Pocket Dump: IFAK

There are a lot of MLA’s in the self-defense world. (MLA = multi-letter acronyms). This one may save your life!

Do you carry an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) every day?

What’s in your IFAK?

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Having been in military medicine and emergency medicine for 2/3 of my life I have a “short list” of medical supplies I keep handy in just about everything (ie. car/truck/tool kit/gun kit/ bug out bag)

“Coban” a trade name for a clingy self adhering WRAP: Used to put direct “significant” pressure on just about anything that you can wrap it around tight.

Tampax: unflavored, unscented “Ultra” size. Fits in holes and lays along wound channels, designed specifically to absorb blood and creates a pressure bandage as it fills if wrapped with Coban/tape/Ace wrap.

CAT Tourniquet with the ALUMINUM windlass: You can make a tourniquet out of most anything but having one built for the purpose is priceless. Pull the strap tight start cranking down the windlass till the artery / vessels stop bleeding. Aluminum windlass is important because I have seen the phenolic ones brake in high stress situations.

A note on tourniquets: Old school held if you put a tourniquet on you would loose the limb. In most parts of the modern world you are w/i 3 hrs of surgical intervention. Obviously if you are three hours from calling for help that number is invalid. In a modern Operating Room the "Surgical Tourniquet Time is from 5 - 7 HOURS, that can be extended by letting the tourniquet down for 30 MINUTES and re-applying it for 4 more HOURS. Realize that is in a surgical environment where only certianl vessels are cut and homeostasis is controlled via clamps and other stuff. In the field, leave it on, unless you have a reasonable expectation that by releasing it you can save the limb but not let the body bleed out. I’m not an MD but I played one on a Submarine and in several lands far, far away. Tourniquets WORK!!! Yes you still need to communicate the time you put it on!!! That IS important still.

Bag O’ Bandaids: I hunt down and keep zip lock baggies that are about 3.5" long and 1.5’ wide from any source. Your generic box of 50 assorted band-aids will fit nicely inside the bag. You can get a box of ban aids from the dollar store … for a dollar! Put them in the parts baggies you get from every “some assembly required” device you buy and put them EVERYWHERE.

Tape: Paper tape is worthless. Silk surgical tape is GOOD. Duct Tape is OK. PVC Electrical tape ROCKS! Foam tape and Mole Skin are awesome for blisters.

Aspirin 81mg: it’s a blood thinner and handy for immediate treatment of a MI (Myocardial Infarction) read that heart attack.
Motrin 200mg: (NSAID - non steroidal anti inflammatory) good if it hurts or swells.
Benadryl 25mg: (Dyphenhydramine) good for any anaphylactic reaction as long as the victim can swallow, give FOUR if they can swallow, the safe dose is much higher, but you don’t want to give one THEN have the throat close. If you give too much they will nap happily and live!
Tylenol 500mg: (Anti-pyretic) in other words it reduces TEMPERATURE. Good for headaches the effects of infection and in conjunction with Motrin is very effective at controlling pain from an injury.
Burn Gel: Trade Name for what ever it is, good for immediate applications to burns.
TecNu: Trade name for what ever it is. Good for Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac etc.

Note on Burn Gel and TecNu: they are jells in a package, if you fall on your FAK there is a very good chance that they will “Pop”, keep them individually in one of the a fore mentioned zip lock baggies.

Tool’s: I like the tiny little trade show give away Swiss Army knives, with the knife blade, scissors, nail file, tweezers and toothpick. To that I tape 2 or 3 sewing needles to it. A magnifying glass has many uses but the lens out of a pair of +3.0 reading glasses has the same qualities and you get two just chuck the frame.

This whole set up can fit in your front pocket, albeit the Coban is a bit bulky. Conventionally you should have it in a pouch of some kind, a real knife, scissors, light and any other bits may fill it out to your desires.

This IS NOT a Blow Out Bag otherwise it would contain volume expanders, battle dressings, IV tubing and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s an IFAK that can help you or others in general and significant situations dealing with ONE mebby two casualties. It buy’s time.



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Which one?

Ooooooohhhh, I see something grey with a hood scoop!!!



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2011 Cyber Grey Metallic Camaro SS/RS. Does not have a lot of trunk space but holds all my essentials.