Neighbors Gone Wild

We live between two towns. Our area is just partly developed. All properties are zoned residential. Lately some new owners have been firing weapons, I’m perceiving target practice, at anytime of day. 22’s, 9mm & high powered rifle or shotguns.
The codes in our county state, you must have one clear acre and a reliable back stop, also be 150 feet from any building structures. These firearms being discharged are on the small properties of their domicile.
The sheriff department has been called by several other homeowners but it takes over an hour for an officer to show up. The officer always says they are short staffed, which I know is true. The officer also says he has to catch the persons in the act of shooting.
Me and the other neighbors say, Does one of our homes have to have holes in them or worse yet one of us get shot.
I’m going to try talking to the county council next meeting of this matter and see if we can get something done about this bad behavior by a few uncaring neighbors.


Not to just talk to them, he doesn’t.


Are you in the Lehigh Acres area by any chance? The rules sound familiar, and as I had an acre (2 adjacent lots) down there awhile back,208’x208’, I thought the concept of being able to have a range on my perfectly flat property absolutely hilarious, but not something I would pursue.
There were no acre lots unless you bought adjacent lots, zoning is 1/4 and 1/2 acre lots in that area, many undeveloped areas however.


Might be worth a call to the Sheriff. The deputy can’t kick in doors and all, but talking to a potential problem neighbor should not be a big deal for them. Can you ID the house that is shooting? Could be some kids playing around when the folks are not home.


Have you gone over and talked to them, and maybe seen their range. It might be completely safe and a good place to be invited to shoot.


No range. Backyards with a target nailed to a stump and some soda & beer cans. Sometimes you can find shot up cans out in road by the homes. The homes are near each other just one road apart.
Not up to county codes for target practice.

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Sounds like a plan. The suggestion to speak to the Sheriff also sounds good. He/She is likely elected and may be receptive to your measured approach!


We had a similar situation years ago. The cop that showed up actually heard the gun fire. His response was priceless. “We live out here so we can do these things”.