IMO My Mistake

Today I made a mistake in my opinion. It resulted in nothing more than my greater awareness. First let me say I live in an open carry state of Louisiana but in 16 years of living here I have never opened carried and never will. It is not something I like. I don’t like the idea putting a big flag on my hip that tells a bad guy that might be contemplating doing harm to neutralize me first.

Now the mistake. My fiance and I had a morning planned that was going to culminate at lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. As usual I had my normal EDC with me. As we entered the restaurant a middle-aged man sitting with his family and another family and middle-aged man began paying more than what I considered normal attention to my presence. At first I couldn’t figure out what his curiosity was. And then it dawned on me! While I was carrying concealed and I was sure I wasn’t overly printing (not something I worry a lot about) I chose to wear a shirt that advertised a firearms related product. I saw only two possibilities. Either he was a firearm enthusiast or he was curious if I was carrying a gun.

Now remember the operative word and concealed carry is concealed. I don’t want someone thinking I may have a firearm on my person. I believe that gives me especially at my age a tactical advantage if something bad was beginning to happen. If you were in a situation and something goes south you already in a reactionary position and behind the curve and the element of surprise helps flatten that curve!

In the future I will not be wearing anything that would put me on anyone’s radar. I want the anonymity and believe it to be of benefit.


I understand you perfectly. I sometimes wear my camouflage hat with my USCCA Born To Protect patch on it when going for breakfast at the diner. I overlook it myself sometimes and it can indicate you are carrying concealed. So yes I have made that mistake myself.


When I lived in Texas I oc’d sometimes. I haven’t here yet, as my Texas permit is still valid for a little longer. I will be taking the cc class early 2023 so I hopefully get it before my Texas permit is no longer valid. When I would oc in Texas, I was usually on my way to/from the range, driving long distance, or something like that, but I never got looked at twice. Imo people that don’t carry aren’t as aware of things as much as we tend to be, so most of the time, they won’t notice if you are printing a little. I’ve even had my xdm oc and gotten 10 minutes into a conversation with someone before they noticed…it’s not a small firearm :joy: as for the firearm apparel, I normally don’t wear something directly related to known brands. I may wear a Drake, Arken, Armageddon gear shirt, or something similar, but what person outside of the firearms world knows what Arken or Armageddon makes? They ALL know what Smith and Wesson or Colt make. That tends to point out to the otherwise oblivious that you could possibly have a firearm.


That is the reason I carry my 45 in a shoulder holster and inside my western cut snap shirt and my 9mm inside my western boots,neither prints at all


Nineline Apparel had a Sig logo shirt that I really liked, one of their limited edition runs. But I knew I’d never be able to wear it, at least not where I live, without attracting unwanted attention.

Still kinda wish I bought it — especially with the USCCA 25% discount.


I understand and feel the same way. I’m very conscious about what I wear in public. I will wear shirts from Nine Line or other similar retailers, but won’t wear a shirt that is specifically gun related. There’s a difference between a patriotic shirt, and broadcasting that I may be carrying ( or that I may have a gun in my car). Same reason why there are no gun related stickers on my car.


I’ve never worried much about it. I have a Ruger Shirt, A Winchester shirt, a Kimber shirt. I usually don’t give them a second thought. I have been “challenged” wearing NAGA (North American Grappling Association) and a BLK (Bobby Lawrence Karate) shirts in the past but that’s usually a "Wow how did you do in the tournament or Are you really a black belt, never any aggression or violence. So, around here at least, it seems to be pretty benign.


Great point on all accounts. Perfect teaching/learning moment. Given today’s social climate, (the only climate change that is “actually” man-made) it more important than ever to never give up the best tactical advantage of all, the element of surprise.

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@ShooterRick … There’s a difference carrying concealed and exercising the grey man. Unfortunately they are mutually exclusive.

Reading @Johnnyq60 comment brings to mind that if products in the USCCA store had a modified logo without the organizational acronym, it’d provide one more opportunity for us to display out patriotism while dampening the implication that we carry.


Unfortunately I realized this when I went to a doctors office carrying, and they asked me to remove my hat while doing an eye exam, doctor looks at it, says nice hat, it’s the USCCA hat with the flag brim and camouflage. That is when I realized, the hat is a bad idea in some places.


Thanks for all the input guys. I do want to make one thing clear I was not printing. Personally in Louisiana if I am printing a little bit I really don’t worry about it though. The general public simply does not have the awareness to really pay that close of attention anyway. One shirt I have and love it was a gift States I support the second amendment because I’m too old to run and too Young to die. God I love that shirt but would never wear it while caring concealed which I always do.


Good morning Rick,
Concealed carry has turned into an art form for me. Many years of experimenting and trying different methods. I am for anyone carrying as they wish. But like you I prefer concealed.

                                                                                 Have a great day :us:

whenever I am out and about I really don’t worry about printing. because most people are looking at my power wheelchair to notice. an if I am printing people normally look at the small service dog I have to even notice.


I only wear 2A-related shirts when going to the range. Not when going to Basspro, Sportsman’s Warehouse, or LGS.

I’m also mindful of when to wear Harley Davidson apparel.
I assume all HD riders legally carry and I don’t really care if I’m wrong.


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What Anniversary are you talking about haven’t any that I know of


Your cake icon image indicates your USCCA anniversary.

Today is the anniversary of the day I joined this community!


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Happy Anniversary @Layton who is not having an anniversary :grin: