Illinois CCW insanity

Illinois State Police cashed my CCW renewal check on Dec 12th, and now going on 6 months of “under review”. Still waiting. Now the State House just sent a bill to the Senate doubling the price of a firearm owner ID card (FOID) and requiring fingerprints! I’m sure all the criminals are lining up ready to comply. This should solve all of Chicago’s problems


I hear you. Hang in there. A distant and younger relative of mine applied for a CCL Permit as well, and it has been taking a long time. I worry about my relative, living and working in a high-violence area, to be closer to his family and take care of his ailing mother. I saved up and got him what I dubbed a safety kit, which includes some non-lethal, other somewhat lethal but legal tools, while he awaits his license.

I wouldn’t know if it’s related, but I heard that IL was the last state to make “carry” legal. One of my own trainers felt that when IL did, that when you compare it to other state laws, IL was fairly broad and encompassing with the freedom or rights. Although today’s wait time, not so good.

Although there have been a few other posts somewhat related to this subject, one of my personal favorites was this one:

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Double the cost of FOID card, why when the are unconstitutional


But why not just move if it is important to you. You know, like all of the companies about to be hit with higher taxes. They’ll go elsewhere. The states/country will miss out on that revenue. People will lose their jobs. Poor will get poorer. Rich will get richer. There will be less tax $ to help. Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

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Well unfortunately kids and grand kids keep me in the people’s republic of Illinois. But if things continue in this direction I will be forced to flee. Just purchased 12ga target loads in Cook county and in addition to 10% sales tax I had to pay an additional 5 cents a shell county tax. These are the same folks who think they should run health care. By the way another 50 shot in Chicago last weekend.


I think it’s more worrisome that (my memory might be off), that the general finding many years ago by the IL Supreme Court on firearm FOID and related fees were considered valid due to basically not being considered a significant burden on the 2a right, and IIRC on an unrelated case, one of the US Supreme Court’s judges noted opinions (officially noted and published; not related to 2a) said that if a right has been infringed long enough, the citizens should be used to it and not expect that right to be protected in future rulings. The IL case you linked a YT video to in another thread is a little more complicated than what the YT’er presented once you get into the specifics.

The particular YT channel you linked isn’t my favorite, as I find that his analysis on certain 2a related news is very shallow, and sometimes more of a click-bait style for 2a supporters. This is common, though. To his credit, he does mention once that the ruling was specifically only related to that one case… which again, downplays the specificity of the ruling.

It’s my understanding, it was later addressed in People v. Brown, 2020 IL 124100 (pdf). From what legal jibber jabber I could understand as a layperson, the appeal was denied since there were other factors in which the defendent could find relief from prosecution, the “unconstitutionality” decision was actively put aside. I “think” they decided that requiring a FOID on one’s person in one’s home 24/7 was unrealistic:

“As an alternative, if [section 2(a)(1)] is constitutional then it becomes obvious the legislature did not intend the statute to apply in one’s own home due to impossibility of compliance.”

Therefore the court denied the States appeal, and the case was “dismissed with prejudice”. While further pursuit of the constitutionality being derailed because of “the long-standing, common-law doctrine that holds that courts should not compromise the stability of our legal system “by declaring legislation unconstitutional when the particular case does not require it.””

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Trying to understand what really happened this week with IL lawmakers; Is the recent charge to increase FOID costs over with for now? Or does IL still need to fight this one?:

NRA report:

IL carry .com report:

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