.

A small piece of shrapnel about 1/4” came back and struck my coworker in the knee.

She was wearing shorts, and it embedded itself just shallow enough to be able to remove it with tweezers. No surgery or even stitches required.

She said it felt about like catching a rock that was hit by a lawnmower.

Shooting at appropriate steel targets with appropriate caliber and range is perfectly safe…

Step outside those conditions and, well…. “Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.”


When I was young I shot a lot and got mad when I couldn’t shoot, we had a barn with a full basement and I set up a 30 foot range. I used 8 inches of oak for the back stop and it caught everything we threw at it, then one of my friends built a .69 cal flint lock and brought it over to shoot. Well he shot it and the next thing I see is a 3 inch Frisbee coming back at us, I screamed duck and it hit the wall behind us. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He was way the f too close. I got hit by shrapnel as a teenager from a .22 - hit me in the calf. It only punctured the skin, but I still have the mark on my leg. I was about 30’ away, but it bounced back and hit me. He appeared to be much closer.


Steel Targets must be engaged from 10 yards or more . If a shooter engages a steel target from less than 10 yards the shooter will be disqualified. The MD should make every effort to ensure that all items used in an IDPA match are in good condition and safe as used.

IDK If he was more or less than 10 yards


To be clear, the shooter in the video did NOT shoot at a steel target. He shot at a shotgun receiver that he had fixed in place.

This has nothing to do with shooting at regular steel targets.


I have a pretty silly number of rounds shot at steel targets as well. I’ve had 2 ricochets in 20+ years of shooting. Both were on targets that the mounts had loosened and pivoted back so that the plates were no longer angled to throw the spall downward. I caught one in the middle finger knuckle of my left hand. The wife had a bit of spall come back at 20 yards and hit her in the hip. Neither penetrated. Leave a pretty serious bruise though. Rifle rounds require more distance to be safe. Type of steel plays a very large factor as well. Ar550 targets are hard enough that they splatter. Mild steel will crater and can throw spall back at you pretty easily depending on angles and type of mount.

Spall is serious business. Always angle your targets downwards so that it throws the spall to the ground. Not back at you or up in the air. Check your mounts often. Spring loaded targets work the best, they dont loosen up and move anywhere near as bad. You can see the spall stripe on this target setup across the bumper of the car. copper jacket will come off with enough force to still cut/puncture tires inside of 2 or 3 yards. Anything inside of 25 feet or so should be on paper only.


These Idiots think they are ‘Tacti-cool’ right up to the point they film themselves ‘Tacti-DEAD!’
Someone should tell these Moron’s ‘THIS ISN’T A GAME!’
People watching sh** like this BELIEVE it’s cool to do stupid SH**!

YES, Enjoy yourself Training, targeting, have fun, Mag Dump when appropriate (I DO!)
LEARN and Implement the ‘(4) RULES’ into your Training, teach your family, Friends
Don’t be a show-off moron! You can’t take that Bullet back once it’s fired.

HEE-suse! and this guy was proud to show off his idiot wound! Jack-A**!


“Stupid is as stupid does…” said a wise man once


This :point_up_2:t4:, not a regular shooting target.


I got hit with strapnel once, it just bounced off my pant leg, but I was with roommates, and one of their friends wanted to see my gun, so I let them see it, and later on they were loading it and unloading it, and when I seen that, I safely took it away and said “that’s enough.” I didn’t check the chamber as that is my mistake, I set it down in a holster. My idiotic roommate picked it up, and tried wiping it down aggressively with a bandanna, and I argued with him to check the chamber, he said “there’s not a round in it, there’s no mag in it.” I told him I haven’t checked the chamber, so you need to check the chamber, there’s no reason to wipe it down clean with a bandana, if you’re that worried about it, don’t pick it up and touch it. Of course after 10 minutes of arguing with this idiot, a shot goes off, and this guy grabs his foot and runs into the bathroom screaming, I felt something hit my knee, and checked to make sure I’m okay, and that everyone around me was okay, while his ass is having a breakdown in the bathroom. He finally comes out, and we’re suprised to learn, no he is not shot. instead, he shot the fridge. He tried saying the gun shot when he dropped it, but I told him that is impossible due to the internal safeties of the Glock. He shot it, not expecting a bang, and when it did go off next to his ear, it suprised him, and he dropped it on his foot.

And even today he doesn’t accept accountability for it, other than try to say I’m the one who shot the fridge, and to this day he tries to play like I’m cool with him, not at all.

So lesson learned that day, as it was a few years ago. I was pissed, and I’m still pissed. Thankfully the round was a Hornady Critical defense, it went through the outside side of the fridge, hit a container inside the fridge, deflected, and went downward towards the bottom of the fridge and made a hole to the inisde bottom of the fridge.

We had to move the fridge to make sure it didn’t completely go through the fridge and into the bottom downstairs apartment, and luckily it didn’t exit the fridge. We were lucky.

Now I don’t unholster for anybody, or leave anybody unattended with my gun alone. All it took was 2 seconds to be safe, but instead it was a 10 minute ego battle.


I hate, (and I don’t use that word lightly) internet censorship.

A few years ago you could google “shot in head” and it would pull up the raw video of Devyn Holmes being shot in the face at point blank by his “friend” who had dick all knowledge about firearms.

Now that video which should be a valuable training tool of what NOT to do is buried.

Maybe someone with more computer skills than I can find it please!


I’ve experienced one ricochet in my life. The road to the shooting pit I was trying to get to was gated off so the person I was with took me to a pit he said he shot at often and it obviously received a lot of use. But I was a bit uncomfortable since there was a fair number of larger rocks mixed in with the gravel. I picked a spot with the least rocks in the backstop that was over 50 yards away. The person I was with apparently wasn’t as careful and while shooting his handgun we heard the zing of a bullet go well over our heads.

The only other time I have heard that zinging sound was when some yahoos were shooting in the forest. It originally sounded like they were shooting towards the hill in the distance but then they started shooting in directions without any backstops. One bullet went right between my wife and I just barely over our heads if not directly between them. Not a sound I ever want to hear again.


Great story. Drop the mag there is still one in the chamber. It has happened to me. Every gun is always loaded. Luckily I didn’t break all of the four safety rules. Hopefully it was enough for him to learn his lesson and he never will do it again and teach others not to do it.


Good point riffles are much more powerful than hand guns when shooting at steel.


There was no mag in the gun at the time, and I didn’t check the chamber. I wasn’t expecting anybody to grab it. When he grabbed it and was messing with it the way he did, I told him to check the chamber. Idiot didn’t listen.


Yes, I was referring to me. I was an idiot when I didn’t check the chamber. It happens more than one would think. That is why there are four safety rules. One has to break all four for someone to get seriously injured or killed.


took me a minute to remember where this picture was saved lol. little razor sharp inverted mushrooms of death. Thats why you don’t shoot mild steel with high powered rifles up close. Those shots were still from a 18" 556 AR at 100 yards… when it craters out, it shoots lead straight back out of the holes directly back at the shooter. this was just regular old 55g FMJ