Glock vs Sig Sauer

The Glock 19 Gen 5 and the Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Just a small view of two firearms that may or may
not be liked. I am not selling or pushing for a following,
Just showing that there are 2 Pistols that are dependable and accurate.

I have large hands, recoil control is necessary and
Pin holing your paper target at 30’ at a 6” target, but is why they make drills for training and practice. The
best way to train is an outdoor range and you have
Freedom to get off the “X”.

I own both Pistols and they are great for Conceal/Carry
and days at your range. I understand fully that there
Millions of better guns, give them a try, even if you have
Rent them for a Dayton work out.


Both good handguns. Both reliable. Both concealable. Good support and third party accessories availability.
Nothing bad can be said about them.

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Looks like G19 gives better / higher purchase for the hand.
What I like about SIG is that there are so many variations for grip modules.

Anyway… lucky you owning two firearms that gives everyday joy. :metal:


I currently own/carry a Glock 23 but plan to get a G19 in the near future.


Glock 23 is a great .40 caliber and that famous 4”


I’m taking Glock every time.

As a bonus, it’s actually drop safe.

If not Glock, I probably take Walther, H&K, or S&W


I thought Sig resolved the 320s earlier drop issues with a redesigned trigger?


The Glock 19 Gen 5 is only 6 months old and standard build, You can get MOS style for red dot.

The P320 Compact
is 5 years old and standard futures, love the fire control system, interchangeable.

Good pair of nights sites on both only.


I believe they did, for new ones, just left a whole bunch out there that continue to not be.

Fortunately they got put on blast pretty much everywhere when it was discovered so at least the new “upgraded” ones should be okay

I never owned one anyway, that was just a class Nelson Ha-Ha! moment from my end as it didn’t effect me (and hopefully never does, though whenever I’m at the range I do wonder if a dropped P320 is going to shoot me…it’s a passing thought but I imagine it’ll happen to someone sometime eventually)


I have very long fingers.

I currently own a P320 x-compact as one of my EDC pistols, which has a shorter barrel than the P320 compact. I used to own a gen 3 G19. Nothing wrong at all with either of them. However with the G19, I just did not like how it felt in my grip. I did not like how front heavy it felt.

When I was looking for an EDC I tried out the P365 and did not like the short grip as my pinky would float off the pistol. Eventually, I purchased a P365X because the grip was very comfortable. Recently we’ve been looking for an EDC for my wife. She likes the P365X also. However, she really liked the grip of the gen 5 G19.

I never felt there was a competition of which one was best. Most modern pistols, from reputable manufacturers, are quite reliable. Which, IMO, is what is most important for EDC. For me it’s always been which one feels best for my grip. If it’s comfortable on my hand, is reliable, and shoots straight - it’s good enough for me.

I prefer guns with optic cuts, nowadays, as I prefer red dot sights.


It is great to hear and read your information. It is Not
How to change you or to show what a person needs.

We are all different and that is very important to me as well it is to you. I had to get rid of 5 firearms that
weren’t operating properly in the past 5 years. They
just did not fit the Hands. I own a Glock 20, it is a big challenge to handle.

Thank you


I had a Glock 20. Sold it. This was before SF was available let alone Gen4. My hands/fingers were also not large enough to properly and comfortably handle it with real (Underwood) 10mm. I mean, it was okay, but the shot timer showed it as lesser than other cartridge choices for times. And the ammo was expensive if you actually shoot!

Nice gun though.


There are ammunitions of 10mm they are very
Heavily loaded and your Underwood Ammunition
Is one of them, possibly the best for all ammo. There
Are the Hard Cast Bullets 1200/700. Bear Loads!
Not recommend for close contact when houses and
innocent people around.

You could buy cheap 10 mm ammo tha was about the
Load of a .40 SW, but aluminum cartridges.



While looking for a second EDC, I also tried a Glock 43. I had the same issue that I had with the P365, the floating pinky. I saw that there was a 43X, with a much larger grip. That one was more comfortable, but still not right. I also tried the Hellcat, a Ruger LCP (Max I think), and a Beretta APX. I had to wait until the P365X finally came out. It was the one that finally worked for me.

In the end, I kind of settled on SIG as my “preferred” brand. Though I have all kinds of semi-autos. I always seem to find exactly what I’m looking for with their pistol models. I’ve had a P226 for close to 30 years, which I bought second hand. That sucker still fires perfectly, and it probably has over 10,000 rounds through it. I’m getting ready to replace the recoil spring on that one. The trigger on that one is SWEEEEET! So smooth.

So I like my SIGs! LOL


My trusty Gen3 Glock 19 that I picked up well over a decade ago remains my go to home defense pistol. It actually does not fit my somewhat small hands very well. If I was right handed I wouldn’t be able to reach the slide or mag release with my thumb without shifting my grip. But being a lefty my trigger finger can work them both just fine.

But despite the overly large grip for me, I I shoot it very well. Better than my P365 which fits my hand much better but I don’t shoot any better with it. Haven’t tried a 320 but have shot a 220 that fits my hand much more comfortably than my 19. But I still shoot the 19 better. So I think “comfort” can be a little over rated. But you do need to be able to reach the controls and shoot fast and accurately no matter what you choose.


I was just practicing dry fire with my wife the other night and she can’t easily reach the mag release on the P365X. Even less on the P320 x-compact. We settled for her using her support hand to release the mag.

You work with what you have.


That philosophy has served me well with my HD G19. But I have done a lot of searching for the perfect EDC pistol. It’s complicated because I want good controllability and capacity but also need to be able to switch to pocket carry on occasion. I have settled on the P365 for now but not sure my search is done yet. Would really like to get my hands on the new Shadow Systems subcompact.

On your point of getting your pinky on the grip. I almost always use a mag extension or extended capacity mag in my smaller pistols. The exception being my LCP Max. I like keeping it as compact as possible and for whatever reason tucking my finger under the 10 round mag doesn’t seem to affect my speed and accuracy compared to using the 12 round mag that allows a full grip.


Springfield XD and XDM. Springfield has come a long
way with grip a safety. I do own a Springfield
1911 .45ACP A1 Range Officer that is 5”. All Metal
but the grips are wood. It has a 4.5 lb. Trigger.
Grip Safety and Thumb safety. 42 ozs. Unloaded

XD and XDM are polymer pistols and lighter but that grip is a dear for big to medium hands

When I was looking for my second EDC, I shot all the sub compacts (SC) I had mentioned (Hellcat, P365, Ruger LCP, Beretta APX (not an SC)) before buying. I was not less accurate or slower with any of them. They just did not feel right in my hand. It’s a totally subjective metric for me.

For me, with all other things being close to equal, I’d rather have a comfortable hold on the grip than not. That is the reason I went with the P365X and not the P365 as the second EDC. I really liked the Hellcat, but it had WAY snappier recoil. So out it went.

Even then, the P365X is more comfortable in my grip than the P320X-Compact. But the optics I have on the P320 are better, so I use the P320 99% of the time as my EDC. So grip comfort is very important to me. I’d say almost the most important, but a good sight probably weighs slightly more heavily on how often I carry.


Pop a Wilson Combat grip module on your P365. For $47 you get a whole new gun to fall in love with.


I would love to do that and thank you.

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