Is it worth it being an NRA member?

@Leroy Leroy I’m 69 my friend and I have been voting in elections since the Johnson Administration. I remember very vividly President Dwight Eisenhower Remember “I Like Ike” :open_mouth:

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@DLVick38 I ‘decided’ to join the NRA when I was a child, maybe 8 to 10 years old. Right about the time I found myself wanting a real BB gun and NRA was taking ad pages in Boy’s Life magazine. I didn’t go for Lifer until the gun club I wanted to join required NRA membership as a right of passage. I figured 10 years at whatever I had to pay was better than single year’ing for the rest of my life. All that seems long before the realities of recent days have become unveiled. (Kinda like seeing the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain hum?)

I know, we as people are a lot better than we’ve let the organization drift. Now it seems we have to start looking at the books and asking questions about what we find there. Then make suggestions about what we’d really like to see going forward.

I understand NRA-ILA is looking to see what can be done in Virginia the coming election. Sounds like a project to research and see… How does Virginia go; how may other States change?

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I left the NRA in part due to the inner turmoil but it really boiled down to no longer being able to afford it. They do not really make memberships for disabled income. I really only wanted to support the NRA-ILA. And to be honest, cramming renewal mail and email at me every three months was just too pushy (in m opinion) towards the people who are already supporinting with what they can. I hope they get their mess figured out and fixed.


Agree. I am dismayed by the amount of solicitation material generated by NRA. I have limited funds, and more requests will not change that. GOA & SFA do not solicit nearly as often so I tend to consider their requests more seriously.


@Richard49 Your right Rich, GOA I know for sure doesn’t solicit, I mean if someone has a few extra dollars they will be very grateful if you donate to them but if not they will treat you just the same always. As far as SAF I’m not a member but I do send them $150 each year in January.

I also support guns Save Lives (GSL) who are very active here in Illinois…

I’m going to check them out because I have never heard that name. Thank you Richard

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They are the group that posts the signs along the highway similar to the old “Burma-shave” signs…

Well Mr La Pierre has been in control for many years you know and from where I sit it’s his way and if we don’t like it then he doesn’t care. NRA is very top heavy with the Salary and Benefits for the top level at NRA

Ok I will check it but I have never seen those signs either. Never noticed them.

Thank You Richard @Richard49 I just became a member in Guns Save Lives :+1::+1:

I believe they are in Illinois only. You can get info at

Good to hear. I am trying to find info on meetings. No calendar posted so I sent email…

I did Richard I just joined

That would be true of just about every medium or large organization.