Cool yt ricochet video


Thx @PossumSlayer1 for this awesome video :+1:

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Can steel gongs do the same? They are movable, unlike his test target.

Fun video and some very nice shooting at a narrow target.

During one of my defensive handgun classes the instructor had us bounce bullets off of 55 gallon plastic barrels into paper targets. His point from the lesson was don’t think you are safe shooting over the hood of a car because any hit on the hood has a good chance of skimming right at you!

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Have never tried it but would bet that if you hit the gong at enough of an angle the bullet would still ricochet. Would probably be a lot harder to tell where the bullet would go because of the free swinging gong.

No not really.
I got hit by a ricochet last Friday morning with a chunk of lead off a hardened AR500 steel target.
This was at the private range of an attorney who has shot a ton of rounds at steel with no incidents, at a well established firing point (where he parks his pick up truck so the tail gate is used as a table.)

Suddenly I’m not so fond of steel targets, unless it is a can


Curious for more details. Distance, were the plates on spring mounts, were the plates beat up and pitted? How hard was the hit?

I’ve never had a bullet bounce back from steel plates. Once had a bullet that ricocheted at a pit my friend took me to that had a few larger rooks mixed in with the gravel. I’m definitely more careful about the backdrops now!

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That’s a great point! It really makes you think what is best cover if, God forbid, you ever needed it.

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I didn’t measure the distance because the range had been well used and the firing line well established and I was a guest.
I’d been a guest at this same range a few times before with no incident.
The AR500 steel targets were mounted per instructions so they had some give. The AR500s looked to be in good condition—not a lot of cratering as he’d recently added four new plates. My bullet fragmented and the largest piece hit me C-O-M just beneath my heart, not enough energy left to cut through my tee shirt but bounced off my chest (like Superman?) And left a red mark which I still had this morning. Most of the rest of the fragments I collected off the ground.


Not many people can say they were hit in the chest by a bullet fired from a gun and walked away;) Wonder if it was a direct bounce back off the plate or if it hit the plate then deflected again off the stand or something else?

Glad the injury wasn’t more serious!

Me too!

Kind of like the part of Quigley down under? or Winchester 94? ricochet scenes?

Interesting video. Before posting I was looking for a law enforcement video I have seen previously showing and explaining ricochet angles. Bullets dont really ricochet like you would expect. They almost go flat after impact. If I find the video I will come back and post it. It is an important topic to be aware of.


Cool video!

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I have seen that video before. Scary stuff. But don’t know the details on that either. Was it on a properly mounted steel plate or did it ricochet off of something else?