February Target Competition

Let’s see how much you love your carry gun!

Print out: 8 1/2" by 11" (regular letter size paper)

Distance: 10 feet

Rounds: 45 rounds of target ammo (not self-defense ammo)

Objective: 5 shots per heart

Scoring: 5 points for each shot = 25 points per heart

Perfect score: 225 points

Link to the target:

Let’s see the LOVE for your carry gun!


And please do not show results to your loved ones… This could be incorrectly interpreted. :upside_down_face:


Very True!!

It looks a lot smaller once printed out… Maybe it’ll be how much I love my .22 :rofl:


Invoke cupid.

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I edited it a bit so it doesn’t come across threatening! :flushed: :joy:

There’s an old Bon Jovi song that comes to mind… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I want to start by saying I fully understand that my choice of edc is tantamount to cheating (lol), but it is truly my edc and I carry it all day, every day. I shot the comp target after a practice session, so I was pretty warmed up as was the gun (250-300 rds down range)

. My edc is a Wilson Combat EDCx9.


@JustinK… looks @Dawn forgot to list all forbidden firearms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
EDCX9 should be on the top of that list :smile:

However we carry and shoot what is best for us… so congrats !!! … ups, wait a second… there is one miss :grimacing: and that is not acceptable with this pistol :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face: :sunglasses:


Ha, I agree 100%. As usual, the gun is much better than the shooter. I got a little over confident and went a bit faster than I should have on that size target. Overall happy with it though.


Great idea, I printed 2 out for the Mrs. and myself, we will attempt at the new bullet trap prototype we built. We will post results. I need to back up a bit, my mrs. and I shoot and train together…we both love to shoot. Thanks!

Cha Ching!

I want one!

Yeah, they’re proud of them, but rightfully so IMO. Definitely, not for everyone, but it’s fun to shoot and I trust it. Both important aspects.

Didn’t use the sweetheart target as of yet, but thought would enter this into the arena…

75 feet to 15 feet. Rogue shots were from the hip…at least didn’t put any bullet holes in the back of my shop. lol Shot with a sig p226sao legion. , maybe has 6000 rounds thru the sig. The mrs target looked the same. I want to try red dot, someday. Not bad for a grey haired dude.

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Naw, he was just shooting the background heart between the 10 and 7. LOL

LoL…totally the direction I should have gone with that. “I was going for bonus points, not screwing up”.

Finally got to the range for a range day…started at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Top two are only 4 of 5 (top one on the left is missing some paper and my dropped shot actually hit the heart below it. The top 5 has a line burner which I’m counting). Yeah, started rushing the last 15rds…


Posting late! But I did hit the range in February.

10ft, using my Glock 26 and standar flush fit 10rnd mags, which is what I carry about 80% of the time. (the other 20% is a Glock43)

The bad misses were all pulled left. I think I inherently pull a little left with most of my firearms. If I pay really good attention to finger pad placement its pretty dead center, but then follow up shots I think my finger must move a bit


good shooting guys :+1:

I’ve decided to pass this one after 3 tries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve missed all small hearts :zipper_mouth_face:

Hard to admit that not everything can done how we plan :woozy_face: