I got caught today

Apparently printing that is. I was in my local grocery store with my wife today. We had split up while I went and checked out the sales on beer. I had never seen Stela Artois in cans before, and they had them on sale, so I picked up a 12 pack and went back to the deli to see if my wife was ready to check out.

I did not see her at the deli. so walked around the bakery area to see if see had worked her way over there. A grocery store employee must of been watching me as he shot finger guns at me while smiling and said “I see you”. He seemed to be pointing at the beer in my hand, and we had a discussion about neither of us seeing Stela in cans before.

About that time my wife rang my phone to tell me which check out line she was in, so I told the guy to “take care”, and he responded in kind.

I was carrying in IWB at 4:00 with a loose fitting grey T-Shirt instead of my usual 2:00 position. When I got home I checked out the mirror and sure enough, when I moved just wrong, I was indeed lightly printing.

So, is this a big deal, or am I just being over reactive?


Laws vary from state to state, but in most places, as long as you’re making an effort to keep your firearm concealed from others eye, you shouldn’t have to worry about printing.

I live in IL, so I know this:
"Concealed firearm" means a loaded or unloaded handgun carried on or about a person completely or mostly concealed from view of the public.
IL Firearm Concealed Carry Act


Very very over reactive. You have your license with you, you are perfectly legal. Your firearm for all intense and purpose was fully covered. Someone may have a bowel release over it; but you are 100% lawful. Not even the other person you had a brief conversation with said anything about your firearm so your fine.
One thing certain, you ask a question on our community forum you probably will have 150 answers. Just follow your state laws and you are all good and everyone is happy.


So you got popped, probably by another gun carrier living life in condition yellow or orange. Have you noticed that you as a carrier actively (or subconsciously) look for other people that are carrying? At least you didn’t get popped by some Anti that would have called 911 or the manager or worse started screaming at you on the spot.

Use it as a learning tool and take steps to correct you deficiency.




All of the above answers :+1:. You were discreet, the employee was discreet, neither of you said the word gun, and you got a bit of useful information. Plus you got Stela in cans. Overall, a productive trip to the grocery store.

Someone on here, can’t remember who, taught me the best response ever if someone sees your firearm… he was reaching for something on a high shelf and a little old lady tapped him on the arm and said “you have a gun.” He said “Yes ma’am, it’s so I can protect you.” She smiled and said thank you.

Sounds like the employee was cool with you protecting them, just helping you out.


That’s good idea to engrave on pistol "I will protect you":grin:


I see lots of stuff on guns that, while funny, I would never own… that might be the first thing I’ve seen suggested that I would actually put on a firearm. Thank you.


You are welcome :upside_down_face:


You are unfortunately correct that these kind of things could happen. It just blows my mind that anybody would start yelling at a person they know is armed - I know I wouldn’t - but I can easily see that happening in today’s society.


You’d think that someone would think before they yelled at someone with a firearm!


Here in Ca. I was in Home Depot and while reaching for tool belt exposed my weapon to a female employee. Surprisingly it led to a discussion over what gun it was and each others preferences. She also carried.


Welcome to the community @Rex1! That is awesome! The reality is that everyone who carries concealed will at one time or another “get caught” carrying, whether it be clothing moving or printing because of the way you are moving. It is gonna happen sometime somewhere. It is nice to know that the entire world is not against you because you are carrying.


Yeah, I caught one, at the store. He caught my attention because he kept adjusting his shirt, he didn’t ring an alarm in my head but I kept an eye on him. He bent over in the chips aisle and his pistol popped out so anyone could see. So I slid up and whispered. No big deal, so don’t get alarmed, but your firearm is showing and I blocked with basked and myself while he adjusted his clothing.

However, I did wait to get into line one over from him, just in case.


The funny, not so funny thought here is: What if, at that moment, store security is watching the cameras over the produce department and the angle they have is you and him full-frontal exposed and whispering to one another? Now you have not just helped an unsub get his outer persona in one sock, you’ve possibly become unsub(2) and will be tagged the next few times you come into the facilities. While you were covering the safety of the store, yourself, and the people around you by joining the checkout queue - in another line - at the same time - Store Security is now watching both of you and maybe have their reaction team ready to go because you saw what they saw, you talked to an unsub and now you may be an unsub too … where before you were just one of the folks who shopped their business once every two weeks, bought 150- 180 $s of general produce, dairy, and meats… and until that time had not printed/nervous hands or eyes. et al…

I suppose it’s another reason to join the local sheriff’s auxiliary, and police departments ‘ride-along’ program so the good guys can get to know you… and by association, be seen in their company at businesses around the neighborhood… but maybe that’s not what you wanted in the first place.

Isn’t it strange how quickly the simplest interaction can be seen in one hundred different lights?


And everything is a balancing act and choices.


That’s actually a very good point. But I am very well known in my little part of the world. I have an extremely rare medical condition, that only happens to 85 people in a million, so all of the LEO/First Responders know me as I usually am involved in training with them every couple of months. Just in case they have to respond to an emergency involving me.

I also am a county sheriff auxiliary for K-9 as I have trained several dogs I have rescued into search and rescue dogs for them and our local PD. It’s strictly an honorary thing but it’s always a good thing to know the local LEO’s


Sir, pardon me for taking the single post at face value. I admit I am a bit slow associating people’s handles with their history and personality. We’ve shared perspective before, especially when it comes to health and those who need to know of our own if they are brought into our world to save our lives. You, Sir, have the distinct advantage of being that rare person who is known well in the community you live!

Zee brings the Sage to our moment and reminds me I find the shadow a bit too often when it comes to the darkness we truly do not want and yet train to deflect if the time must come.

In the meantime, I need to remember the association of K9s in your life. A happy thought and binding memory of service and camaraderie.
Cheers all.


That’s an awesome response. I’m gonna have to keep that in mind if that ever happens to me.


No need for pardon, it was and is an excellent point. It could very easily have been as you said and is a perspective that provoked a thoughtful moment from myself. As my doing that could have given the appearance of collaboration.

There are times where a person with the best of intentions inadvertently steps into " the shark tank" and that could well have been one.


I got caught at the Courthouse a month or so ago. I was leaning on the bar talking to another attorney who was sitting in the jury box. A deputy walked up to me and whispered “Are you packing?” I looked at him and responded “Always!” That isn’t quite true, I do not carry in any jails or prisons or if I am going to be going into the holding area at the courthouse. Otherwise, always!