Gun apparel and white nationalism, is there a link?

yes, anyone can say a blank image/quote/symbol means…xyz

but when it’s a large group of people using them as “code talk”…then it’s not equivalent to a single news outlet with a single story

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So I guess that’s where we’ll just have to agree to disagree (and that’s the great thing about our Country the freedom to do just that and still live in peace).

Using the arguments you’ve presented here the U.S. Flag would be a hate symbol as they are frequently used/brandished by groups like the kkk, neo-nazis, etc. A group of individuals have already come out against the Betsy Ross flag claiming it was a hate symbol and a major shoe company capitulated to their absurd claims. Many are saying the Gadson Flag (popular among the 2A crowd) is also now a racist symbol.

I refuse to yield to those types of efforts because I know the truth and am happy to engage others in an educated conversation when it comes to those types of things to help them understand the truth as well.


@Terence1 Hello friend,
Nine Line Apparel sent out a joint marketing email around 10:30 EDT this morning. I’d recently, within the last month, joined their email list so… (Well, that and a couple of purchases recently too… don’t know if it mattered)

Anyway, If you’re already a client of USCCA it may well amount to nothing to see here for the membership - new recruiting perhaps?


@Benny2 You bring up a good point. I had no idea someone got it in their head that the “O.K.” finger symbol means something to a particular group… and now, supposedly, Everybody knows this and 'for gosh sake, don’t you get caught using it!"

I mean, if it was a horizontal action of the OK finger sign AND the person using it says at the same time “Be seeing you!” I’d get very worried.

But that’s because of something a PSI Cop and another guy used to really freak out the Commander of Babylon 5 in a science fiction story; and it would mean the fix was in and war with the shadows is coming really soon.


@CHRIS4 And we all know what it means when it’s shown below the belt…


ha! Caught you looking, two virtual slugs for you!!!


Really? I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check my email. I’ve bought just a little bit from them myself and I’ve been looking at a couple of sweatshirts for my boys for Christmas… Shhhhh! Don’t tell them!


absolutely not, the American flag is the American flag!..and for the record, identifying with viking warriors is NOT common place as you stated, maybe amongst YOUR circle, but definitely not AMERICA as a whole.

here’s an idea, maybe try identifying with your fellow Americans…surely we have past American quotes, sayings, symbols…and even warriors worth mentioning…

besides most of the rhetoric i refer to does not even have american origin…some old crazy other country stuff…like viking warriors



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In fact an entire State (and I’d venture to say three to include North and South Dakota) identify with that symbol……

And then…….

So I guess it just depends on which groups you’re listening to. And as far as “old crazy other country stuff” we all have roots elsewhere and have brought the best of those parts of those countries to be incorporated here making our Country Great.

But we’re waaaay off topic here. I think you’ve got some pretty good leads on some great gear that meets your criteria and avoids your concerns, many of which I’m happy to own and wear around the range.

Happy shopping I hope you find something that you’ll be proud to wear and represent the 2A community…and welcome to the board. :slightly_smiling_face:


@scott52 it’s not about attire, its about hidden, and sometimes not so hidden messages…focus

@JamesR i agree, some have brought good parts…but you must also agree, some have brought bad…but again, i just want some cool t-shirts…thanks again for suggestions, i’ll be sure to check em’ out

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my apologies if i’ve offended…sometimes it’s not our beliefs that are offensive, but the manipulation of them by certain groups of people…again my apologies if i mispoke or was not entirely clear in my comments.


The older I get the less inclined I am to be a walking bill board for aything other than the USCCA and NRA.

Visit our website, the NRA website and Colin Noir’s website for “non redneck inspired” pro 2nd Amendment attire.

How you make the jump from that to white nationalism escapes me.


I think you’re reading way more into those than is intended.

The series “Vikings” has inspired a lot of Viking related gear, nothing more.

Folks on the left put labels on anything they can to force compliance with their agenda and it’s a shame that we keep letting them take ever more of the language and our right to free expression away.

I’m not going to wear confederate gear but I’m also not going to aid them in their quest.

At some point we have to “resist” the resit movement ourselves.


I don’t think anyone’s taken offense, I certainly have not been offended by you.

If we can’t have these types of discussions here in our Community, (calm, respectful) how the heck are we going to have them out there “on the streets” and be articulate in presenting our points of view while considering the other sides?

I think the only “party foul” we had here was straying so far from the original topic. :rofl:

It’s all good brother, I see your pov and while I may not agree with all of it or you with my pov retorts to yours, it was a good conversation. :+1:


Colion Noir has a nice line of shirts from his NRA YouTube.i have 6-7 of em…


Some of us are actually descendants of the norse. I will rock a Valhalla themed shirt, and if some snowflake doesn’t like it they can “try” to peel it off of me. Seriously, courage and honor are not dirty words, I refuse to let extreme left wing looney toons make them such.

Edit: I’m also pretty fed up with this whole “unless you’re XYZ race you can’t be proud of who you are.” It’s a giant steaming pile of manure.


I dont think you can assume that 9line has a white supremacist intent by calling out a Valhalla reference.

Historical Norse religion has no written history of it’s own, anything written comes from outside the Norse culture itself, and is therefore second generation at best. There is no tradition of whites only in older renditions of their religion, that only enters with the white supremacists themselves and is a perverse adaptation to suit their own ends.

When evil co-opts an existing idea, that does not make the existing idea evil.

Nineline’s shirt is a voice for the nobility and value of the warrior spirit, not a subliminal call out to the evil of racial hatred.

That said, I have viking heritage, a Viking Pirate Captain, to be precise. Not giving up my rightful heritage because some evil nutjobs are misusing it. If we yield the ground because they are misappropriating it, they win. If we drop it like a hot potato because they misuse it, and someone might be offended, we lose.

This is one of the reasons I am “out there” about firearms and 2A… if we retreat in response to people being offended about what is true and what is our right, we will lose far more than our printed shirts.


If I May…
IN MY OPINION, there is no such thing as ‘white nationalism’. White is a race, not a country. I am an AMERICAN NATIONALIST who happens to be a white male, and have American Nationalist friends who are black, Hispanic and Oriental. I am also not, and never will be a hyphenated american… I am just a plain old American that loves his Country, loves his Flag, and really does not care about the opinions of the nutjobs on the left.
More on topic, i own several nine-line shirts, all of which support 2A and our Country. I wear them ‘downtown’ frequently.


I like that definition. (Yes, I left off the “nutjobs” part because while I don’t care about the opinion of those trying to manipulate the conversation with bad facts, I refuse to stoop to name-calling - or even acknowledging them - most of the time. I’m human and oops from time to time. :wink: )


your OPINION is wrong…here is a small list of groups in America that self identify as white nationalists

@Benny2; I disagree. The definition of Nationalist is a person that pledges allegiance to his Country. A Racist believes that their RACE is superior to all others. Every organisation thst you listed is RACIST, regaedless of the contents of their name.
NATIONALISM is a good thing, everyone should pledge allegiance to thier country. THAT is Nationalism. P. S. Wikipedia is a leftist outfit that is anti-American.
@Dawn; I apologise, Madame. I had not intended to hijack this thread. Ocurrances like this make me believe that I should keep my mouth shut. I’m outa here.