Optic convert…. Installed a Holosun EPS Carry on my 48 MOS

Waited for literally a couple of years until I finally got what I consider to be the optimal configuration for me.

I looked and tried a LOT of different sights before I chose this one. The Holosun EPS Carry MRS has ALL the attributes for me to consider it the perfect sight for one of my favorite concealed carry firearms, Glock 48, MOS. Pretty popular new sight and somewhat tough to find but Amazon Prime came through. Im sure this will now become my absolute favorite EDC for sure.

The profile is low enough that I can co-witness with factory height sights. The reticule shows as a red blob because my iPhone refuses to focus on it but I included a factory foto showing what it actually looks like.


I want the EPS. I have all the Holosun and RMR’s pistol sights, I haven’t looked through an EPS yet.

How do you like it? Can you compare it to any other pistol RDS?

What mounting plate did you use?

(capturing a real life view of a dot in a photo is damn difficult BTW, you have to like hold the gun in front of a wall or the floor by a few feet, focus the camera/phone on the wall/floor holding it next to the gun, then move it over behind the optic real quick and take the picture before it refocuses…at least that’s how I got my good ones)


Is the battery replaceable without removing the sight from the pistol?
It looks like it, but would like confirmation.

Also is it “shake awake” like alot of their other sights?


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Yes. One of the many things the other major player, Trijicon with their RMR, is unable to comprehend.

Can replace battery without removing sight from pistol, up to 50k hour battery life, shake awake, solar failsafe. Holosun I don’t think has anything with the silly must-remove-sight-to-replace-battery thing


So far it’s great. I’m headed to the range later today to train with it. I love the lower profile that does not compromise your ability to acquire the reticule quickly and because of the low mounting I don’t need suppressor height sights to co-witness. The fully enclosed design keeps the dirt out of the glass lenses and diode area. By comparison the RMRc (excellent quality sight) is a lint trap and requires a significantly higher adaptor plate.

For the 48 you use the very thin adaptor plate that comes with the sight and it fits perfectly. The supplied screws are a tad long so I had to dremel just a hair off the length to make them fit. There are a few folks that sell correct length screws online.

Thanks for the pointer on taking a pic of the reticule. I’ll give that a try :+1:


Ah yes, one of the features I love about Holosun is the ability to replace the battery without removing the sight off the gun and still getting an IPX 8 rating. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Havnt gotten to try an EPS yet but i love the 507k on my 48mos. Shield arms mag release and mags are a game changer too.


That a great fighting pistol right there! :+1::+1:

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