Gun apparel and white nationalism, is there a link?

Are there any gun apparel lines for the masses?..almost all the ones i’ve seen so far are “redneck inspired” (which there is nothing wrong with)…but i don’t live in the woods with a rebel flag, and so that, as well as camo print is really not needed…plus, some of them have racial overtones.
I wouldn’t expect someone from the sticks to want to wear what i’m into either, but can we at least create some more options people…Maybe i will, stay tuned.


I’m not a fan of those. :unamused:

Where have you looked? Personally I like I don’t think they’re very “redneck” some are, some aren’t. I got a Boba Fett inspired shirt from them last year :smiley:

(BTW - there’s a USCCA Member-only discount for Nine Line in your USCCA Dashboard if you’re a member. This isn’t an ad for them, I just like their stuff!)


Thanks Dawn…will def check out


@Benny2. There’s too many clothing companies for concealed carry to mention. You can go on Pinterest website sign-up pick out 5 categories you may or may not have an interest in go up to the Magnifying Glass symbol, type in Concealed Carry Clothing (availability’s for men and women of every size and taste) you’ll see a big selection of clothing and non of it is rednecky whatsoever. By the way, none of the clothing selections have any sorts of printing on them. Good luck, I have purchased many times in the past.


Hi @Benny2
I’ll concur Nine Line’s concealed carry jackets are benign. And in their tee shirt offerings I am all for The Oath and The Pledge as examples every American could view historically neutral with a nod toward alignment with the Second Amendment. So, for me, the Veterans who operate at Nine Line have great offerings. It really comes down to cherry picking the products you like.

There is a lot of low hanging fruit out there if you go at it with patience. I’ve found a number of offerings at the NRA online store too. If you still believe NRA has a chance of speaking effectively to power with the force of numbers then, even NRA branded wear can be neutral on the historic questions and differences.

If there are specifics in wear you are looking for, let us know and we might be able to bird-dog some nice choices for you!

Oh, and @Dawn I just got an email from Nine Line describing the cooperative branding offer that just started. Very Nice!

edit: OH! and as toward the topic! I guess we come back to the idea of "Jack booted, black tactical uniforms with armor carriers and the attendant ball cap? (Variations on the theme?) It’s a sign of the generation I’m thinking. And, until someone finds a more effective way to protect the human body, may be around for some time. No, not every one, not even most ‘white folks’ like or need to be dressed up like that to be accepted or be recognized as part of the “club.”

But I fear there will be people who DO want to look that way. And yes, expecting folks to be as they like to look may well be your best intuition of the personality you meet. Avoid those who tickle your spidey senses and engage those who enchant your interest!

With 5 Billion people on the planet, it’s possible you could live your entire life without meeting anyone you couldn’t find humane and friendly! Around here, we just teach the mind to be well rounded recognizing anything could happen at any time… including the old Coke Cola song!


honestly, i just wish there were more of an urban line of gun apparel for those of us that live in cities and along the coast…i would def wear some camo when hunting though.

some of the gun apparel i’ve seen is seriously offensive, which i guess was the reason for this post


That is a good question @Benny2

I’m not one for camo except when I’m hunting and nothing against the rebel flag either, but I like my American flag…

Every time I’m out, I do see what you’re talking about.

Those are some cool shirts @Dawn !!!


Black Rifle Coffee Company
Patriot Patch Company
Bunker Branding (for the likes of Demolition Ranch)

All have apparel that I would think would meet your criteria.


I will add:
Pick your fav gun company
Dillon Precision (if you reload).

I have several of the Nine Line shirts that are flags.


like i said, a lot of racial overtones in some of these clothing lines, unfortunately nine line may also be guilty of spreading that idealism…i will elaborate of course…as part of there clothing line they sell a shirt that states " in the halls of valhalla-only the brave shall live forever"…on april 13, 2014 three people were killed in an attack on a jewish community center in kansas. well known to the white nationalist community, the killer wrote " valhalla does not accept negroes. there is a sign over the pearly gates which reads 'whites only"

just one of the many subliminal messages out there in which certain groups relate and identify each other with



or pick your favorite “Guntuber” i.e. Colion Noir, Warrior Poet, IV8888, Military Arms Channel, etc……

Also The DC Project has that kick-butt #IWILLNOTCOMPLY t-shirt and others and goes to supporting a great 2A group.


white nationalism is what you claim and you certainly have that right scott52…as a fellow American i just want to find non offensive t-shirts and apparel to show my 2nd amendment support as well


It saddens me that Valhalla is used this way. I have never read anything in the eddas or in history where the Norse hated other races. Plus they use that wrong! Not every warrior goes to Valhalla! Only half of the fighters go to Valhalla the first choice goes to Freyja and go to Fólkvangr.


Just a reminder, you’re welcome to your own opinion, but hate speech will not be allowed in the Community. (Not that I’m seeing hate speech here, but I don’t want this topic devolving into nastiness.)

Remember, we’re all here to learn from each other and share our knowledge as people who want to protect ourselves and our families - no matter our race, sex, ethnicity, background… you get the point. :slight_smile:


Not sure how familiar you are with the military community particularly Marines, SOF and JSOC types, but identifying with Viking warriors is common place and has nothing to do with white nationalism and everything with warriors unafraid to die an honorable death in battle. In fact my Academy Squadron was named Vikings and we would incorporate parts of the Norse mythology into our morale events, signs, symbols, etc and incorporated all races and both sexes.

I agree with @MarkC I hate when these groups franchises something that is not theirs for their purposes OR when the media and others take something like the “ok” sign and attempt to call it a racist symbol.

So while I understand your hesitancy, please don’t be too quick to judge or dismiss a symbol as being one of “hate” just because the media and/or left tell you it’s so.

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Back to the shirt portion of the conversation here are some shirt ideas for you:

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not disputing the military,sof, jsoc types, or any other similar factions…however, it does not erase the fact that white nationalism has incorporated certain quotes, sayings and symbols as part of their idealism and are now spreading that idealism through gun apparel. which like i said before, that’s fine if that’s your cup of tea…i’m just trying to find neutral non offensive apparel so i can show my support as well.


Thanks for the suggestions

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Unfortunately, I think that everything is offensive to someone these days, @Benny2.

Anyone can say that [blank image/quote/symbol] means [xyz] even if it doesn’t. (I mean really, a news outlet said a Kentucky range was a Turkish bombing. :woman_shrugging:)


Wait what is this now? I didn’t see any emails about this but my curiosity is piqued. I like Nine Line…

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