It has come to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!...😡

It has came to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!..:rage::rage::rage:

Last Sunday morning very early (before 6am), my wife and I was sitting on the back patio having our morning coffee as we do every morning…and suddenly we hear the Sheriff’s Dept. Helicopter flying above our home, circling about a 4 block square area…VERY LOW…like just barely above the trees. (This is EXTREMELY RARE for our neighborhood!)
As I watched our surveillance cameras monitor, we saw 3 to 5 Sheriff’s cars flying down our street.
We live in a very “bedroom community” type older subdivision with most homes on 1/2 to 1 acre lots…little if any crime and even then its usually just a domestic squabble at one of the rental houses.
Our demographic is a majority of older White and Hispanic people of medium to upper-middle income. There are a few young couples with children who buy and move in to the homes where the previous elderly owners have passed away or been moved to nursing homes…and the handful of rental houses bought up by property management companies during the housing bust. We also have a half dozen or so Police and Deputies who live here too!

The Sheriff’s helicopter presence in the neighborhood went on for almost an hour until I had a couple deputies knock on our door just as it became daylight. They came to ask to review our cameras (we live on a larger corner lot and have 10 surveillance cameras that view a large area of our main street into the subdivision and a side street).
The Deputy said they were looking for a brown or tan pick-up truck coming or going.
As I reviewed the video, the Deputy said there was 3 home invasions done within the 2-4 block areas of our home.
Said it appeared the criminals were scoping out homes to hit as they picked ones with elderly residents, no outside lighting, no cameras, no vehicles or just 1 vehicle in driveway and no signs of dogs at the home. He said our house would be an unlikely target BECAUSE we have heavy lighting around the entire house (motion detected spot lights on all 4 corners and a dusk to dawn commercial street light on pole in front yard, along with the several surveillance cameras and the multiple signage stating trained protection Dobermans on premises,“Do Not Enter Without Owner Present”! (We also have 5 vehicles parked in driveway even though there are only 3 drivers here).

At the 04:18 time on the cameras, I spot a dark tan Ford F-150 pick-up truck pass our house driving about 20mph. It was followed by an older silver Nissan Altima 4 door and a black (or very dark blue) Chrysler 300 4 door. ALL THREE had their headlights off as they proceeded past the 4 cameras that had recorded them. Then at 05:29 the 2 cars were seen flying by going the other way out of the subdivision, with the trunk flopping open and close on the Chrysler.

I burned a DVD of these actions and gave it to the Deputy along with texting to his phone the same videos.

Yesterday morning we were visited by a County Detective with our Sheriff’s Dept. and two F.B.I. Agents. They requested to view the videos live from my sysyem and asked how far back does my system retain video…I told them all of the cameras keep the recordings on our DVR for 10 days before they start over-recording…BUT, our camera supplier has a 60 day retainment kept in their company’s “cloud” (this was one of the reasons I chose them).

To put this in perspective…our town is just across the river/lake from Sanford FL…where all of the race baiting BS started with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin fiasco and Obama’s famous race card comment “If I Had A Son, He Would Have Been Trayvon!”

The Detective told us that those described cars were occupied by 8 to 10 blacks (both males and females) associated with a known gang…and I made comment “Who, BLM?”…and he just kind of stared at me…(I didn’t realize how true this was until later).
Black Lives Matter began about 5 miles from my home in Sanford FL during the Zimmerman/Martin case and really blew up during the Ferguson MO riots over Michael Brown attacking a Police Officer and having to be shot by that Officer there. It is commonly known in our area that most of the crime committed at our businesses and in the next town commercial districts are committed by both black and whites who associate themselves with BLM and who come from the areas west of us…Sanford, Orlando and its County of Orange Co.

He said the 3 homes they had hit was 1 that was just 4 houses up the street from ours (this confirmed previous neighborhood gossip). That home is owned by an elderly White lady who was widowed about 3 years ago and lives alone with a few cats. They only terrorized her and shoved her a couple of times…but she will be okay…thank God! They ransacked her home and stole some jewelry, electronics and a couple of old guns. The other 2 homes hit were also elderly people owned, 1 on the 3rd street down from us and the other 1 a few streets back behind us. Luckily no one was home at either of those 2 homes (the one older couple are Snow-Birds and go up north for the Summers to stay with their family) , but they did steal a substantial amount of those peoples stuff.

What got the Police involved was a neighbor, leaving for work, saw them loading stuff into the bed of the truck at the lady they roughed up house, and he called 911. The Police arrived BEFORE the truck got away and cornered the 3 in that vehicle. They ran and is why the Helicopter was circling looking for them. They caught 2 of them right away and a K-9 brought in caught the last one under a shed about 45 minutes later. Until watching my cameras video, the authorities did not know there was 2 other car loads involved. As of this morning, that bunch hasn’t been caught.

Now here is the REAL CLINCHER!!!
I asked the Detective why we hadn’t seen anything on the news about this…and UNBELIEVABLE…he says because of the volatile racial environment right now in our country…ALL of these type crimes are on a MANDATORY MEDIA BLACKOUT! The Police and Feds are not to inform the media, use special frequency radio communications during the investigation and to downplay any questioning of what took place by the news people. SAY WHAT?
He made the kinda snide remark that it wouldn’t matter anyway, because the corrupt media would play it that the Police were the ones doing wrong for arresting the criminals.
And it is apparently true, as I cannot find anything about this anywhere except a couple blurbs in our local towns Facebook social media groups…and even those are either being denied by the Left Leaning members…or as the neighbor who called police…his posts were removed and he is no longer showing as a member anymore!

Later when it was just the Detective and I, I asked him if they WERE BLM members and if so, how they associated them with BLM and he said the trucks female driver is a well known activist for them and one of the original promoters of them. She has a long criminal record and from the Detectives comments, is VERY WELL KNOWN by the authorities. Because of this is why the FBI was now involved. (The FBI agents never said anything to me the whole time they were here, except greeting and saying who they were.)

Now get this…I cannot find ANY Arresting/Booking info on our County Sheriff’s website for the 3 caught? Unless I am wrong, I thought EVERYONE arrested and/or booked into our county jail was posted on their “Arrested” page. Now I am questioning why are they not showing? Was they even charged? Where are they NOW…in Jail or Let Go?

And as a NOTE to this incident…As you can see…heavy lighting around your home, several cars in driveway showing probably several people inside, Beware of Dog(s) signs and multiple and visible surveillance cameras surrounding your property are THE BEST “PREVENTION” against becoming a victim…and probably MORE IMPORTANT than any firearm(s) you may have inside!


What is the world coming to, I can see this starting to happen in a lot of places throughout the U.S.


God bless and protect you and your family sir. It sounds like your countermeasures are doing a great job.
Somehow, some way, this all has to be stopped.


My coffee hasn’t completely kicked in, yet, but doesn’t the concept of a “media blackout” on certain types of crimes raise some 1st Amendment red flags? Maybe not, maybe it’s just another example of our government(s) lying to us.


There is another reason for “media blackouts” - they don’t want people to know they’re being investigated.

Not saying that’s what’s happening or not happening. But it is another reason for them to keep the information from the media.


Thank you for sharing. This confirms a lot of what I have suspected is going on, which is much more than the media spin as you mention, but full blackout.

One other possibility as to why you are not finding arrest information is that if the FBI is involved, the arrest might not have been made my your local police, but by the FBI, thus the reason you dont see it. Not sure, just a possibility.


This event and it’s being blacked out, combined with Dawns point of some possible justifications for blacking it out, is why overtly biased media, and activism from high level positions of trust ,is so devastatingly bad for our country. It makes trust difficult to impossible, just when it’s needed most.


The best way to win a fight is to avoid it in the first place. Good on you for securing your household. Two (three?) cars worth of thugs swarming into your house is not a problem you want to deal with even if you are adequately armed.

I agree with @Dawn and @Brian139 with the FBI involved, there is likely a certain amount of fishing for other members. This thread on Twitter details FBI tracking down one of the rioters who set a police vehicle on fire. The FBI is definitely “investigating”


I guess if word leaks to the media, that police and FBI harasses an upstanding organization like this, in times like that, the mayor/chief of police will have to immediately resign or shut down investigation. Combination of spinelessness and PC.


The FBI involvement may also be why you are not seeing anyone booked into the county jail.


This makes sense. I just wish they’d do the same for police officers like the one in Atlanta. That Wendy’s would still be standing if it didn’t get blown out of proportion by the media. AND that cop may not have lost his job. I would also say I want the media to inform me of strange people are breaking into homes in my neighborhood.


I want media’s use of 1st Amendment right to slander, incite, misrepresent, whitewash suppresed as much as the simple American’s right to speak what he thinks.


I see similar all the time in my area. We are a heavy tourist town and unless the Governor shows up with out a mask or Socially Distancing, NOTHING bad happens in VA Beach. The news papers and the local news media are complicit. Me being me I know folks and while we are in general a pretty safe place (unless you work in #2 Municipal Building). That said there is a whole lot more going on to include protestor push back and dare I say a bit of A$$ woopin from some locals on some out of town agitators. Funny what happens when you are stupid outside a SEAL’s house.




The problem with Atlanta was the personal cell phone video… and the person saying they just ‘killed him for no reason’…

Ignoring the entire fight he was cheering on.


In my opinion, I have owned a big Rottweiler in the past and just paid a premium for a baby rott. Will go get him in 4 weeks in the middle of july. I was robbed while at a wedding in 1989, but within 2 months purchased a rottie. He was put down at 10.5 years of age because of cancer, But this new guy will be my buddy big time and after an year or 1.5 yrs, I will purchase another. Best deterrent in the world. I big low sounding dog bark…LOL, no one will ever bother you again. I need a companion since I retired. This is one choice in our day and age causes me not to use my firearm…Blessings! Its a good day when we dont have to use excessive force when we don’t have to Amen!


Can I copy and post this on my Facebook page? I will remove your screen name and not say what site it came from


First rule: do not talk about gun club.


@Repo37 Thats okay with me.
Everything I posted is pretty much “public knowledge” at this point!

I just saw a news report stating how the Mainstream Media is actually NOT reporting any of the violent crimes BLM and their supposed “members” are committing all across the country. Apparently there are THOUSANDS of racial attacks happening daily and the left media is hiding it from the public!


Would you mind sharing the report?


If you are talking about the one I just heard…it was on either OAN or HLN news station Sunday morning (I think?)…they were interviewing the temporary Atlanta PD Chief.
He is a young black guy and was saying how the Brooke’s shooting by his officer at the Wendy’s was not racially motivated…BUT, there is a high level of racially motivated violent crimes in his city that ARE being committed by the black community against unexpected Whites…AND particularly lately by those associating themselves with Black Lives Matter.
He then said that the Mainstream Media are refusing to cover those incidents and pushing a narrative that is false that the BLM protesters are “mostly” non-violent. Said you can SEE hundreds of videos on YouTube of what is really going on on his streets in Atlanta and other cities around the nation…and what the media is doing is causing people to get hurt and/or killed because they walk around with the false sense of safety…because they heard it on some bias news station.