Holosun pistol optics

I have been using Holosun red dots for a couple years now and have had good and bad luck.

Im not here to bash on them just to give my experiences. I have around a dozen of their dots and use them on everything from my pistols to fighting rifles. I will say for the money they are a good product and do a good job most of the time but the biggest problem i have experienced is WINDAGE shift.

My first failure was on my Glock 34 Gen5 equipped with the Holosun 509t. I had zeroed the dot and around 250rda later it had lost windage substantially left. I returned the dot to Holosun and they replaced it and the 2nd 509t would turn off with its shake awake feature and would NOT come back on unless you manually turned it back on. Holosun 509t number 3 has held zero and been ok for over 1000 - 1500 rds now.

Holosun 507k. I own a few of these and my first 507k on my Glock 48 Mos lost zero with WINDAGE loss and was returned to Holosun and they sent me a new one that upon opening that would not turn on, changed battery, nothing. Returned to Holosun received new 507k and this one works and has held for around 2k rds.

Holosun 507k on new Sig 365 Macro. I installed a new 507k on my new Macro and confirmed zero at 10yds, which is the zero i use on all my pistol mounted red dots and have now reached almost 1200rds on that pistol and dot. My last range trip a couple of days ago and i wanted to test a couple new loads and started group shooting at my normal 10yds and wad getting some pretty bad left hits, now it was grouping, just considerably left. I had a couple others try this set up and they experienced the same thing. I went back to the bench and proceeded to check my dots co witness against the irons and sure enough, the dot was all the way on the RIGHT edge of the front sight which would explain the left impacts.

Im very frustrated at this point as it seems when you purchase these Holosuns it seems you either get one thats fine or its garbage and airsoft quality. I am speaking from more than a sample size of one mind you, i have at around a dozen of Holosuns in rotation and set up on different platforms. It seems to me that their quality control could be much higher and this is a disappointment as especially on the small pistol market their 507k that fits pistols like the Glock 43x and 48 MOS, Sig 365 and pistols in this class have great features and there are not alot of great choices out there in the sub compact and micro pistol red dot category.

I put this out here for those of you running these dots to bring awareness to the problems i have experienced . I sincerely hope none of you have had these issues.

I’d like to hear from others experiences on your Holosuns and setups.

I’m glad to hear about your experiences with these.
I have a 507c on my MR920c that is still holding strong after 700 rounds and a 407co on my P80 after 500 rounds. No issues so far.We will see how they are still doing after the 1,000 round mark.
From your experiences with the micro’s and them pumping them out trying to keep up with demand I bet it’s a QC issue.
I was looking into getting a Swampfox or a Vortex for my DR920f just to mix it up a bit.

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I have a 507c-gr-X2 mounted on my Walther PDP. I recently bought this gun used and the optic was already mounted, so I don’t have a record of previous rounds fired. I was just at the range yesterday with my son using it. At 15 yds this pistol with that optic is still a tack driver. Overall, we’ve put 250 rounds through that pistol optic combo. Thankfully I have had no issues.

I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with the compact “k” models, which gives me pause. I had also seen other complaints about the QC on Holosun. I had taken a wait and see attitude to make sure it was not just internet “busy chatter”. However, now I’m seeing enough reports of issues with Holosuns in general, that I might not go with a Holosun optic.

I had been eyeing the 507k for my SIG P365X. It is currently equipped with the Romeo Zero, and I really dislike that red dot for a host of reasons.

I can say that I have a Romeo 1 Pro, and I love that optic, and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is currently mounted on my P320 EDC pistol. My only complaint is that SIG does not make them with green dots.

I really love the features of the Holosuns, particularly their variety of reticles, and dot colors. I really like the green circle-dot reticle combination. In addition, their prices are incredibly competitive. I wish that other manufacturers provided as many options.


I was looking at the Romeo 1, PA, and DPP.
I think my next one will be a 6 moa.


The R1P I have is 6 MOA, and I like it - A LOT. 25 yds and longer shots feel almost like I’m cheating. I’m very satisfied with it, and can highly recommend that optic. Great clean & clear glass, sharp dot definition, well defined windage and elevation “clicks”, very easy battery access - what’s not to like? If it was an enclosed emitter with green dot reticle it would be the perfect optic, IMO.


Hopefully Holosun will have its act together with their new EPS line.:sunglasses:


I’ve got Holosun HE507C-GR-X2-ACSS from Primary Arms.
I zeroed it once 2 months ago.
It still keeps zero after 3k rounds and front sight replacement (old method with punch).

I personally got bad luck with Leupold Delta Point Pro. :unamused:


Yes, their EPS has all the features I’ve wanted, multi-reticle, GREEN, etc. The RMSc footprint means that if I decide to get one for the micro (P365) and one for the EDC, I’ll have to get one mounting plate. But I like the R1P enough to not have to change it on the EDC.

One thing that I was reading is that the EPS CARRY is actually their micro model. Some people had bought the EPS thinking it was properly sized for micros and it was too big. So they were having to replace for the EPS CARRY for their regular sized pistols. Both models have the RMSc footprint like their K models and that was creating confusion.


They are a bit on the pricy side, so I can feel your pain. If I spend a lot of money on something I really don’t want to have issues with it.

That is one of the reasons I was taking the “wait” attitude with the Holosuns. I had heard some bad, a lot of good, but not enough bad at the time to not want to get one. Now, I’ve seen enough opinions on it that make me want to wait longer.

Is the ACSS reticle on your Holosun the Vulcan? How do you like it? Is it helping you find the dot faster?


My experiences:

I own Holosun 509, three 508 red, 508 green, 507, 507k, and also three RMR’s for comparison.

I have thousands of rounds through them on pistols, offset on AR’s, and on a shotgun.

For me so far I have perfect function from all of them. I will likely be buying an EPS and/or EPS carry as soon as they are available easily. I don’t care for the 509, too must astigmatism with the dot whereas the 507 and 508 are the best looking RDS I have viewed

I have friends and coworkers with them with only good experiences so far also.

The only sight I have personally had fail, yet, well there were three:

Vortex’s tactical mailbox holographic sight was just suddenly dead, good battery drained when it shouldn’t have over a couple weeks (replaced battery and it worked for awhile then sold it for something else)

Glock iron front sight came off (thread locker fix)

H&K VP9 optic height front sight came loose and lost effective usability (thread locker fix)


Does this mean you are getting too much starburst from the dot? Is this when using the dot only, dot-circle, or circle only? Is it the red or green?

Sorry for all the questions but this is one I’ve been interested in and my main concern, until you just said you didn’t like it, had been the issue of a mounting plate.

Would you not recommend it?


My 509T is dot only as far as I know. Red. Too much starburst.

IF you have astigmatism concerns I cannot recommend it based on my experience but the astigmatism thing is weird and variable between people. Not a lot is consistent across everybody. My suspicion is that an extra layer of glass to enclose the emitter on the 509 is simply an extra source of potential distortion to the dot, but I really don’t know. My 507’s and 508’s look really good though, better than my Aimpoints on my rifles , basically as good as a holographic (eotech)


Thanks for the info


I only use Crimson Trace on My pistols and all have the on demand feature on them, and on all my rifles i have laser scope green eith the on demand system on them


A little off the topic… but:
YES. the reticle is a Vulcan. And YES I very like it.
I used outer circle for few days only till the moment I got used to the new optics. But it helped for sure. Even I never had a real problem finding the dot, the circle gave a reference for micro adjustments which could be done in blink of the eye. Now I’m using chevron only.

Two reasons I like it so much:

  • my eyes are not cooperating with simple dot - 1MOA is too small for self defense, 3MOA and bigger is not a dot anymore, it’s more like splash
  • chevron gives me couple option and works in every situation. Tip is a zero at 30 feet, bottom becomes a zero in 100 meters. Left and right legs gives a little windage adjustments in windy days for longer distance. In self defense situation, when there is no time for precision - you put the whole chevron on the center mass and there is no way you can miss.