Is your EDC your nightstand home defense?

I use my EDC as my home defense. So my thought is, why not use my EDC for all things? I go to the range 1-2 times a week and practice. My EDC is like an extension of my body. So what does everyone use for home defense there, EDC Or Other- If other, how often do you train with others? And is it a different platform compared to your EDC?

A few links I read-

How often do you actually shoot your cc pistol?

Flashlight: on gun or in nightstand ?

Nightstand Pouch


I use my EDC because I carry even at home but there are other options available for always with in reach.


Nightstand pooch


i carry my EDC at home too-- until I go to bed.


Yes, my double stack compact EDC is also my bedside. However, if my EDC were a single stack subcompact I might consider a full size with light for bedside.


My EDC is in a quick safe in the bedroom quickly accessible.

But the carbine in 5.56 is preferred.

When it comes to immediately stopping an attack, handguns are weak and ineffective as a general rule. Shoulder fired are far more effective. Handguns are a compromise for portability and concealability, non-issues in my own home


I use my EDC as my home defense gun. I don’t usually carry it with a light on it, so I’ll mount the light on it at night and it’s ready to go. I’m looking at possibly purchasing a new AR in the next few weeks, so that will be available if needed.


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Are they recharging?:wink:


We have that exact same ramp as in your picture for our little dog. He is older and has problems getting up to the bed. The ramp helped him alot.

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My EDC is on my nightstand, but AR-15 is in the cubby between nightstand and bed. Battle belt and MOLLE plate carrier plus eyes and ears on dresser. Time to get ready less than 1 minute.


EDC under my pillow, I have access to a 12ga. shotgun and a larger caliber high capacity pistol in a throw on pouch and ears. We have a watchdog who will alert us and strong locks on all reinforced doors and windows, motion sensors and lights cover the property. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, EDC moves from IWB holster to pocket holster under the pillow.


I put a steel plate in a pillow next to mine​:wink::grinning:


My EDC is on the night stand every night right next to my flashlight. I have my mag holder right next to the gun. I do not have any little kids at home anymore, so I do not have to worry about that! I have considered having my AR next to the bed since it is a 45 ACP with a silencer, but I train and practice with my EDC which is a .45 1911 and that is why I have it available. That just made more sense to me to utilize it.



I have a quick access bedside safe. My EDC goes into that when I take it off before I go to bed. That safe has a spare mag for my EDC, and a couple other pistols as well as rifle mags (AR and .22LR) if the whole family needs to fight off a hoard of zombies.

It’s hard to argue with @Nathan57 (on just about anything, really). And I agree with his pistol versus rifle stuff above.

However, I am in a similar place as @Todd30 regarding what I have trained and practiced with: primarily pistols.

I personally will still grab a pistol to defend my home simply because I have no training behind a rifle (yeah, I know. I need to fix that.)

I have contemplated a battle belt or even plate carrier vest for a home defense setup. However, I haven’t gone that route. I have flashlights pretty much everywhere.


Mine are different though functionally they are the same and I have the sights set up the same as well. This lets me switch between them seamlessly.

I carry a smaller pistol for EDC because the work and activities I do are much more comfortable with them and I occasionally must pocket carry when wearing a pack with a hip belt.

I prefer a somewhat larger pistol for home use which always has an extended capacity magazine loaded in it and ready to go.

I think a rifle does have significant advantages but it also has some disadvantages. I stated why a pistol is my preferred HD tool over in the why not a rifle thread.


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