Wearing clothes that scream “i have a gun”

I have always thought we were suppose to be the gray man when carrying a firearm. This morning I was looking at the USCCA news feed and every four feeds there was an advertisement for clothing being sold by USCCA. This clothing screams “I have a gun”. To me, wearing this type of clothing in public could scare the non gun carrying population, add fuel to the anti-gunners rhetoric, and most importantly let the bad guys know who to shoot first. Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but personally, I would never wear this type of clothing in public. What say you?


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Which one? :thinking:
However I’m not a fan of wearing these in public.

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@ROB34 Welcome. Money talks out both sides of it’s mouth. :thinking:

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I personally keep the gray man dress most of the time. There are times, like range day, when I feel comfortable wearing my special shirts.


This is one of those “it depends” for me. Walking into the local Ace Hardware, I’ll have on my “That which doesn’t kill me, had better run” shirt. It has The Reaper, carrying an AR. In an Aurora Illinois car dealership(last week), it was my “One nation, under God” shirt. In both places, I got compliments on how much people liked the shirts, and wanted to know where I got them. This could be paired with the “Reasonable Person” discussion. Would a reasonable person, where you are wearing said shirt/clothing be offended/intimidated by what you are wearing? Do your pro-2A shirts/hats blend in, or do you stand out? Think less grey man, more urban/suburban camouflage.


We used to live be in a free country! When wearing pro gun clothing and having your rifle in the back window of the pickup truck was normal!
This is how I feel now!

Stay gray live another day. I’ve pondered wearing an American flag on my hat, these days that could be provocative! How upside down is it? Wearing a Dr. Seuss night shirt can get you killed.


Saw this in the new NRA mag. The same difference. $$$ :unamused:


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I don’t subscribe that wearing a firearm, skull, 2A, whatever t-shirt says that a person has a firearm on them. All kinds of people wear all sorts of branded logo(ed) clothes that mean nothing more than that to them.

I wear what I want when I want, including shirts that are from Ruger, Walther, USCCA, etc. I carry when I want, not always, and carrying does not coincide with the firearm related shirt. I don’t think that any of that is out of the norm for most folks.

We’re firearms focused because it is the USCCA site. When I wear a Subaru shirt, I did not necessarily arrive in a Subaru. Same with a shirt with a plane on it. Or one from our fighting forces, which I am not a part of. It feels like a leap to make the connection.


I’m almost always wearing a hat that says, " I will not comply", and usually a shirt that states, " I am the militia." I want scared anti gunners to know I’m not backing down to their ideas. I stand firmly with the constitution, and I don’t care how that makes someone else feel.


These days, the guy that’s not wearing a punisher skull or don’t tread on me t-shirt is the guy I’m worried about!


I suspect that for the most part the vast majority of people pay ZERO attention to the image and even less to the text on clothing. Even when they do notice it is likely given little thought… I can not recall the last time I actually read/remembered what was on someone’s shirt or hat.


You must be young! Can still do 100 yard dash in 12 seconds, I can barely make it to the mailbox without breaking a sweat!
Totally self inflicted plus age!
45 years ago I could wear this proudly!

Today this is just as likely to get you killed!


My street gun wear is a Flannel Vertix style shirt. jeans,Cowboy boots /Workboots or something akind to trail runners. Its pretty much a blend with all the Avg Joe s here with or without a carry, Dont see many Suits walking around here although we do have them. Those Flannel shirts are Po Boy style. The imagination comes with concealing with anything I wear

Hey William, a great # of people I see out are oblivious to their surroundings thanks to Apple IPhone


Being a grey man varies according to where you are.

If you are in downtown San Francisco a pro-2A shirt will definitely get you unwanted attention.

If you are in a rural or small-town area a pro-2A shirt blends right in with everyone else.

Being the greyman means wearing what everyone else is wearing. So if in your location no one wears pro-2A shirts and you want to remain grey then don’t wear it.


:rofl: TRUTH!


@Ken38 Congrats, you made it a whole year. Whooooooo. :us:


LOL!! true enough…

I have that shirt, I Have a GUN !


Today’s shirt, headed to the only “blue, anti-2A” county in my area.

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