How to blend in while carrying

Head on a swivel is a good thing, but with appropriate tact.

I’m always looking around, but casually. With kids it’s even easier to look casual as you’re probably checking out where your kids are - my three used to go in three different directions when we’d get to a store. So I had every reason to look around.

And the only way to really look around casually is to have a casual manner am I correct?

I wear work pants and boots all the time, having a belly makes me look like a harmless bigger guy and the balding and greys make me look older for the few that are there. If you check my profile picture. First time is about a decade I was dressed up and it was to attend a wedding. I’m only 32 years old.

I’ve open carried from time to time, most people never notice.

I’m incredibly aware to the point of picking up on it a person needs something, want to move one way or another, is trying to blend in, is carrying etc.

It was my job for 7.5 years to read people and their intentions while I drove school busses to care for and keep my students safe. It included reading people who I didnt recognized near the bus stop if they were walking around or had some focus above a normal glance at the bus. Anticipating drivers and so much more. Situational awareness is something I aim for. I have a bad habit of taking in details in training classes of explaining the ins and outs before it comes up in the class.


I have never thought about being low key as much as I have thought about my gun being accessible. With tunics and stretch pants being in style, it just doesn’t work for concealed carry. Trying to fight with the length of a tunic while trying to grab your gun out of the waist band of pants that move when you grab them is just a hot mess. I always just try to make sure that I don’t print when carrying and usually forget I even have it. I try to be hyper aware of my surroundings and have never really noticed anyone fidgeting with anything that looked to be a gun in public so I guess so far everyone is blending in. But I always just keep in the back of my mind that everyone is armed with someone and try not to get comfortable in public, You just never know now days.


I always argue with my wife about how she carries. Because she wears alot of tunics or dresses she most often keeps her pistol in her purse, which drives me nuts! Its easier per say for a man to adapt to carrying. For women i can see where you would nearly have to change a majority of your wardrobe to be able to carry everyday. At this point i dont think shes there yet. She keepsa gun with her in her truck and in her purse but thats about as far as she is willing to go.


Does your wife use a concealed carry purse, @Skywalker87?

Has she checked out can-can holsters? They’re a great brand for the variety of ways women can carry.

Jeans and a Carhartt T-shirt. Sometimes an unbuttoned shirt over that. It’s how I dress everyday. I do have a tuckable holster for dressing “nice.”


No her purse is a book sack style and has a pouch that fits her pistol very well. I will look into holsters thanks @Dawn

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The carry purses have gotten much nicer as well, @Skywalker87 - but they’re like holsters. You really cannot buy a holster or a purse for someone else unless they’ve told you the exact one to get. :smile:

I’ve open carried many times but prefer to conceal 100% of the time now. For the reason you gave which is that people notice. Personally I couldn’t care less what people think of me or the fact that I carry. But when those folks are distracted by me, I then become distracted by the fact that they notice. I would like to carry as if it were a natural part of everyday life. Like putting on a watch. I’m mindful that I’m wearing it, but I’m not distracted by it. If that makes any sense. Concealing does exactly that. Not to mention the well documented tactical advantage that someone who is concealing has over an attacker. There are plenty of real life videos on YouTube that demonstrate exactly that. The attacker has already shown his hand but the person concealing has the opportunity to choose when, where, and how they will respond. I highly suggest doing a simple Google search and just watching these situations play out. As far as what you’re wearing. I wear jeans/shorts all summer with T’s. I carry 100% of the time; a G19 in an OWB holster most of the time, and sometimes I switch it up. You’d be hard pressed to see my firearm on me. I don’t think attire makes anyone a target per se, unless you’re wearing a shirt that says “I’m carrying a firearm” Lol.

I have always been told to never ever ever carry in a purse . Every instructor I have talked to say it is dangerous because if your purse gets stolen , there goes your gun. They also say that it can be too hard to get to in a hurry. I have seen many cute carry purses and have been tempted though. There have been a few purse snatchings in areas where I shop though so most of the time do not even carry one. I usually have a roo sport pouch for credit cards and Id, CC permit, and USCCA insurance card. But then the whole bathroom issue.

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I kind of subscribe to the gray man theory, as much as a guy that’s 6’6’’ with tattoos can. Comfy jeans, and a T-shirt. I wear cowboy boots too, so sometimes I carry a Taurus 605 in my boot as either my main gun, or backup with an ankle holster. My crossbreed lets me carry my G29 or FNS9C in my waist discreetly. Now, I love Wisconsin winters, because then I carry in a versacarry OWB holster. I don’t think with any of my holsters or firearms I print very much. Now I guess back to the main topic, I avoid my super cool 5.11 range pants in public (love the things in summer), and I also don’t wear any shirts with firearm brands, overtly patriotic messages, or anything that openly says “I’m a pro 2A guy, come ask me about guns!”


Hi Everyone -

I changed the title of this thread as we have another thread started two weeks ago When you carry what clothes do you wear? and this thread has turned into more of a how to blend in while carrying conversation.

Hope that works for you!


To a large extent I think the concealed weapon community lends itself to the parinoia crowd. I’ve seen no studies that would suggest dressing one way or another would paint a target on ones back. Much like you I’m t-shirt and jeans, almost without exception. I’d wear the fancy Gucci gear and love the way a nice pair of tactical pants look but I can’t get over how much they cost. I can afford them, I’m just not gonna. If I ever tore a pair I’d be displeased to say the least. I’m more concerned with any value added by such garment than if they make me a target for the criminal element. Just my two cents…


Just throwing this out there i happened upon some wrangler “rip-stop” pants at walmart for 20$ and they are super comfortable and have some nice big pockets. One other thing i do like about them is the zipper is relatively long. Which is great for Aiwb carry.

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I understand the question and personally I’m not trying to draw attention to myself. I’m not going to wear a #MAGA hat anymore than I’d be willing to wear a shirt saying something like “IPac” in downtown Milwaukee, or anywhere in Madison, WI. At that point you’re advertising, and I feel like some people are looking for a confrontation. In my little town here in WI I could walk around in full camo, with a blinking LED hat that says “I’m carrying a gun”, and tac boots. Nobody would give a rats behind. I wouldn’t do that because the wife would take pics and I’d become a FB meme… BUT like the old adage says “if you’re looking for trouble you’re bound to find it”. Tactical pants, or a nice NinLine t-shirt? I don’t think there is an issue there. Maybe it makes you a “tacticool” hipster. I dunno. But does it make you out to be a ccw holder anymore than the average person wearing an MMA themed t-shirt is a member of the UFC? If you wear jeans and cowboy boots did you just come from the OK corral? Personally I just don’t see the correlation. And if it were the case, my guess is that you would see a whole lot less of this type of clothing sold and worn in our “community”. I think the key here is to know your audience. If you’re concerned you are making yourself into a “neon sign” you’re probably wearing the wrong thing for the situation.

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I have trouble wearing gun-manufacturer-branded clothing. Seeing how I live in Springfield, MA, I could easily walk around with a Smith and Wesson hat, but since I’m actually carrying a Smith and Wesson, I would feel like I’m advertising my choice to carry. I probably wouldn’t wear any gun manufacturer’s clothing, for that matter. Nor would I wear a MAGA hat, or any other politically- or socially-charged clothing. I do not want to stand out in a crowd.


Me and my compadre. I have no idea he sleeps in my giant jeep. Sporting my new shirt😉


Love the shirt, @Skywalker87! He looks totally comfortable back there; :sleeping:

Great Flag photobomb! :us:

Ha! i just caught that :us::us::us:

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