Traveling with an "Expired" IL CCL

I have been waiting for over 200 days for my Illinois CCL renewal to be processed. I have a couple road trips planed at the end of this month and next month. I usually have no issue carrying concealed to where I am going since my Illinois CCL is accepted everywhere I will be traveling. My questions is since my card has expired and the state does not seem to care about renewing license (at least that is what my state Senator told me) how will other states view my “expired” card if I am questioned. Will they have access to see that the Governor put an order in place to extend the expiration dates or will they give me a hard time about not having a current valid CCL. I don’t plan on getting into any trouble anywhere, I just want to be prepared for any issues before they arise. I am currently traveling around the state with my expired card an email from my state Senator stating “ISP says it is ok to carry as long as you have your expired card on you at all times and the renewal has been started”. I have no idea if this will help or not as anyone can fake an email but it cant hurt.

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From the Illinois page on our Reciprocity Map (linked here):

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So according to this line your permit will remain valid:

CCL licensees who submit their renewal application will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 18 months following the termination of the disaster, even if their renewal application is/was not submitted prior to expiration.

Keep that page bookmarked on your phone’s web browser as a resource (or download the USCCA App) so that you have the legal reference if needed.

And don’t forget to double-check all of the laws for the states you’re traveling through on the USCCA Reciprocity Map.


I’m a bit of a risk taker when it comes to this. I thought I read on IL’s ISP website, the ISP suggests you log into your password protected status page from IL’s CCL, where it has your name, and status …
(I think where it reads Covid Pandemic as your expiration date), print that out and carry that with you 24/7. In advance, you can try to ask the authorities in the states you’d be traveling to, but not sure you’d get a hold of someone or trust them, maybe ask their state police officers? Wish you well friend:

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@Jeremy68 First and foremost, welcome to the community. We are glad to have you. Second, With every trip, I contact the state police of each state I’m traveling though and to for licensing updates. Don’t get my wrong, @USCCA offers a great tool and information related to reciprocity. That said, you should do your due diligence to cover yourself. The last thing you need is to miss your trip behind bars and loss of firearm. Lastly, I encourage you to obtain a non-resident permit with another state to not only serve as back up but could potentially add states not covered by IL reciprocity.

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I wouldn’t ask a cop; I’d rather send an email to the state atty general for clarification. Then I’d print out the answer and keep it with you.

You’ll probably be okay considering the Covid extension but print out everything and keep it with you (not in your suitcase at the hotel or the glove compartment).


Nice. That’s what also partly convinced me to apply for permits from four specific states. Three down, one to go. What a good feeling it’ll be once I reach the forth. Safe travels all. :blush:


Thank you to everyone here. My biggest issue with my CCL is it shows that it expired BEFORE the governor put in his order extending the expiration dates and I did not get to do my renewal until after the order went into place due to a lack of classes available. I cannot get in touch with anyone within the ISPs FSB to get clarification on my status. My status on line shows expired CCL but it also shows renewal Pending. As suggested above (thank you @SkippySanchez) I will reach out to the state atty general for additional clarification. I did have an additional CCL from another state to cover some of the states that my IL license did not cover but I did not renew it since the IL license was being accepted in almost every state that I could see myself traveling to. I guess I will re-apply for an out-of-state license or two in the near future.

Yes, the nonsense required to care papers is beyond our freedom. As I understand and what I have followed for IL FOID card is this:
• when your current card is about to expire, you have 30 days prior to submit online application and to pay the fee.
• the cancelling of the check or debit withdrawal is your receipt of timely request for renewal.
• I got a “blanket” letter in the mail on how to proceed.

  1. carry your current expired FIOD card if it was returned along with this “blanket” letter
  2. print out the online submitted request for renewal

:x: sadly the website for the IL FIOD card isn’t not printed friendly and will require some cut/paste into a word document.

:white_check_mark: I’ve got my papers, and I put them in a protected sleeve inside a three-ring binder. This is in addition to my BugOutBag and EDC. I’m too chicken to advertise a USCCA patch on my shoulder. In my #yellowzone looking #grey

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Thank you again to everyone on here. I got a surprise today as I logged in to ISP FSBs website to print my renewal info. My CCL is now showing active after waiting over 200 days. If all goes well I will have my new card in hand before I leave town at the end of the month.


You actually got lucky. Since you had expired, then renewed, the state didn’t recognize it as a renewal. The ISP isn’t processing renewals right now, only new licenses. That said, since it shows active, I bet you have it inside of 2 weeks.

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Glad everything worked out!