I bought a knockoff ACOG!

I thought some cheaper one’s were fine for trying out the concept, and for use plinking or practicing. They worked ok for that, but it became evident pretty quickly that the durability and reliability were not there, just as one would expect.

Do they work? yes. But they are like those cheap emergency tool kits you can buy for your car. When you need them most, it’s usually the case, that those same conditions are ther one’s that are too much for the tools, and all you end up with is a broken tool, and a freshly opened emergency first aid kit, where you discover the bandaid won’t stick to your finger without some electrical tape from the tool kit, which also doesn’t stick, but at least you can tie it with a knot.


Sooo right!! :rofl:

Hey friend. Just found this gem of a post. How about you stop slandering my name over the internet without knowing anything about the ongoing situation? Bill Kirk is a friend and unlike you actually had the time and patience to speak with me about the situation. If I was a collaborator, there would’ve been no need for the ATF to have come and practically kicked my door in with 15 armed agents and steal $3,000 worth of optics and all my computers! That was fun! Seriously, grow up. You weren’t there. If you have a problem, you got my email and phone number.