How Many Rounds do you NEED

My primary is 20+1 9mm TP9SFX

My micro is 5rds .22wmr NAA mini

My compact is 7+1 plus 7rds .380 LCP2

My most common carry is my micro and my primary.

My deep concealed is my micro and compact.

My heavy load out is all 3 plus a second TP9SFX.

My heavy load out + is all 4 plus low profile 3A hard armor under my shirt concealed.

My full on load is all the above plus 2 extra 20rd mags for each of the TP9SFX pistols and 2 32rd mags for the TP9SFX.

Depending on the pants, i can also pack a G2C 17+1 and two 17rd mags.

Wore my Heavy Load Out +, last night plus my logger boots to add about 2" of height to help rescue a friend get moved out of her ex-boyfriends home due to him being abusive, that had her surrounded, intimidating her (she has aspergers) and withholding her person things trying to prevent her from leaving…

They were wanting a fight, had to de-escalate the situation, get them to back down, and assist the move out since. They never knew I was armed… kinda funny, when I walked up onto the sidewalk in front of the house, the friend who was surrounded said the ex and them who were teaming up on her, there was a giant in the front yard…

Half the time I put on my plates so my chest sticks out to match my belly and I look a lot bigger instead of fat…

I can pack a lot if need be, but I pray it’s just added weight for me to exercise with…

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I carry 19 rounds with my Glock 43. In this situation run for cover, you’re not going to take them all out.


I thought these were pretty interesting on this topic. There are other studies I’ve seen, don’t have time to dig them up right now.


My carry revolver is a s&w m629 44 mag.Six in the gun…six speed loaders.I practice drawing and loading daily.


Two- to four-footed threats


Any threat.I dont believe ive encountered anything living yet that a 44 wont dispatch.


Just the BOOM!! is traumatic…

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Glad to have you here @Trever1 :+1:

“But being that this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist :rofl:


Yes, great line, but as we here know, it is not, and was not even then, true.


I suppose the only generally correct answer would be…“some”. Big difference twixt a self-defense situation with an individual and gunfight with a gang of well-armed thugs. Every situation is different, I.e., one-on-one with a mugger/home invader vs. crowd of unhinged rioters. One thing is usually true in the civilian arena of armed conflict with multiple aggressors; once you start dropping the aggressors one-by-one, unless their compadres are stone-cold, fight to the death warriors absolutely bent on specifically taking you out, the others will start to question their level of commitment and will usually abandon their initial objective. The pack mentality works well when the pack is intact. However, once that starts falling apart, things get real, and the the individual awareness that they could be next dawns on them, self-preservation kicks in and the fight is usually over. @Larry130 is correct; “discretion IS the best form of valor.” If you can get yourself and/or family out of harm’s way then that is always the best course of action. If you’re pinned down by say an active shooter and cannot make a means of egress then, no matter how many rounds you have, you better make every single one of them count. What I mean is as a civilian you simply cannot, as an everyday practice, walk around with 50 - 100 or more rounds of spare ammunition on you; that is just not realistic. Can you load out with that much? Sure, especially if you have a specific mission in mind like @Orpackrat describes above. Going to Walmart or out to supper with the wife and grandbabies? Prolly not the best idea. Another thing to consider is IF things go sideways and you become involved in an “incident”, a question you will have to answer (after consulting with your attorney, of course) is why did you have so much ammunition on you? Were you looking for, or expecting, a situation where you would need that much ammunition? IMO, an extra magazine (or speed-loader for the revolver crowd) for peace of mind - sure. Much past that, I don’t know if the perceived benefit translates into an actual advantageous practice.


I think I would get out of there to.


Not my Circus, not my clowns. I would have a sufficient amount of ammo to take care of 4 kids with 3 pistols, and a rifle. But why would I?

  1. I have a great big safe bed, with an amazing mattress to sleep :zzz::sleeping: in

  2. A beautiful wife to sleep :zzz::sleeping: in that bed with.

  3. I don’t drink, so why would I even be there? Plus I am in my 50’s so way to young a crowd for me.

  4. Like I mentioned earlier,
    Stupid people, doing stupid stuff, in a stupid place, at a stupid time add that all up and ding ding you get a stupid prize :trophy:.

What do we have for them behind door #1 Monty?A NEW CAR :rotating_light:! You don’t get to keep it, it’s just to take you either
to jail or to the hospital. Wait there’s more prizes behind door #1, a fabulous vacation you say? Anywhere from a year to the death penalty.

So rather than apply any wear and tear to my gun leather, I am going to be applying some shoe leather to the accelerator of my car, or just plain running for the hills.


More than the enemy!

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I wish I could remember where this is from, but someone once asked an instructor, “How many rounds do I need?” Instructor replied, “Depends on how many times you plan to miss.” Or something like that.


Yeah…maybe. But when talking about handguns, there are plenty of stories out there about many good hits being necessary to effect a stop. Then, multiple attackers is commonplace.


A friend of ours was shot through the head on the first shot by a gangbanger in a moving car.
Our friend was moving too----running for the door to the house.
You never know how things are going to turn out.


How many rounds do you need? I don’t know but if you don’t have enough room to store yours. I’ll find plenty of places to put more, bring them by


To answer the main question, as many round’s as you need to stop the threat. All the rest is crazy. As stated before, bad people don’t go with laws.


2 is 1, 1 is none rings true here. Another post suggested a reload has not been documented as being needed. Did they ask all the people that didn’t survive the encounters?


In my case, a normal load out is rather heavy, extra mags, even just the 2 factory 20rds mags its a good counterweight on the belt to prevent sag.

Those who know I carry, i carry a lot…

I can see where if something happens, why have so much and that could be if someone is usually only carrying their pistol and single mag.

Easier to justify if your known and its a normal thing to carry extra… Even with my team, outings, camping, I always pack extra…