IFAK carry during spring-summer; what's on your person?

What’s your EDC IFAK during the spring and summer months?

Before creating my kit with individual items, I often pondered on what kind, where, and how many wounds I would, unfortunately, suffer in a self-defense scenario, and I wasn’t satisfied with what is currently available. IMO, the compact kits I’ve seen on various popular sites were compact, however, incomplete or included unnecessary items such as markers and safety pins. IMO the only kit to comes close is Rescue Essentials Concealed Carry Trauma Kit which includes gloves, hemostatic gauze, and a SWAT tourniquet. IMO, if it includes a chest seal and the packaging minimized for concealability, it would be perfect. Below are photos of my kit, and if I had the money, it would be on the market of course with all the bells and whistles of professional packaging. It’s just as compact as the popular tourniquets.

What’s on your person?

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I just recently started carrying an IFAK, or personal trauma kit. My kit includes a SWAT tourniquet, gloves, s-rolled gauze, small roll of duct tape, and a halo chest seal. This is just an EDC, I keep a full trauma kit in my truck that I take with me to the range or in my pack when I’m hunting. Like my carry gun and holster, I’m sure my IFAK will go through many changes and experiments with different pouches before I find the combination that works for me. Currently I’m carrying my IFAK in a pouch that fits well in the pocket of my cargo shorts. (Cargo shorts because it’s summer in Texas, and I’m a dad, so go figure). Still a work in progress.

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I’m a dad as well, and it’s funny to look in my closet to see jeans and slacks I haven’t warn in 6 years (I kid you not) because of my cargo pant lifestyle.

I’m sure the dads of USCCA can create a never ending post on tactical/cargo pants. :laughing:

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Definitions please. IFAK, EDC.

EDC = every day carry. The gear or stuff you take with you everywhere.
IFAK= individual first aid kit