I bought a knockoff ACOG!


So, I was trolling the depths of gunbroker, and I came across rifleremedy2000 selling ACOG 4x32s for about $100. My first thought was that it was a scam. ACOGs on the low end cost $800. It was too good to be true, but too good to pass up if it was true. I decided that $100 wasn’t a lot of money to lose if it was a scam, so I bought it with my eyes wide open, expecting to be scammed.

I decided that the most likely outcome was to receive a Chinese knockoff. It arrived today, and it was indeed a Chinese knockoff. I went back and looked at the listing, and it was listed as an “ACOG Style Optic,” so it’s not like the guy lied or anything. It’s from a brand called Ohhunt.

I won’t have time to test it for a while, most likely, so I can’t report back soon on its quality, but has anybody else heard of Ohhunt optics and know if they tend to be any good? Do they tend to hold zero? Do they tend to fall apart?

I have not heard of them, nor would I expect a “insert name brand style” optic at 1/10 the the price to be particularly good. But for what most of us actually do with our rifles, in the conditions we actually do it, we may not actually ‘need’ that much of an optic. And some of the things that make good optics expensive may not be noticeable without looking through both back to back, clarity, brightness, edge to edge clarity, etc.

Does it have tritium illumination for dark-dark conditions or is it fiber optic only?


Some interesting reviews. Guy has the acog on a .308 and says it holds zero. Another guy says he gets fraudulent cc activity after placing an order twice, and ohhunt response is they use an overseas bank :roll_eyes:.
They seem pretty proud to be using the USPS :joy:…SaaaahLute!!

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It’s highly unlikely a product sold with those tactics, at that price, will hold up for long. God forbid someone trusted their life to such a product and discovered failure at a bad time. As I understand it, many such products work for a while, but are not built so as to be able to survive shock, or a difficult recoil impulse.

There are some very good fakes of Eotech optics too, to the point that Eotech put out videos about how to spot the really good fakes. One of the easy ways was that there was no port hole screw for where they put the nitrogen in.

My experience with several budget optics is that they work for a while, but soon fail or flail because they are built like toys and not tools.


Without reading all this stuff I put information on this site about Walmart that sold me a JBL Knock off. It was about $30. cheeper and I didn’t read the reviews till after I pushed the button ( wrong ). It works but not too good and I called JBL and it’s a fake. Talked to Walmart they refused me to a third party vender and the only thing they did was guarantee it was new. ( HEADS UP DONT TRUST WALMART )
PS: not the first time for me, now I’m done, I would like to be kissed while I’m being screwed.


As my brother likes to say: quality doesn’t cost, it pays. Also as noted on a TV show: a cheap tool is an expensive tool.


It’s the Value over Cost continuum.


It says it has Tritium, but I haven’t tried it in the dark yet.

At this point, I am glad that the seller only took Paypal payments. I shall be watching…