Illinois months behind on CCL

The Illinois State Police are months behind in issuing new Concealed Carry Licenses and Renewals too. My CCL expired in June. I took the required refresher course and applied for my renewal CCL in March. It is now almost Christmas…and still no CCl. They have made provisions so we can still carry but the issuance process should be brought up to date


They are not behind, it’s intentional.


It’s probably intentional, like literally intentional no matter how you look at it. Constitutional carry needs to be a thing in all fifty states, hell the world. Do away with standing armies and instead just have armed citizens… easier said then done, but, goals.


The ISP is being headed by Brendan Kelly. After he lost his election bid, against Dave Severin, he was appointed head of ISP by JB Pritzker. Pritzker, and Kelly both toe the antigun party line. Also, 30 million dollars of the FOID money, which is supposed to be used for administrative duties regarding Illinois firearm ownership, was “reallocated” from the fund to some other agency. IMHO, the backlog is 100% on purpose. Call your state Representatives and tell them what’s goin on. Some local folks have had to do this, and they received their renewed licenses post haste.


@Warren18 From North of your border, welcome to the community! We are glad to have you!

Pritzker can’t see his toes…:joy:

In all seriousness, the ISP is like any other government agency. They are run by bureaucrats with an agenda which takes preference over actually doing the job they were hired (appointed) to do. I had two background checks for firearm purchases held up for 7 days (both of them)! I have had a FOID for probably close to 40 years and a CCL since they started issuing them (2014…?.). Since we supposedly go through a background check DAILY for both of these licenses there is no reason why mine was delayed. My most recent background check went through in a day…:man_shrugging:t2:. I even called the IL State Rifle Association (ISRA) about this. They said that they received several calls daily about the same issues.

ISP supposedly just hired 18 new people to help with the backlog of licenses, but stated that they would have to be trained and they didn’t know when the backlog would end.



Warren, from a former cheesehead, welcome.
Everything everywhere is slow–BUT–let me brag about what a gun friendly community looks like.
CHL’s in OH are issued by county. Franklin county (pre-covid) did them while you wait (with an easy to get appointment). And this is the capitol–more blue than red.
Fairfield county was a bit longer. It took a little over a week I think.

I wish you luck, but I would submit that there about 35+ better states to live in for many, many reasons.

  1. Taxes
    2 Politics
  2. Crime
  3. Football
    (Couldn’t resist that last one).
    Best regards, sir.

Thank You! Good to be here with other responsible gun owners.

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I hear you. I heard about those “provisions”. That makes me think how in all states, for those awaiting their renewals to occur, I might encourage them to look at their state’s website and research how they “might” be offered similar provisions, which may allow them to still legally conceal carry while they await renewal. Check it out first of course. I’m very fortunate I’m not up for renewal yet.

You caught my attention because I spoke on the phone with an IL State Police officer just the other day. What happened was I had an unrelated question for them, but could not reach em by phone, so I emailed them a few times. To my surprise, weeks later, they emailed me back, and we emailed each other a few times over a couple of months. Then, they actually called me. I was excited, as my phone showed on the caller ID, IL State Police. I never answered the phone so fast, the officer was really cool.

Best of luck neighbor. :wink:

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Illinois Instructor here. They have said they’re not even processing renewals and address changes until the backlog is entirely caught up.

Yes, you can still carry on an expired CCL, the problem is ordering stuff online with your FOID and having them deny it because of an expired FOID or CCL.

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It took me from 7/2020 until 12/2020. I sent multiple emails to their contact information.
My wife applied at the same time and still has not gotten hers.

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