June Shooting Competition Drill

Dot Torture Test - Follow instructions listed on target.

If you are not allowed to draw your gun at the range start from a low ready position with finger off the trigger. Download target and use at the range but most of all have fun, practice, and train.

Set target at 2 or 3 yards.

  1. Five slow shots. Take your time.
  2. Draw or low ready , One shot -5 Times.
  3. & 4 Draw or low ready, one shot on #3 and one shot on #4 - 4 times.
  4. Draw or low ready- Five shots strong hand.
  5. & 7 Draw or low ready - Two shots on six and two shots on seven - 4 times
  6. Draw or low ready - Five shots from weak hand.
  7. & 10 - Draw or low ready one shot on 9 then reload and one shot on ten.- 3 times. Time this step and record it.

What size paper and what size circles? Sounds like good practice exercise.

The displayed image above is the “Actual Size”.
“Man who catch fly with chopsticks, accomplish anything”

But seriously a good drill @Todd30


Print out the target off the picture. Two inch circles. Regular piece of paper.

This is a great drill, although a bit ammo intensive for current times. But if your like me and have purchased 22s every time you have seen a good price over the last 30 years, you can do this every week for a long time. Get a good 22 LR pistol that replicates a common carry gun and have fun. Once it becomes too easy, back up a couple yards and start over. Its a great way to track your progress and makes you practice a number of skills like reloads and shooting one handed both strong and support hands.

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Okay, Shoot away! I know my skill level and I know where I am weak.
By the way, just put new sights on the gun. That is not an excuse, that is there are no excuses!
Top miss was alignment of the sights. The sights are dots and it is set to the dot.
Weak hand shooting is something I really have to work on. I did hit it once though.
I shot a .45 @12 feet.
A day at the range is a good day! Felt good! Therapeutic!


All while fishing.:wink::+1:

June got away from me, but had to try the drill.

G43 at 3 yards using my reloads.

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Good shooting, especially the weak hand!

Thanks! I was thinking the same thing. Maybe my strong hand was already tired by the time I got around to this drill. Or maybe I should be shooting left handed all the time. :wink:

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Ummmm, aren’t his dots bigger then yours? And he was at 9 ft. and you were at 12 ft. :thinking:

Good point! but my weak hand is all over the place. I would hate to have to shoot 25 feet with my weak hand but, I have something to shoot for! See what I did there?

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Think “combat accuracy”. :+1:

Hand grenades’?


Yup. :us:

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