Suggestion for IFAK kit

Suggestion for a good IFAK kit with contents to keep in my truck?


Any standard first aid kit available anywhere plus QuickClot and a tourniquet. Add a first aid manual. No harm in going by the book. Unless you’re specifically trained. The tourniquet in your kit should not be used to practice with. It’s also best to take a course at your local Red Cross include CPR training.

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How big a kit are you looking for?

I’m looking for something similar to an aid bag.

if you’re looking for individual (small carry) type kits, Dark Angel has good ones - but they’re a bit on the pricey side. You can probably put a kit like these together for a lot less, but they give you at least a place to start planning:

a couple different sized options here:

and here:

if you think you want to roll-your-own, there are a really nice set of pack options here to choose from, and then you could add your own components:

for my truck kit (which I wanted to be pretty comprehensive, since I teach), I ended up buying a STOMP bag, and then adding in the additional items I wanted: