Gun Glow

Has anyone used this on their sights


I tried some kind of similar nail polish type (but made/marketed for firearm sights) on a Ruger LCP a while ago. It wore away faster than the finish of a blued gun in a 100% kydex holster.

My Springfield 911 sights from the factory glow in the dark, and I had a G43x with glock night sights which also glowed, too … I’d sooner replace my sights than use those nail polish products, although the LCP didn’t have that as an option.


Doesn’t work as expected.
I’ve found real tritium as the only solution for me.


Yeah just wanted to give it a test. They will stay bright for a couple hours. Will be changing out sights on gun soon


Or their friends… :slight_smile:


Tried it, added a weapon light best move for me.
I found that after a short while the Gun Glow becomes very hard and begins to chip off. Another gun product that now resides in a drawer somewhere.


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I have not used it but I heard of it and I believe there are youtube videos on it.

I used something similar, but the one I used depended on a light source to charge. Worked great if you charged it for a second with a flashlight and it lasted a while. However, if I carried it in a holster for the day then pulled it out, no glow.

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