Optic Decision

I just bought a Sig P320 AXG Scorpion and want to jump into the optic world.

I’ve been researching the Romeo 1Pro, Leopoldo DPP and Trijicon (Holosun is axed because China).

Like I said, new to optics, I’m thinking that Romeo will be the easiest to install since it’s from Sig, but a lot of the research points to the trijicon as the gold standard.

Is there a way to test the optics before I buy them? Any feedback/experience from the group would be helpful.

I own and shoot both the Trijicon Rmr’s and Holosuns. The gold standard is the Rmr, I would not rule out the Holosun but respect your decision based on the china thing, I just remind everyone that your phone, TV and half your house is made in China, don’t let that limit your choices.

I don’t know of anyway to test drive optics so to speak but I can say I have been using the Rmr since it came out.

If your up to watching some videos Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics does an enormous amount of optic testing, I’ll post a link in a few min.

Something I’ve learned in the optic world. Pay once cry once. Do your research find what fits your wants, save up and buy it. You won’t regret it. I spent double trying not to buy the “expensive” optic, once I bought what I wanted I instantly regretted not going straight to what I wanted.


I will say the Rmr type 1’s when they came out had shorting out issues when used on a handgun. The newer Trijicon Rmr type 2’s are drastically improved and it is what I use on several of my go to Glock gen5’s. I am using Holosuns more and more as there is more data on them being improved and their durability is probably going to more than enough for your everday concealed carrier. If you are military or you are LE and this is going on a duty weapon I would recommend the Rmr type 2. Hope this helps, best wishes and God Bless.

Thanks for the videos and info!

No problem, hope it helps you out.

Absolutely! That’s something I learned a long time ago which is why I’m having such a tough decision making process with this.

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If being made in China is a concern just be aware the Sig optic is assembled in the Philippines and I have heard the bottom of them says made in China, just an FYI


The Romeo5 is manufactured in China. Didn’t know that when I bought it, or I’d have shopped more.

As for the @Kevin139 ’s question, I do like the Romeo1 Pro on my P320. I decided that having the same firearms and optics manufacturer made sense. Installation isn’t difficult, but worth looking up on YouTube first.

The sight is solid, and I’ve found it accurate at 45 yards. I chose the 3 MOA model.

Keep in mind Sig recommends a torque driver to install it on the slide, which isn’t an insignificant additional cost.

Holosun OEM’s the Sig RDS’s.

Holosun made a pretty big impact on me after speaking with them at SHOT 2020. They actually listened to their customer base and made many improvements and design changes based on what the customers were requesting or complaining about. They seemed genuinely interested in talking to everyone in their booths and seemed like they really do care about putting out a quality product.

There’s made in china and made in china by 7-year olds. Id say, the workers making these are AT LEAST 15-16 with ten years of manufacturing experience under their belt lolol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. But, I am pretty impressed with my 407. It is no where near as nice as my RMR, but, how can you expect it to be at 1/3 of the price, brand new. For someone who is dabbling in the pistol RDS world and cant quite make the financial commitment YET, I’d strongly suggest the Holosun, Chinese made or not.