Do you use your FOID card as identification?

Whenever I am asked to show my identification I show my FOID card. When rejected I respond it is state issued identification card, am a legal resident and not a felon then I show my state ID card. Had some pleasant interactions. One of my banks, Fifth Third, will allow you to carry your EDC, wear a mask but your
FOID card is a invalid identification as their computer system will not recognize it. Strange world.


What is a FOID card?


It’s an Illinois thing. Firearm Owners Identification Card. IL residents need one to purchase or possess guns or ammo.

I would not show my FOID if I had one. I also do not show my weapon carry license when asked for ID, even though it’s a state issued photo ID. I have only used it on rare occasion when two photo ID’s were asked for on gov or financial stuff

My perspective is that it puts people off more than not, though that probably depends largely on the area. Something about doing the equivalent of “hey I have a gun” out of the blue can unsettle some people.

I’m not surprised a nationwide bank doesn’t recognize a thing as ID when that things only exists in one state. They’d have to train/set stuff up differently just for that state and just for what is probably a small number of people who want to use it.


It was and is a big State’s mistake.

Even the FOID somehow could be accepted by me… it definitely should do its purpose.

  1. it is State issued ID, which is not accepted by anybody but FFLs
  2. Once you get the FOID, that means you passed Federal background check and you are permitted to buy a firearm… but whenever you are buying a firearm you must go though the same background check again… meaning your FOID is a background check for another background check…

It is not a :point_down:

it was somebody’s ill-thought-out idea. :man_shrugging:


Maybe off topic, but shouldn’t the FOID card eventually go away since the court struck down MD’s HQL? Not sure they are identical, and maybe MD will appeal. I assume someone in IL would have to file something to apply that decision to IL. I don’t know how the court system works in this instance.


I think we have hit bottom the only way to go is up/ normal .

We, Illinoisans still believe FOID will eventually go away.

However these days we are fighting for something bigger and FOID is not as important as “assault war guns” and “high capacity magazines” that hopefully will be legally in use again.


Do tell everyone you meet that you are carrying too?


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Just another piece of the whack-a-mole game the anti 2A operate!


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You get the picture!

Concealed gives me an advantage so it is for my advantage and protection.

Those of you who want to open carry, feel free!



It’s about making it more difficult, time consuming, and expensive to own a firearm. It’s also about making criminals as there are people who are now criminals based purely on not doing the FOID thing properly, even if by mistake or forgetfulness


No but I have met many pro 2nd amendment people, generally good reactions




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I’ve thought about using my Concealed Firearm Permit as ID, never got up the balls to do it but I think it could actually be funny in some circumstances.


In my state, the FOIL equivalent (CCW / pistol permit) is an acceptable form of state issued photo identification. I’ve never shown it as such, though. It simply rides in the same slot as my regular ID, and I show that when necessary. I’d rather not have any more people know that I own a gun than necessary, even though almost more than half of all non-felon adults own guns here. In other words, I’m not likely to offend someone but why take the chance of inviting trouble in?


Same here in my county, I’ve heard (I’ve never verified) that more than 70% of men carry, and 20% of women, so it’s probably close to 50% overall. Quite a few open carry. As far as myself, I don’t want anyone knowing that I’m carrying.


I respect you opinion but I never argue that they have to accept FOID card as a id. However they should ask for a state identification card or drivers license instead just a id.


Wow…hope I never live under such tyranny. The very purpose of the 2A is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. But you have to have “permission” from that tyrannical government to purchase the instrument to protect you from THEM?? Aren’t your 2A rights being INFRINGED??