Isis sent two men to kill our family

Our son was then based with a ‘wild-weasel’ squadron, USAF, in Japan, and they moved many jets, pilots, maintenance, admin, etc. to Jordan to position themselves to strike ISIS, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda via strikes in Iraq, (You might recal an F-16 was knocked-down during this time frame and ISIS burned the Jordanian Pilot alive; my son knew him, flew with him.) Afghanistan and Syria. ISIS was getting obliterated; decimated, really. ISIS made public announcements that they wanted the American Pilots to know they would kill their families in America. They made several attempts at several families; two or three made the headlines, to the Air Force’s chagrin.

My wife, one evening, said she was going to take our dog for a walk around the block (we were in Del Rio, Texas, as I was a retired American Airlines Pilot now training USAF Pilots as a Civilian Simulator Instructor Pilot. She went to the right exiting our driveway and she / we usually go left, so that interested me; I went back to studying. To the right went next to a field which stretched-out all the way to the border of Mexico! Coyotes, transporting illegals and/or drugs, went through there at night allot; so much so that the Border Patrol had installed cameras and listening devices in those fields.

My phone rang and it was my wife, very shortly after leaving. She sounded winded and her voice revealed stress and fear. She said two men stood-up in the field looking right at her, They said something in a language she did not recognize. (She would recognize Spanish, French or English.) She said the hair was standing-up on her neck like never before and she was scared. I grabbed my Springfield Armory XDm 45 ACP, her still on the cell walking fast for home, and stepped into the clear (not far from protection if they made any moves) with my weapon in hand, hanging by my side. I made eye contact with them as I called to my wife to keep walking past me and go directly inside the house; I was on with 911. Both men quickly made a half-turn right and kept going as I watched them go out of my sight around a bend, still on with 911. I’m certain that the show of potential lethal force AND my gaze spoke loudly to them; I was ready and I meant business if I needed to. (I have a medal for small arms excellence, U. S. Navy, as I was a Naval Aviator and the SEALS trained me to that proficiency while I was based in the Philippines at Naval Air Station Cubi Point. We flew to/from aircraft carriers and other places.

I decided to get in my car, still on with 911, as I wanted to watch their direction since the 911 operator said four vehicles were responding; one code three, the others code two. I saw the men trying to get into an abandoned house and they turned and saw me about 1/2 block away, quickly turned and headed towards a road called Amistad Way as I recall. A black sports car pulled-up behind me, about 5 car-lengths, stopped and began to shadow me. I told the 911 operator; we were then concerned the two men were cartel coyotes, but the vehicle made no threatening moves and then went a different direction. I stayed with the men until a sheriff’s deputy arrived code-3, pulling in front of the men at a 45 degree angle, got out and was alone, drew his weapon and I saw the men clasp their hands behind their heads and drop to their knees. I told the 911 operator I was now across the street backing-up the officer since no other officers were yet present. I departed the scene and went home when the 911 operator said it was ok to go as the second and third vehicles arrived.

I received a call at home and the police requested that I return to the arrest scene, to which I, of course, agreed. I brought my wife (as a witness - I suspected the men might have said we initiated the potential conflict), parked a block away and got out and started walking towards them. One of the plain-clothes officers, armed, saw me, smiled and pointed at me, beckoning others to come towards me; but they were all smiling and looked … happy!

They all came at me, hands outstretched to shake mine and one of them said, “We just wanted to tell you, commend you, that you did a good, good thing! These are bad men; bad, bad men.” They would not (could not?) give me any more details except to say both were wanted for multiple murders; one was from Africa and one was from Saudi Arabia. There were two Del Rio PD cars there, two Valverde Sheriff vehicles, two CBP (Border Patrol, and two undercover ICE agent unmarked cars. The one plain-clothes told me he was ICE, the black sports car behind me; I told him I was a little concerned I had stumbled on cartel ops and he was gonna pull-up and open-up with machine guns; really, I was.

I notified my then Manager and the appropriate Air Force Commander of mine. I could not get ANY information at all from the law enforcement agencies involved! So I involved the local Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), as we had been warned of the ISIS threat. OSI’s investigation silenced everyone! The Air Force had already experienced headlines on two families approached by the then long arm of ISIS; those attempts were also, thankfully, unsuccessful.

A local law enforcement officer I knew finally gave me some details, only after I promised I’d go to jail before revealing his name: According to him (can’t remember his name, ever!) both were jailed, indicted, arraigned, and the one a liberal judge let go on his own recognizance until his court date (honest to God!) and has been, to my knowledge, unlocated. The other went to a ‘real’ judge and remains in prison as a terrorist at least up to the last time I checked.

BOTTOM LINES: As my wife learned: If something doesn’t feel safe, or feels dangerous, escape as soon as you can - avoid - withdraw! My wife who would never own a weapon before came to me and said, "I’m ready! I want to know how to shoot, how to defend myself!) (Our children all knew, and we were all members of the Black Belt Club in Tae Kwon Do, but not her. She is a nurse and always saved lives; I pointed out that on that day, because I was armed and ready and capable, I saved two lives; one of them happened to be my own. She and my daughter I bought weapons for, and bought them training with a peer who is quite the weapons competition and instructor!

NOTE: I can now find NO clue or stories about the two F-16 Pilots’ families I KNOW were in the news when ISIS came after them here in America!



Just. Wow.


True story. There’s more but I’m gonna leave it go there. :slight_smile: Thanks. My son is still flying; next stop: Director of Operations (DO) at an F-22 squadron after training in it; he’s at Naval War college right now. He was just serving with the Navy Top Gun as an instructor and dual-qualified on the F-18 Super-Hornet. He got to meet Tom Cruise & the cast at a special viewing of the completed Top Gun Maverick film in California. He was the only Air Force Pilot at Navy Top Gun, I was the only Naval Aviator at an Air Force squadron. :slight_smile:


Thank you and your son for helping to keep America strong!


Daniel, from an old United States Marine Vietnam Combat Veteran. A most respectful OOHRAH !!!

A VERY good example of Situational Awareness with Avoidance and preparedness for conflict if needed.

May God be with you and your family ALWAYS.


Now may be a good time to move or pursue the purchase of a couple of those 9mm AR-15 assault rifles, with the .50 caliber bullets, the kind that blow out the lungs! Perhaps a few extra large magazine clips.

Glad everyone is Ok! This will become more frequent. Yep, when those hairs start to stick up or something in your gut says you’re in danger, today we listen more closely and act more quickly.

It’s not a theory it’s not a conspiracy, it’s facts! The enemy has landed on American soil! It doesn’t have to be a “Red Dawn” style invasion to know we’ve been invaded! It should be understood by every American, that the enemy will NOT be in a uniform, they will not be saluting officers, they will not be following orders, they will be acting like guerilla rebels.
Sounds like they brought the fight to us!

I live near the ocean, I’m prepared for a “D Day” type of invasion any minute!

At my house the two man rule is in effect and the smoking lamp is out!
I’ve taken charge of my post and all properties in my view!

Lock and load, this sh/ts for real!


My wife is an RN also and she doesn’t like guns, I really think if her life was in danger she still would not be able to pull the trigger. I have trained her and she has shot a few times so she could hit in the house, but she doesn’t have the mindset.


I am certain that he, like me, would say it was an honor and a privilege.


OOHRAH! Indeed! Semper Fi! I flew with a Marine Squadron awhile. Fun times! Yeah, my son’s on several known kill lists. I figure we are, too, so I’m rarely not on-guard. Plus, I had a Navy guy I busted for drugs when in the Philippines who, at his ARC counseling session while being out-processed because he was an E-6, told the counselor he was going to kill LT (me), and exactly how he had the chains and weapons and a grenade to shove up my u know what when he was done dragging my dead naked body around the PI. Too bad for him the counselor to whom he was speaking was my wife, lol. Yeah, I arrested him after he came back; you should have seen his face when I told him he was talking to my wife! LOL! He said he was only kidding - blowing off steam. I said I hoped so because NIS was currently in his apartment and if he had those weapons he’d be in Leavenworth a long, long time. He turned white … and he DID have the weapons! He’s been out a long time … but he had me on guard for years before the ISIS associated pukes came around.
Who says life is boring? :slight_smile:


Yes, sir. I will walk my post in a military manner keeping always on the alert. (10 general orders of a sentry … knew them well. We had USMC Drill Instructors in AOCS (Aviation Officer Candidate School). I pray to God I never need to do more than show force but I am not responsible for the evil that comes my way; I am just prepared for it. And you’re 100% correct: It is now all around us. I got the AR (FN-15) because hey, this is south Texas, I am aware of who is coming across our borders and I have a healthy respect and never, ever underestimate any potential enemy. I told my three sons and daughter to get me a 50 Cal for my 68th; didn’t come. Then I looked up the price lol.
I’m not foolish enough to think that I can take to the fields fighting, I do, however, have a wife of 42 years and a daughter still home to protect. So, I am modestly prepared for a fairly large group, have home battle plans, got my wife and daughter armed and trained, and the AR ( may get 1 or 2 more like the AR and place them strategically with the forthcoming election season which we are all pensive about … the AR will permit tactical aggression and defense that is easily moved or stationary, can lay out some projectiles in quantity and speedily, but I truly hope I never have to use them for anything but the range and planning! That being said, no enemy wants to put me into a position where lethality cannot be avoided because I train like I am going to fight, and I will fight like I trained and yet … change is the mantra of us military types - I can be very flexible. :slight_smile: I did find something I LOVE TO DO that I was always too busy to do raising 5 kids, flying for the Naval Air Reserves, ACDU, instructing, being a volunteer firefighter - ambulance - rescue guy, etc. … and that is range shooting, modifying my weapons, studying and applying ballistics, etc.
Y’all be safe out there. Y’all plan and be preared but live life, too! Let’s not let these &^%&$ cause us to change our ways at all; but let every citizen be ready, willing and able - if they mean to fight, they will start it and, we promise they will regret it.


:saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face: x3.


Thanks for sharing. When did this incident take place?


Mine is the same way. She’s gone through some training but doesn’t have the mind set to defend herself. She is good at SA but doesn’t want to take the next step to defend herself.


9mm? If you’re going to get an AR-15, get one in 5.56 / .223. The stopping power is much greater, range is longer if needed, and the recoil is hardly noticeable.


I’m pretty sure that was a joke. :slightly_smiling_face:


Suffice it to say 2015ish.





BenTheRifleGuy & Scott52: If I want stopping power and have the time, since I can’t get a 35 caliber or greater machine gun, lol, I’ll have the time to use my 45 ACP. If it’s a group vs. me & mine, you throw enough accurate projectiles downrange hitting the tangos and quantity w/ quality will be all the stopping power I need. :slight_smile: Mine is 5.56 x 45, 1:7 twist FN-15. Raptor Competition Charging Handle, Red Dot, Magnifier (moves out of the way when not wanted) to 5x, light/laser, good irons, B. A. D. Lever were all added. Also got a Tactical Ambi Sling Cobra, Web Color: Black, Connector Type: QD Connector. 11 Mags, aluminum will be always available for defense w/ 62 grain green tip mixed with 70+ grain. All other mags are range fodder / fun. :slight_smile:


All of us when you let certain groups of people riot, pillage, injure, maim and kill people and destroy their property! 30-40 round mags w/ at least 6 of them using a mag coupler for the faster response to mass attack. Just my opinion; doesn’t mean I’m right. :slight_smile: