How do you people carry all that stuff?

Its all muscle memory. I dont wear a shoot me vest though lol. As I carry try to look avg as possible. But heading to the range I’m 511 gear and such

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The cousin who gifted me this tee had an item removed, I simply don’t recall which.

Ya gotta know, I used to carry two 5" 1911’s with a total of 50 rds ready to go…in addition to the two knives, a flashlight, etc…which reminds me, a small 511 light with tailswitch is a good EDC item. Bad ppl get very uncomfortable when u take their dark away…but it was a weapon my cousin had removed, not a flashlight…who knows hardware it was!


That pretty much covers it :us:

That’s my EDC I put it all on the same way, every day. Every single time. It weighs 16 pounds and I’m just used to it by now.

However, I dress around my EDC. So it isn’t visible.


@Zavier_D that is a lot of stuff brother and I’m sure you can be comfortable with it. :+1::+1:

@Zavier_D the big question, why so many keys? :slight_smile:


What? No lip balm?

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I suspect 15 of those 16lbs is all in the keys…

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350 or 370 Z?

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I might consider swapping one or two of the four knives for a non-lethal like pepper spray and/or on-body first aid/IFAK.

Yes but four knives are so much cooler than two or three.

What type of on-body first aid kits or IFAKs do you suggest? I have really like the one from the Warrior Poet Society.


Great question! I have a hard time comfortably-enough concealing very much bulk on me, so the only IFAK-like kit I have managed to actually carry is this: (it’s about the size of a medium wallet, it’s all vacuum packaged and is smaller than the over-bag pictured)

And that doesn’t have a TCCC approved TQ (or even close, swat-t stretch wrap and tuck style) so it’s not really a bona fide IFAK. Still, IMO, much better than a 3rd or 4th knife or 3rd magazine (to me, I’d rather whatever medical I can fit, as opposed to even a 2nd magazine)

During the summer in lightweight shorts the most I can bring myself to EDC from the IFAK-list is a SOF-T TQ. I mostly have CAT’s but the SOF-T does pack down better for a pocket.

I like to shop medical stuff on dark angel medical, north american rescue, or chinook med

I’m also a big John Lovell fan, am subscriber/member whatever. He has good stuff and great messages.

I firmly believe that even just, say, 1 SOF-T TQ is a better carry choice than a second magazine or second knife. Much more likely to have a use for a TQ than an nth mag/knife/gun, I think, based on all of the stats and data as well as anecdotal I have been able to find

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Dark Angel’s MINI is pretty good. I also tried this pocket kit from Live the Creed and its also nice (similar if not exact same components).

I can only really carry either one in a cargo pocket. For me, they are too fat for rear wallet pockets, and they are barely manageable in front pockets. I’d love a slimmer, maybe wallet-size IFAK. I’ve thought about sewing my own, but my skills there are pretty limited :smiley:

One of the main benefits to the SWAT-T (IMO) is you can use it for a wrap to hold a bandage in place, not just as a tourniquet. Whereas the better TQ are pretty much single purpose. Not saying one option is better than the other, but each has pros/cons.

I was going to try and sound all tough but and . Just in case the gun and all the other knives where I could still use the keys.

Reality: I am lazy. :us::rofl:

It’s in the bag?:face_with_head_bandage:

  1. One is none, two is one

  2. Two Kerambits are my secondary weapons. The 2 folders are medic knives for breaking windows and cutting seat belts. There is nothing that scars you more than pulling up to a wreck in not even chest deep water and seeing people who have drowned because they couldn’t get out

3 That bag at the top carries my IFAK. A Rat tourniquet, Israeli battle bandage, chest vent, few other odds and sods.

It’s small enough I can keep in back pocket.

How do you carry that bag on you?

Also, what made you pick the rat TQ? I have one, but it gets left in the basket in favor of CAT and SOF-T now…rat just seems too narrow and not as easy to get tight, generally it seems preferred for kanine or possibly peds use because it’s easier to get on a smaller limb but overall…TCCC approved > anything else i

The bag goes into car, there’s another bigger ifak iny car. As far as tourniquet, just personal preference

I would like to opine that

  1. None is none

If your first aid is all in your car, you have none. Which is totally your decision, just putting in my $0.02 on carrying 16 lbs of gear and no first aid