Illinois Concealed Carry License Taking Questionably Long Time

So I took a class back in July I think it was for my concealed carry license and I applied on august 3rd of this year. I was lead to believe that an answer was mandated to be given within 90 days of applying wether you are approved or not. I have not gotten any other notification and check the website. I am a little concerned they have forgotten about me despite having tried contacting them by email. Is this an actionable concern? Is it even legal to the letter of Illinois law? (I know some of you out there feel all licensing for carry is illegal but I am asking within what is written and currently on the books) HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS ISSUE TOO? now a little over 100 days from applying and fingerprints were submitted. I heard about a lawsuit too but thats been taking forever right?

Move to a gun friendly state.


Just be patient…
This has been discussed already.
90 days IF you applied with fingerprints, 120 otherwise.
However you will never get any answers from ISP within that period.
There’s less money put into CCL this year that means longer processing time…
I would add extra 4 - 6 weeks to your official waiting time.

Can’t right now.

So you think another what like 35 days? Isn’t it like violating whatever law it was to take longer than that? Even with this pandemic they should have hired and trained more people for analysis. You would think enough people are looking for jobs they could do that. Its definitely a funding issue too. I hope they got the prints because it was very expensive to do that for them.

If you applied with fingerprints, you should be good with CCL within 90 + 45 days.
I wouldn’t expect anything earlier.

It may violate all the rules and Laws… but…yeah…in my case I wouldn’t have any time to do anything. Just be patient…

Everyone in Illinois and various other states are having this problem. Specific to Illinois the State Government raided the State Troopers FOID and CCL fund for budgetary reasons, then Covid hit, and the largest in year over year 1st time gun purchases and Illinois system is basically broken. There’s a thread by @Robert8 about it. It’s basically a way to do gun confiscation without any messy little laws getting in the way.


Okay thanks for a guesstimate at least 10x better communication than the ISPD . I think I will give it to Feb of next year before I raise a stink which should be more than enough time to catch up IMO.