February Shooting drill 2022

I challenge you to this drill. DRILL 21
It is like playing cards (21) but only in the distance and not the score,
With 130 points possible. 91 to 130 points is a Pass.

7 Yards- Draw and fire 4 rounds Strong Hand Only,
switch hands and fire 4 rounds Weak Hand Only. , {8 Seconds}

7 Yards - From the ready, fire 5 rounds. 4 Seconds
7 Yards - From the ready, fire 4 rounds, emergency reload, fire 4 more rounds. 8 Seconds
7 Yards - Draw and fire 5 rounds. 5 Seconds

Using your USCCA Target each round in the center circle or in the head is worth 5 points
Just outside the circle is 4 points
outer region of target is 2 points
anything outside of the target lines are a zero.

If you do not have these targets, you can order them from the USCCA store. 10 for $10.00
10 USCCA Targets - USCCA Store (usconcealedcarry.com)


108 points as I can count.


I like the drill. Just want some clarification with scoring. Hits to within the “circle and head” receive 5 points. Are these two separate aiming points, or does it matter?

I ask because if I were aiming at the “circle” and struck the “head” (vise versa), I would consider that a “miss”.

As for aiming yes, it is a miss but, as for practicality it is a good stop the threat shot!



And why a good standard/test/metric has enough rounds fired to be statistically significant (however that is quantified). If you’re missing by so much that you hit the ocular when aiming for the sternum, or vice versa, probably over the full course of fire that inaccuracy will be reflected in your overall results/score



I didnt do this drill exactly, but a few weeks ago I shot 4 rounds each, 4 with right hand only (dominant) and 4 with left hand only (weaker hand). I didn’t like it at all but I think I did ok with my right hand. See the black circles. It was my first try and something good to do once in awhile in case I ever need to shoot with one hand only. First left handed shot hit the target in the shoulder. The rest were ok. Appreciate feedback and thoughts…


What was the distance to the target?

5 yards to the target…

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Impressive. Being able to “call your shots” is a big deal! Great recovery and corrections.

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Thanks Steve for the words of encouragement.

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If you look at my target you will see some off shots. Two to the right and one on the neck, those were my left hand. The first shot was decent but then it went array and did not have as much accuracy because I was racing the timer. This just gives me the knowledge that I still need to work on my left-hand shooting more. For the most part this is the FBI certification test at the 21-foot distance. Except for the weak hand and strong hand part is usually done at the closer distance.
I like this drill to keep my training in check and see what I need to work on. The drills that I have posted in the past are usually drills that I have used to train with when I go to the range.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks Todd! I was happy that all 8 shots at least got on the target. I had a lot less control with one hand and a lot more anticipatory worry about recoil. At a farther distance, I would likely have more misses. I bring a black marker to the range and bring the target back and forth so I can mark what I’ve done. If I shoot a lot of rounds at the same target, the target looks like I def stopped the threat but in truth, I’m not always sure where each particular round went. Hard to make corrections that way. I usually get 3 targets each time I shoot and try different things with each…mark the date etc and take a pic.


Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 1" Reactive Target Pasters Package of 432

I use these to reuse the target over and over. or you can use scotch tape too for a less expensive option.

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Another day at the range. I had been working on my weak hand shooting and it ended up improving in the short time of training and practicing. One wild shot at bottom when I transferred from strong hand to the weak hand. I really was happy with the improvement but, I will still work on it. 126 score on this one.

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