[Review][Medical] LTC EDC Pocket Trauma Kit

Back in the “Do you carry trauma kit?” thread I mentioned I was going to pickup this “EDC Pocket Trauma Kit” from Live The Creed

I got this kit a couple weeks ago and have been off/on carrying it around. Overall I like it, but I don’t quite love it. I will continue to incorporate this into my EDC rotation, and I may make some changes (more on that below). But it may also be right up the alley of some other folks, so hopefully this review may help someone else here.

There is mostly good about this product, so I will lead with the slight negative for me, in my use-case, but it might not be an issue for others.

I was originally kinda thinking this would be small enough to go into a rear wallet pocket (which is currently empty as part of my EDC). But its a bit too thick to sit on comfortably for long periods. I moved away from a regular wallet and use a minimalist wallet (Trayvax Element) precisely because I dont want to sit all cattywampus and this is like a really thick wallet at around 1.5" thick (see photos below). Now, if you already have a really thick wallet you sit on every day and you’d like to balance that out… heck this may very well be perfect for you.

On to the GOOD about this product.

This EDC kit can easily fit in pretty much any other pocket or bag you have. It goes great in a front pants/shorts pocket, especially if they are deep pockets. They go great in side cargo pants pockets, it is big enough to mostly “fill” a cargo pocket so it doesnt tip over and flip around and small enough you can put something else in the pocket still (flashlight, or knife, or spare mag, or bottle of hand sanitizer). It should fit great in a purse, fanny pack or backpack for off-body carry. You could also easily tuck this into a coat pocket in the cooler months.

The pouch material is a sturdy nylon/canvas material that looks very durable. I ordered the Wolf Grey/Red, but they also have Coyote, Black, and Multicam colors available. It’s pretty stylish looking, IMO.

The rear of the pouch has some MOLLE attachments so you could even hook this onto some gear and when you need it, just open the flap to access the contents without needing to remove it.

The kit comes with a SWAT-Tourniquet, Celox Rapid gauze/bandage, some nitrile gloves, and a mini first aid kit with bandages. The SWAT touniquet is the thickest component in the kit, and the LTC website says you could fit a chest seal in here as well. The pouch has an elastic strap to help contain the contents, but if you wanted to (and I just might) you could swap out the components to something else you prefer if you dont like the components that come with the kit.

No review is complete without pictures!

The background is a 1" grid, and the ruler helps give some scale although my cellphone camera lens plays a little bit with perspective. It is a bit over 1.5" thick and < 5" tall.


This is a nice kit, very small and minimal, but its all you need.

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I personally carry a bigger one but I come from a trauma medic background. So I have everything I would need to handle pretty much any trauma that occured in a shaving kit sized bag.


Yeah this one is very minimal and very small. My goal was to have a bare essentials for an extreme circumstance that I can carry everywhere. I also have a larger kit for my backpack (which I have with me a lot), and one in my car and those also have stuff like bandaids and other small first aid stuff.


@Zavier_D, could you detail what you carry, where, and exactly how large it is?

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This is to show size. Earlier in thread I posted I have about 6 different loadouts for trauma medical from shaving kit to closet size.

  1. I carry

  2. one each for wife, daughter and I’s car about small briefcase size

  3. one for minor stuff at home

  4. closet sized for basically anything I would remotely be trained for.

This is my EDC loadouts may have more blades depending on car. The folders are rescue blades.i will edit for content later.