Illinois FOID Card PURPOSELY DENIED RENEWAL because CCW valid?

Illinois requires a FOID (Firearm Owner’s I.D.) card before being able to purchase a firearm, get a concealed carry license, or buy ammunition. I’ve had mine for over 20 years. I am a legal concealed carry holder in the state and am a resident.
When it was time to renew my FOID card (before it expired) online, I was locked out of the system and could not renew. I have renewed online in the past and it worked fine. I called, and after waiting almost an hour on the phone with the Illinois State Police, I was told that because of “Covid protocol”, the back-up, and the fact that my concealed-carry number matched my FOID card, that I didn’t need it and eventually, they would send me an updated, “new & Improved” CCW/FOID card. I asked “When?” and the guy on the phone said “Eventually.”

In the meantime, I am unable to purchase a new firearm, ammo, or go to the some ranges in stores that don’t know about this conundrum, and cannot purchase things from out of state, all due to not having a valid FOID. Technically in IL, without a FOID card, one cannot posess a firearm and a resident C.C. license becomes invalid.
Is this a purposeful blue state red tape issue? Has anyone had this isuue? What to do? If I get pulled over with a valid CCW and an expired FOID card, do the police even know about this supposed new thing? Would USCCA act on my behalf if I get hauled in for this?


And here I am in California complaining about background checks on ammo purchases.
At least, I can still buy firearms and ammo, with or without a CCW permit, as long as I pass.

i wonder if other Illinois FOID cardholders have the same issues.


I think IL is the only state in the country where a FOID card is needed. That’s why it’s so safe here​:rofl::rofl::rofl:.


I believe the answer is yes to the LEO question.

For all practical purposes the CCW is a suitable substitute for the FOID. Trump card, no pun intended.

If your local dealer or range is being picky, I’d go somewhere else.

The only problem I see is an out of state ammunition sales outlet wanting a new FOID card on file. My AZ vendor accepted the new FOID with no expiration date for shipping ammo.

Good luck!


Good post James1160,

Your message could serve as a “heads up”, to many of us to try to prepare or help advocate for improvements.

Administrators such as those at state levels might not realize the problems this causes to citizens, not to mention businesses lose some of our business as customers when we experience such barriers.

If more decision makers were firearm owners, they might help make the system more smooth.

Initially, I had regrets that I stocked up, now I’ve no regrets based on what I’m hearing.

What can we do?:

Print out your state FOID website statements where it identifies you, but blocks you. Save it electronically, onto your phone. Bring the printout with you to the shops.

Obtain the full name of the representative you spoke with at the state level, and save their phone number, obtain their office email address.

Write the state and number your questions out, such as 1, 2, 3 etc. I find responses to all or most of my questions when I number them, so as not to fall through the cracks.

IL Police email:

Write your “state” representative, and your “state” senator. Then call them. Not sure the federal level would be of any help.

Tone: Remember, they can respond in any way they want, so try to make any letter a joy to read, be relaxed, pleasant and grateful. I had emailed the state; It took quite a while but they called me back; One of those calls I never let go to voice mail, but pick up.

Be the honey, not the vinegar.

Call as many firearm shops as you can. Join one or more as a member, in doing so, they might be more helpful to you than compared to the average person.

When you go to a firearm shop or range, go with someone (friend/family) who has a current FOID, especially when you meet the store worker. And have a meal with your friend/family, on your tab.

Consider researching firearm shops who are out of state, some shops from friendlier states may be more easier to buy from, thus more respectful, especially given the Covid Pandemic.

All the fun you can have on some road trips.

If private sales are still legal in Illinois, try that route.

If it’s okay for a family or friend whose FOID has not yet expired, would they be willing to purchase for you? If needed, might they want to speak on the phone with the state police in case he/she has any questions?

You might find you have to pay higher prices than usual local stores, but otherwise you might be without?

I’m doubtful the USCCA can help, as their strength is legal defense if one is prosecuted or sued for using self-defense. Although, they might have some suggestions.

It’s not right or fair. Unfortunately, even non firearm related products and services are still adversely affected by the Pandemic. I too caught the bug and it costed me dearly, but I survived.

There seems to be hope in that these particular barriers may only be temporary.

One day, I myself may move to a friendlier state, on my “Bucket/Honey Do List”.

Good luck friend.


Absolutely, like Texas, Florida or Utah!

What can we do? : No one is going to care about copies, the laws, who you spoke with, they’re not playing with a full deck anymore, so the good old days of honey and sweet talking are gone. Gotta realize, we’re dealing with the devil now and he’s real! They realize exactly what they are doing!
The days of this being a free country are long behind us! We are a third world country, look out your window, how many American flags do you see, a lot less than I did yesterday!

Good luck, but moving is your best bet!


That is so so so foreign to me, being from Utah. Around here we complain about have a back ground check to buy a firearm. A “Card” to buy ammo is crazy to me.


If your headed for hell, you may get a time served sentence for having lived in Illinois.

Link to ISP:

Attention: CCL and FOID card holders seeking renewal.

Changes to the FOID and FCCL Acts that took effect January 1, 2022, and rules adopted implementing these changes, require FOID and FCCL cardholders to submit renewal applications prior to the expiration of their card to remain valid. Additionally, while the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation in response to the COVID 19 pandemic remains in effect, if a cardholder submits a renewal application after the expiration date of the card, their expired card will be reset to valid while the application is processed so long as the FOID Card is not subject to revocation pursuant to the provisions of Section 8 or Section 8.2 of the FOID Act or the FCCL is not subject to revocation pursuant to the provisions of Section 70 of the FCCL Act.

The ISP Firearms Services Bureau encourages FOID cardholders and CCL holders to keep a copy of their confirmation from their submitted renewal application as additional verification of compliance.

Is a CCL a replacement for a FOID?

No. You must have a valid FOID in order to have a CCL. If you fail to keep your FOID valid, your CCL will be revoked. However, 430 ILCS 65/3 (a) allows you to present your CCL in lieu of a FOID to purchase a firearm or ammunition.

Can I purchase a firearm or ammunition using my CCL?

Yes. As long as your FOID is valid, 430 ILCS 65/3 (a) allows you to present your CCL in lieu of a FOID to purchase a firearm or ammunition.

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Thank you George98. I am still seeking the legislative paperwork which approves this temporary (Covid Emergency Powers) action by the state, as the records seem to show that a FOID card is still necessary. Having to explain this to out of state vendors is absurd, especially with little-to-no reference material to back up my claims.


Thank you Burdo for all of your actionable items & information! I will follow and update as I learn more.
I heard (from a reliable source) our current Governor has taken as many personnel off FOID card duty as possible. Apparently, there is only a skeleton crew left. In general, FOID renewals/new cards sow up around 4-6 months out. Same CCW.




Prior to the expiration date of my FOID card, I tried several times to renew online, only to be locked out from the renewal process.


This could be why the criminals have guns and the law-abiding citizens who are trying to do the right thing, are always on defense.

PS: Utah is a beautiful place. Enjoy your freedoms there!


I wouldn’t trust them. You will lose both your CCW and FOID if you wait on them.


Your FOID is still valid for 18 months after the expiration date due to Covid. You have that 18 months to renew. The CCL can be renewed by requalification and submitting the certificate and of course the payment to ISP. After doing so you will eventually receive a combination FOID/CCL card. The catch is to record your FOID expiration date or commit it to memory for future renewal. It can also be deciphered from the front of the new card. I have made out of state purchases as well as local with a “expired” FOID with no problems. Only a friendly reminder at a couple local stores that it was needing renewed.

Hopefully someone figures out how unconstitutional the FOID cards are in the meantime…


Another Illinois resident here and I have been waiting for my CCL renewal since January of this year!
A cousin said it took just over 6 months for their renewal to get approved.

Fortunately my FOID is still good until 2025!


I appreciate the info! Where did you find that it is valid for 18 months? It’s my understanding that it has to be applied for prior to the expiration date. I tried about five times to renew my FOID prior to it expiring, but was locked out from renewing. Are you saying that I should try again now that it is expired?


You have to know the State is in Violation of your rights under the Constitution and the bill of rights as well. We have the right to bear arm, and shall not be infringed upon. The Supreme Court has ruled we have the right to bear arms. And it does not say a thing about having a card to buy a gun, ammo, or even carry a gun. That State takes away your freedom & rights to defend yourself. Think I would get with a lawyer & start a law suite. If worse come to wore, move you & your family to a state that understand freedom. And they talk about all the shootings in Chicago, well if they would let law abiding citizens carry with out a card, the crime rate would drop. The perks would think twice before trying to rob, steal cars & shoot people, because they have a lot more shooting back. Good luck, but see a lawyer.


You should get in touch with the ISRA (…and you should be a member). They have filed a number of lawsuits against the ISP over the delays issuing FOID and CCW permits.


Will do immediately!
Thank you!