February '21 Target Competition

The February Target Competition is to practice your double tap - or two shots in rapid succession. Choose your favorite target of any size (at least 8 x 11) and grab a marker!

Target: Your choice
Distance: 12 feet
Number of Shots: 8 shots total (4 double-taps)
Extra supplies: Marker

Do one double-tap (two shots in rapid succession) at a time.
First set: Mark with X’s over the holes.
Second set: Mark with circles around the holes
Third set: Mark with one line through it
Fourth set: No mark needed

Goal: In each set, make the second shot as close as possible to the first shot

Scoring: The double-tap sets do not need to be next to each other on the target, but the shots should be grouped by set.

If there is 1 inch or less between the shots in a set, 1 point. If there are 2 inches between the shots in a set, 2 points. If there are 3 or more inches between the two shots in a set, 3 points. Like golf, you’re going for the lowest points.

The best score you can get is a 4.

Post your targets below!

How often do you practice rapid fire?


Can I use a .50 cal gun?

A 2021-02-02 20-33-08

ehhmmmm… I mean I practice every time I’m on the Range… mostly when RSO is not near by… Rapid fire is prohibited there… :innocent: :grimacing:

I will post mine tomorrow!

I understand the importance of accurate second shots, but what are your thoughts on going for a spread of 2-3 inches?
At seven yards, that would be probably something like 3-5 inches. My supposition is that separate wound channels will have a more devastating impact on the target, thus ending the threat sooner.

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.45 Springfield 1911 full loaded

9 mm SIG P365 XL

.45 @ 25 feet

Any day at the range is a good day! Thanks for the drill.

I thought it was February 29th today… :joy:

Hopefully @USCCA will accept my excuse :kissing:

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what about March '21 Target Competition?

Can we make the Competition a permanent thing here?
To be honest I’m tired with all the political stuff, which in my opinion shouldn’t be more important than training at this Forum.

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This is April now! Target competition for April? May? Okay

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looks the training and competition are forbidden here… let’s get back to politic discussion… :wink:

I made up my own for the month of April.

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Yeah, I saw it. Thx for the April Competition :+1:

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