When you carry what clothes do you wear?


I was wondering if people here worry regular clothes (like jeans and T-shirts) or wore clothes that were designed to be tactical in nature (I have myself a pair of tactical cargo pants and like them; more curious if people here wear shirts designed for carry)

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How to blend in while carrying

I wear whatever… even gym clothes, short and tshirt… Duluth trading cargo pants and carpenter pants are comfy to carry in aswell…


I see. I normally wear a t-shirt and a button up shirt of some sort (I’ve been using a flannel button up untucked lately) with some Wrangler jeans. Though sometimes I carry with my Tru-Spec tactical pants if it’s not too cold out. I was thinking of getting some more tactical pants and maybe a tactical shirt or two but wanted to see what other people wore when carrying.


Look into the Duluth trading cargo pants, they are called fire hose cargo pants, super comfortable… stain and dirt resistant, and water proof to a point aswell…


Oh and outside of cargo pockets have pockets on them big enough to accommodate mags…

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Well since I’m retired I generally wear jeans with flannel shirts outside in cold weather, shorts and t-shirts in the summer to cover my appendix carry EDC. If I have to wear dress cloths I wear an ankle holster.


@Tankrachet86 I’ll definitely look into those cargo pants. I love cargo pants. They’re always handy for EDC.
@maddog what gun do you carry out of curiosity?


My sons work in the trades and love these pants!


I don’t do trade work, but I wear them at work… and I get need our of almost all pockets…

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I was looking at them and like them. I’d rather be able to blend in with these than stand out with tac pants.
Gotta get myself a pair or two.

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I carry an M&P Shield M2.0 with crimson Trace laser guard. In a kydex holster appendix position 9mm


I carry a .40 S&W shield, OWB and wear a t-shirt and jeans. Granted I buy my shirts a size to big but it works. I’ve found that nobody pays nearly as much attention to your “print” as people think they do. I find that the length of my shirts matter more than anything else.


Shirt length matters greatly I’ve found. That’s why I like wearing my flannel button up right now because it extends a good ways past my waist. I don’t like wearing some of my other shirts that I’ve worn for work because of how they extend barely past the waist. Barely enough to cover my gun if I’m upright but rides up and over my gun if I have to bend down or squat or anything.


I ordered a pair of conceal carry leggings that have a place on the waits band to put your gun but that is it. Most clothes for women have holsters built into a tank that is designed to be worn under a shirt and every trainer always tells you never to carry like that because it is not easily accessible. I have seen the conceal carry carry coats and jackets but again, it is not real accessible with the zipper zipped. They say if you are ever in a position to need your gun it is usually a last minute situation as you should try to avoid any conflict. If it is last minute, you may not have time to get it out of a zipped up jacket or the side of a shirt. The trainer that that advised me what not to wear teaches homeland security, FBI agents, and other law enforcement and his logic makes sense. The conceal carry clothes look cool though and are tempting!


How are the leggings, @TWeinzerl? If you like them, would you mind sharing a link or the brand name? I know a bunch of women who would be interested!

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I haven’t gotten them yet. My friend has one of those online boutiques. https://shoppingwithpeggy.com/collections/curvy-tc-leggings/products/cc-leggings

There is the link . Off subject, but she did have pitbull mama leggings and second amendment leggings that had little guns all over them. She also had some revolvers too. I bought the pitbull’s and the second amendment ones too :slight_smile:


As a guy, i wear what they call meggings… when im working out mostly, but they work great for guys under your gym shorts for helping hide a sidearm aswell…

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Those look nice! Let me know if you’re going to get them and if you like them, @TWeinzerl!


I am just waiting for them to ship! I bought them on a preorder. I am hoping they get here soon.

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I am really only comfortable carrying IWB 4 o’clock. Problem is, I also have a herniated L4-L5. Can’t even carry a wallet in my back pocket because it throws my back out. I found a unique solution: I buy women’s jeans. A lot of brands have very stretchy material in the belt and hip region, where men’s jeans and pants are typically not stretchy at all. What this does for me is allow the jeans material to stretch around the holster instead of pulling my back sideways. They don’t look much different, and no one’s ever noticed, or commented on how great my… nevermind. Really, there’s such a great difference, and they are much more comfortable for carrying than men’s jeans. The same goes for shorts.

On the upper side, I was always a t-shirt/polo guy. Now, I just wear a cover shirt everywhere. Must be patterned like plaid or flannel to help cover any potential printing. Fits my personality just fine. I’ve carried just about everywhere, and only felt uncomfortable for the first five minutes, or when a big wind gust blows my shirt open.

When we get a thread for holsters, I’ll rave about the nate squared holsters all day and all night.

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