I borrowed my daughter's bright red nail polish

There is also a satin to cover shiny parts , but you can also use model paint. They have almost as many colors

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Will it make the top of my head itchy? I usually just wear a hat, but that gets hot sometimes in the summer…


It can always be removed easily. Just sayin’

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I initially thought of using Testor’s enamel model paint, but a grizzled ol’ cop convinced me that nail polish lasts longer, so that’s what I used.
It didn’t cost me anything, either :smirk:


Sometimes humor doesn’t come across as intended when it’s written.

I hope I didn’t rub anyone the wrong way with the comment.


Nope! I only posted to agree with you! Hope I didn’t come off badly. Have a wonderful day!!!

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I bought a Taurus G3C recently & there is no red dot to indicate that the safety is disengaged so I put on a drop of red nail polish. I haven’t carried it yet but made some improvements that I like. It’s a good, reliable shooter & eats the Hornaday 124gr +P ammo every time. The nail polish is because I do not want any confusion as to what state the safety is in. My wife is an avid shooter as well so its for both us


Interesting concept I had not thought about. I have a G3 with the 1st gen polymer sights and I don’t like them. It is really one of the only things I don’t like about it. I will have to try this solution.

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