How often do you buy a new gun?

Seems I’ll buy a new gun I’m perfectly happy with, then 3 months later I see another gun that I have to have and can’t wait to get. Wondering how long others can hold out between gun purchases.


Totally random.

I have gone years without buying a gun and I have bought like three in a month.

The waters are also muddied when considering whether or not I traded or sold as part of the process.

And then there are a bunch of accessories that cost more than a lot of the guns, like if I don’t buy a new gun but I bought a new ACOG and a WML, that might cost 3x what a new pistol would have.


That part is lost on me. I’m more likely to sell a body part than let even my least favorite gun leave the fold.

I get the accessories though. Bought an optic for my rifle and it cost as much as my first pistol. Problem is it didn’t satisfy the itch for long.


My wife has placed me on “gun restriction” so how often I buy a new gun has been drastically reduced


For me, probably one every 2 years or so, on average. I am currently lusting after the new Ruger LC Carbine. I am fascinated by the 5.7 round for some reason. Don’t ask me why. Lol


The Ruger-5.7 pistol caught my eye several months ago. A small round going that fast. Unfortunately it’s about third on my wish list.


I can understand that.

But also…just because I acquired a gun at some point, that doesn’t mean that it’s better (for me) than every other gun out there in the world. And my money is finite.

Example: I had a S&W Shield or two. But then they released the Shield Plus. To me, the Plus is better in literally every possible way (other than cost). So now I have two Shield Pluses. I couldn’t afford two Plus if I didn’t sell the old ones.


On average… :thinking: every 4.571 months… give or take.


I’m recovering from that addiction…
I’ve been clean for 16 months…
But seriously… Once I found the perfect handguns that do job for me I don’t need to look for another.

I like to keep up with the new products, but I rent them or my friends get them…


Only when I find a really good deal in a caliber I already have.


I always think that I have enough guns…until…I see another one…and can’t sleep until I own it. Darn shame: I have to increase my use of Melatonin.


Honestly, I couldn’t care less about this with firearms, or cars, or…

I’m likely going to unload a few that I’ll never shoot, like this fugly green M9A3 they sent when I wanted grey. Probably the PPQ .22lr too. I sure wish USCCA would allow a classified here.


Rarely. Something has to really catch my eye or be on my unicorn list.

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I really have to be disciplined about my purchase of firearms. Not so much with pistols (I’m ride or die with .45’s). But rifles, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I plan to purchase a 9mm H&K, mainly for competition (it costs so much to shoot .45 in IDPA), so the 9mm will pay for itself in ammo savings.

Springfield Armory has a new Bull pup 5.56 called the Hellion that I really want. I am actually considering something I’ve never done before, stripping all the accessories from one of my AR-15 rifles and selling it. To help fund the purchase, but also to make room in my safe.

I am always looking at the latest and greatest in rifles and accessories, I always put myself in a self imposed time out, on rifle purchases. But the force is strong for rifles.


Two years sense the last purchase
maybe 20 years before that
but bought a lot at the time and did trading too



I haven’t bought an assembled gun in a while, but if parts count, I have a problem.


This year the collection grew pretty rapidly.
We had to slow our roll a bit. I do want to get a rifle of sort, but the wife has been against that. Stull working on it…

I also want to go to other calibers so I am always looking, as well as wanting a revolver just because…

I spend alot of time looking but only window shopping for now …


Just trade the safe in for a bigger safe :wink:


What kind of rifle? I can use a pistol, but if it’s between that and a rifle, I pick the rifle 80% of the time.


I am leaning AR style, but also want a plinker like a Ruger 10/22
I will say this if I were to find a great deal on something the saying “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” comes to mind :wink: