I borrowed my daughter's bright red nail polish

…to color the front sight of my stainless .38 Roscoe so it’s easier to “pick up” in subdued light.
I should have done this long ago.


Probably won’t significantly hurt it’s resale value…


Watch out for the Cancel Culture Crowd. I am pretty sure that’s Cultural Appropriation :scream::thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


I do the same on all my pistols and my AK. I like a bright hunter orange. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s Candy Apple.
I’ve got to work with whatever is at hand.
I’ll put in a request :thinking:


Roscoe now self identifies as Roscweena :laughing:


Maybe we should start a new topic. “Guns In Drag”. We could dress them up and post a pic. :rofl:


Oh man! Look what you just did. This is going to get aaaa get aaaa this going to get weird.




hey i did the same thing. on my XD because my eyes arent like they used to be, like everyone says when you get alittle older ha. i tried this bright floresent yellow,ha and it works great. Carry Be Safe God Bless…


I use orange fluorescent enamel paint on those of mine that don’t have the night sights with an orange ring. That way my sight picture is similar between pistols. Though some of the nail polishes I see are just as bright.


I found out - the hard way - that the white phosphor painted used on most “dot” style iron sights is not resistant to solvent. Solution: Testor’s Fluorescent Yellow model paint. After you remove the remaining white paint clean the sights thoroughly with a soft cloth and a dab or two of isopropyl alcohol. Let that air dry then repeat process using distilled or deionized water. Let air dry. Clamp your firearm - barrel pointing downward - so that the sights are level and parallel to the deck. Take you jar of paint and shake vigorously for 2 - 3 minutes (at least). Remove the bottle cap and inset the tip of a round wood toothpick just slightly into the paint. Place the tip of the toothpick over one of the sight dots and touch it gently to the sight, transferring a small amount of paint to the sight. Repeat (carefully) until a small bubble of paint has formed on the sight. Allow to air dry for 48 hours, then place a 100w incandescent light bulb from 4" - 6" from the sights and let it “bake” for 12 hours. You are done! I have found the sights are very resistant to solvent, but I don’t recommend slathering it on either. The last set of sights I did this to are 3 years on now and are still nice and bright.


Which tint of bright red was it?

Looks like Candy Apple.

“you don’t know jacques“

I found out This is an actual name of a color of nail polish.

Never heard of it…so I guess you can say, “I heard it here first!” lol


I did the same thing a week ago with my wife’s bright red nail polish. Makes a big difference don’t it.


Hello and welcome @Dan144

They sell little bottles of appropriate paint that’s like orange and green that are better than nail polish.

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We used to do this in old days law enforcement before there was lit or phosphorescent sights. Walking into a busy show-up room and having six or seven old fart cops with nail polish was a bit of fun in the early 70’s. The culture (and color selection) has grown a lot since then….