Chosen Optic For EDC

  • Trijicon RMR
  • Leupold DeltaPoint Pro
  • Holosun 407c/507c/508T Series
  • Vortex Venom or Viper
  • Sig Romeo Series
  • Other

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For those who use an optic on your EDC Gun please vote and explain why you chose your optic. I’m hoping to glean some knowledge from actual daily users as I’m starting to see more and more optics appear in classes I teach. I would love to hear feedback on usability, durability, and why you chose the optic you use.

I am not starting this thread with the intentions to be a this ones better than that one or an argument on Sage Dynamics optics torture test results. I am genuinely curious as to what real concealed carriers are using as far as optics go, why you chose that optic, and would love to hear how you train. I hope to use this information for educational purposes, as I feel it’s a true benefit to hear from real life experience.

*I chose the optics in the poll based on what I see or hear the most about, I know there are a many more optics available. Please share if yours isn’t on the list.


I felt I should vote and reply since I started the poll and have a vested interest.

I cast my vote for the Holosun 507c V2. I have been using a Holosun V1 for quite some time as I’ve worked into putting an optic into my EDC rotaton. I’ve used Sig Romeo’s, the DPP, and an RMR also before settling on the Holosun. As much as I love the RMR and enjoyed the DPP, I settled on the Holosun for a few reasons. The 2 MOA dot really works well for me with my astigmatism. I feel it’s a tough optic that can handle being banged around in daily carry, maintain it’s zero, and the battery life is very good. I sold the V1 and got a V2 recently due to the side loading battery but mainly the larger buttons for adjustments.

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I have a TLR6 on my M&P 9 shield light and laser combo.

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I voted for the holosun. I have used and actually own most of them, including the rmr,the sig, the sro (not listed), and the dpp. I like the holosun for my carry option due to durability and feature set you get for the price. I also really like the ability to use the circle/dot reticle as it’s easier for me to acquire quickly when putting myself under stress. I’m certainly not stating any are better or “the right one”. I’m just giving my reasoning opinion.


I agree, it’s hard to say there’s a “right one”. I actually didn’t think I’d like the Holosun and really had my money in the deltapoint pro but after the smoke cleared the Holosun won out for me personally. It’s great to have options.


Other. My Glocks chose LaxerMax guide rod lasers. No need to buy a special holster.


I didn’t actually vote, my daily carry does not have an optic. It would cost me more than I paid for the firearm to have it milled out and add one.

A big reason to use an optic is that it’s far easier to train with both eyes open, even for those of us with a nasty astigmatism! When shooting my pistol with a dot, the dot looks like a banana to me, but it’s still small enough that I’m putting rounds where I want them (even with corrective eyewear).

Having both eyes open means better peripheral vision and a greater awareness of what’s going on. Whenever I upgrade my carry gun it will definitely be optic ready.


I considered trying the Hex Wasp or Shield SMSC for one of my Hellcats because of Springfield’s endorsement.
And I looked at several reviewers:

But yesterday I bought the Halosun HS507K-X2 because

  1. Red ring to find dot faster
  2. Battery access to eliminate unmounting and re-zeroing
  3. Co-witness cuts in case accidental damage, electronic failure, or if the battery runs out before or during use
  4. Always on (Shake awake)
  5. Water proof/resistant in case of rain or accidents

I’m shocked no other micros (> 1.7"x1") have a red ring and most place the battery underneath.
Only the non-micros have room to place the battery on top but Halosun even offers solar a battery backup on some.

The only drawback is ordering the $45 mounting plate ( which may remove co-witnessing or require suppressor sights, or milling/grinding off the lugs:
Professional: HELLCAT HOLOSUN 507K Slide Modification. - YouTube
Do It Yourself: Springfield Hellcat OSP: Removing the Slide Lugs and Mounting the Holosun 507K - YouTube

But for now I’m waiting for my plate to arrive similar to the uploaded picture.
Until other companies offer micros with features 1 & 2, I may have to stick with Halosun.