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With the exception of two, I have Holosun Red-dots on all my pistols. They have improved my shooting tremendously and I bet my life on them. A few weeks ago after returning from the range I was in the process of wiping the lens off when I discovered a crack in the lower right hand corner of my Glock 43X Red-dot. I had never seen anything like it. None of my other pistols show any signs of wear. Fortunately Holosun replaced the cracked unit and things are back to normal - I guess. Anyone else experience a crack in their Red-dot? If I heard the guy on the phone correctly he said the lenses are rated to 4k pressure. Having never dropped any of my pistols I assume this was a one off. At least I hope it is.


Have you ever tried to videotape course of fire?
Sometimes you may find ejected casing hitting front of the red dot’s glass.

Great that Holosun replaced the broken one.


I have yet to jump into the red dot world for pistols but likely will someday.

I’m curious though. I wonder if despite the crack if the red dot was still functional with no change in POA/POI? Does a crack in the lens render the red dot useless or less useful? I wonder if you fired several rounds with it cracked and didn’t even notice? That would be the ideal in an SD situation if it could take a licking and keep on ticking.

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I have seen the cheap(Vector, Riton) hold up as well as the big brands, but also fail as bad. I assume it is a QC issue.

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The crack - i shoulda taken a pic - was about 1/8" and appeared to be a hairline crack and barely noticeable unless held up to a light. Yes, it would seem that the crack was there for at least a couple of range sessions before I noticed it. The red-dot, in this case a circle reticle, was not affected in anyway. I still shot straight and true - no deviation in POA.


I’ve experienced several instances where the ejected casing hit the lens dead on without anything more than a slight scratch. It’s puzzling to say the least.


3500 rounds through my EDC w/Holosun. No cracks on optic so far, knock on wood…