Threats made

I’m torn having to post this but I now feel I must.
A short time ago I had some hell raisers outside my house and coming onto my property with their ATV’S and off road motorcycles. I notified them from a distance to move on. At that point the 6 of them threatened that they were going to come back late at night and break into my house and attack me sexually.
I immediately called the sheriff department and reported what had occurred. About an hour later an officer drove past the house and called me to let me know he couldn’t find anyone and not to worry about being threatened.
Wow, don’t worry about a bunch of jevinil delinquents destroying my property and threatening me and my loved ones.
I don’t know what worries me worse now, the jevinil delinquents or the uncaring officer who finally showed up a hour after my call and tells me not to worry. :worried:


I suggest your next step should be to contact an attorney.


At the minimum, I’d put up clearly visible no trespassing signs and some good security cameras with motion alerts.

Signs are the first warning, cameras record and alert you…

From there, circumstances dictate responses.


Get iron-clad evidence - NO TRESSPASSING signs - and back them up with security camera videos - imagine catching these GPAs returning, and trashing your signs on film. Keep your powder dry!


To Orpackrat, I do have legal NO TRESPASS signs all around my property, also I’ve had Secutity Cameras for years outside watching all but maybe 6" of my property. I have security photos of these jevinil delinquents that I keep on file.
My signs and Cameras are registered with the Sheriff Department.
I’ve had State Police and the Sheriff come to me to get copies of goings-on in my area in the past.
I think it’s just some lazy deputies at times.


@KURT17 ,I have both and they are registered with Sheriff Department.


Signage, yes. Securely locked (more than standard) doors and windows, yes. Cameras outside that record 24/7, if at all possible, yes (Nest, Ring, whatever, but I’d go 24/7 recording vs motion triggered based on my personal experience)

Great to hear you are doing that.


Signs don’t work, what we have here is a failure to communicate!
I noticed your in Florida, can you have a pet alligator? I hear it’s mating season, you can just pick one off the highway take him home, put him on a 25 yard leash, place the sign you think will work at 10 yards.

Let’s consider this, alligator eats bad guys arm, he pays you $500 for feeding alligator, it’s a win, win!
The delinquent is going to be more of a problem if intimidated! Do you have a relationship with the sheriff? Make one!
Do you have a relationship with bikers/atv ers? Have you considered an effort at a detente? Just throwing stuff at the wall! If they are anything like NY cockroaches, they will keep coming back!
I’m guessing you haven’t put in an irrigation system, and dug trenches for the piping yet.

When I owned my art business, I made a lot of friends with the local sheriffs. I did this for many reasons so when I show my face at functions, classes, training and meet and greets, not only am I recognized but I’m invited to other private functions as well. Fortunately I’ve never had to call them for assistance. Good luck with your pest problem, wish I could help!


If it were me in this situation, I would call the sheriff as many times as it takes to get action… You can also call the game warden. You calling creates documentation that you tried to do the right thing. Signage and cameras as others have mentioned, and in the case that they were to try to break into the house, I would set up traps to warn me that they are coming. Sounds dumb, but I don’t particularly care for those types of surprises. You know the laws there. Here if they break in, you have the ability to defend yourself, and the second someone breaks in a door or window, you determine the best course of action.


@Levi2 , We’ve been calling, calling and calling Sheriff Department when ever these delinquents are around. Top Sheriff just calls these delinquents doing this " Just a Nuisance ". We the homeowners that this is happening to are being terrorized and have to fix the damage the delinquents do to our property’s, most of the time at a cost $$$.
Plus, somehow the delinquents know Sheriff Department was called and a day or two they come back with strong retaliation and do more damage and noise harrasment at all hours of the night.
Been a never ending battle for almost ten years now, but I’ve gotten stronger also on how I handle these situations. Legally with the all mighty PEN, Congressman, Representative, Commissioner’s and even the Governor. Believe it or not, the most payoff of the Pen has been local newspaper.


Not knowing details, but feel that " notifying from a distance" was worse than not notifying at all.

Edit…just saw you said they come at night. I solved my trespassing at night issue with some chicken wire and a torn down shed…I prefer psychological mind games, but this one ended up pretty funny, and was certainly effective.


@mattm , I have realized that after the fact.


Maybe try poison ivy, brambles, manure or maybe some cement blocks to impede their progress.


Claymores near the trails they use to access your property? Kidding! I know this is frustrating, and unfortunately certain types of people choose to make stupid decisions repeatedly. Just make sure you are ready if they make the king of stupid decisions. See if you can deal with a different agency such as game wardens. If the perps have a connection with the sheriff’s department, it won’t help. In my experience with the wardens, they are fair people, but have no problem being a$$holes when a situation calls for it. Shout-out to the south Texas region game wardens!! I agree with the notifying from a distance thing, but it is what it is.


Yeah, a photo or video might have made a big difference. The officer is going to tell you not to worry because, frankly, there’s nothing he can do. But share a video of teens in your yard threatening to return at night, and you might get some action. Perhaps not from the police, but maybe from people in your school district.


Sadly when seconds count the police are only minutes away. If they ever show up.

Stay vigilant. Maybe set out a few trail cams for a while, just in case.


Wow, that is interesting. Please make sure that you be careful and stay safe. Hopefully, it was an empty threat, but I know it is something that you will have to constantly be conscious of.


Do you know these people at all?
Could you pick them out of a line up?
The damage caused is it more or less than a $1,000.
Do you have photos of the damage?
Have you been documenting each occurrence, log book, photos, etc?
There are some safety protocols when it comes to ATV’s and motorcycles, can you capture license plates?
Do you own night vision?
Do you own any pets?
Have you had any construction at your home, contractors are notorious for leaving sharp items all around the area! Roofers are really good at this!
Do you have the opportunity to stalk the vandals?
Have you ever been injured during the course of their vandalism?
Have you ever been injured during the course of their destruction of your land? Looks like a pretty bad laceration from here, probably caused by the handlebars, but, I’m no doctor!
Like someone stated earlier, keep sheriff, police, FWC, animal control, poison control and AG on speed dial. Someone already mentioned claymores ( I don’t leave home without them ).
It’s not illegal for you to use 911 if you’re in danger, over and over again!
Significantly increase incident calls to non emergency numbers!
If this has been going on for a decade, then you are surely aware of Florida Statutes Chapter 806 Section 13
After TSHTF I purchased the following books which have helped me harden my home.
CPTED and Traditional Security Countermeasures by Lawrence Fennelly and Marianna A. Perry available from CRCPress
Soft Target Hardening by Dr. Jennifer Hesterman and Colonel, U.S. Air Force ( retired ) also available from CRC Press
The Secure Home 4th Edition by Joel M Skousen and Andrew L. Skousen
don’t remember the source!
Awesome information gleaned from all books from plants to bullet proof or impact resistant windows!


Neat, … hard work, work smart. The creative ideas were appreciated. May cool heads prevail, and may you and your families be safe.

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I’ll have to say the same… “Don’t worry!”

Talk is cheap! Plus, if
its juveniles, they don’t know what they are truly saying.

The deputy’s need to find these kids parents though.

When I was a kid, flipping off a person seemed funny but the month my grandma took my 4-wheeler was not. That nice guy found my house.