Do you respond to people that maybe give you a look if they happen to see your gun?

I’m asking this question because I went to pick up my mail at a UPS Store an this other customer happened to see my gun an she seemed nervous. How do you respond to something like that? Or do you just go about your day with out saying anything?


That hasn’t happened to me yet, but I assume I’d give the nod and smile.


A wink and a smile for me, i usually acknowledge that they saw nonverbally and just maintain a friendly demeanor.


Depends how the person reacts.

If they’re nervous I just act normal and keep going about my business. But open carry is legal in my state so I don’t worry about printing or a shirt riding to high for a second.

You never know how nervous people will respond. If you act nervous about them seeing it they may assume you’re hiding something.


I open carry and it is legal in my state. And I’ve had ask me about my gun as well. They’ve asked me what type it is? And we talked about it and carrying a firearm. I had one person tell me that my gun was cocked. And want to let me know about it. That day I was carrying my 1911. and I told them that it was the way to carry a 1911. Cocked and locked. I’ve also had people ask me about what type of firearm is best to carry. And we talked about firearms. I told them that it was up to them to decide what firearm is best for them. and we talked about the pro’s and con’s of the different type of firearms. And I told them that it was up to them on what was best for them. But I so far haven’t had any bad run ins with anyone about me carrying openly. And I open carry most of the time because with mobility issues that I have with my arms it is the best way for me to carry safely.


If they don’t speak to me I just Smile at them and say, “Don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal and no gun ever jumped out of the holster and hurt anyone on it’s own”.

More often than not if I get any reaction it’s “Are you a police officer”, or “Hmm, nice looking piece, what are you carrying”?

Occasionally I’ve had people ask if I’d let them look at it and told them they can look all they want but I cannot lawfully unholster it in public unless I’m using it in lawful self defense.

I always see these encounters as an opportunity to be a good ambassador and to educate the public. The more accustomed they become to having positive encounters with “Responsibly Armed Americans” going about their daily lives the more converts we will win over to our cause.

I’ve had a number of occasions though when carrying one of my revolvers where cops have asked me what I was carrying and if they could see it because they are so unfamiliar with them.

I always respond positively and making sure I’m on camera turn my back to them remove it slowly and immediately open the cylinder, removing the cartridges, then holding it through the open frame with my index finger turn and hand it to the cop.


When in public I generally present a civil and courteous demeanor, (especially when I am feeling neither civil or courteous) whether armed or not.

To my knowledge my weapon has only been noticed twice while I was out and about. Once by a fellow CD and we shared a nod. The other time was by a person I was actually helping reach something on a high shelf at the grocery store. In response to a somewhat nervous look I simply smiled and asked if there was anything else I could help with. With the pleasantries concluded, I went back to my shopping.

I believe that acting as an “average, everyday sort of fellow” goes a long way towards keeping the peace and calming the uncertain.



Well said and we all need to keep in mind we’re not just individuals. As part of the Lawful Carry Community whether we intend to or not we are all representatives of the whole community. The people we encounter who realize we’re carrying aren’t judging us as individuals, they will judge the whole community based on our interactions with them.

This may or may not sound fair or reasonable to you (all of you) but that’s the way it is in modern America so always try to keep that in mind and “Be a Good Ambassador”.


You nailed it WildRose.


Unless they say something to me I continue on about my business without acknowledgment. In my head it leaves them with the did I just see what I saw argument in their head.


Thank you everyone for your responses. I just felt bad, I didn’t mean to scare that lady.

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So far, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve been successful in keeping mine concealed.


Normally I don’t. But once a young adult woman asked me “do you have to carry that thing?” I replied " yes" and walked away. I carry open and concealed here in the greater Kansas City metro unhindered by anyone so far.


How about changing this slightly, in that do you say anything if you see someone carrying. I have on occasion seen someone carrying and verbally thanked them for carrying. This does depend on the persons demeanor though. I’ve made a good friend this way as my local gas stations manager carries and I noticed one day, I thanked him for carrying and he reciprocated the sentiment. We now have occasional chats about what’s best to carry and how.


You could tip your hat, smile, and ask “Have you excepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” Just to see what kind of reaction you’d get then.

Whatever you do, don’t start twitching and screaming out conspiracy theories, people can’t seem to take a joke anymore.


Probably want to make that “Have you Accepted Jesus”, although in many cases “excepted” would indeed apply.


Lol!! Yeah “Have you Accepted Jesus” would be better, otherwise you might sound crazy!!!


@Travis3, someone could take that as a veiled threat, thinking you’re gonna hurt me or kill me.

But you may need to continue with your evangelism, as opportunity presents or progresses.

Either religious or carry evangelism. Let the spirit lead you.


I was just kidding, obviously walking up to a nervous stranger with a gun on your hip is not the way to make disciples, for neither the religion of your choosing or our conceal carry communitiy. Like the saying goes “ actions speak louder than words “. You don’t have to acknowledge the other people, just go about your day. But a little chivalry and friendliness goes a long way.

You could also apply some friendliness to your situational awareness. For example, a couple months ago I was at a mall, people watching while my wife and daughter shopped. I noticed an odd fella watching and following another mother and child. Something didn’t seem right about him. I smiled and shouted “Howdy!” to him. Not only was it a friendly way to say “I see you”, but it also got the attention of everyone around us and put it on him. He disappeared minutes later.


I was reading a Concealed Carry Magazine waiting for an oil change on my car and a woman was watching me “on the sly” or so she thought. When we were the only two in the waiting room I put my magazine down and asked if something was wrong.

Her response was along the lines of “I can’t believe anyone would carry a gun in public, I’ve never seen anyone with a gun.” To which I said something like, “that’s why it’s called concealed carry.” I winked at her and went back to my magazine. Her mouth hung open for quite a while after that.