Glock vs Sig Sauer

I did the “finger tuck” with my Sig P290RS for many years, with no accuracy problems. It’s primarily a matter of mindset.

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Mind set, muscle memory, or just your training
that helps you.

There are thousands of firearms, it will the one that fits you the best. You are a Marine, thank you for your service.

I have had to train and learn, sometimes by the
hardest way. USCCA has help me with instructions
and instructors that have worked from their training,
please remember that you can help others to be their best too. Thanks

The most difficult lessons are the ones best remembered.

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Their solution was to lighten the trigger. I personally won’t buy Sig because I believe the passive safety dingus on the trigger is a necessary part of a striker fired gun. I think M&P and Glock are the way to go, though Glock is now my go to.

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I haven’t shot a 320. I’d like to. They feel good in the hand. The 320 legion looks like a sick firearm.

Glock has a lower bore axis. I think the SIGs are overrated because of military contracts. They are cool guns. I can’t see any advantage over the Glock other than modularity and personal preference.

I personally can’t get over their lack of a trigger safety. I wrote SIG off when the drop failures occurred. I understand they fixed it, but if they just put a trigger safety on it it’d have been fine (military option is fine since it has a Manuel safety, though I’m not a fan of those anymore).

That being said, I dabbled in getting my wife a 365. We both shot it and did not like it. I much preferred the 43 even though the capacity was lower. I’d personally run a 43 over the 365 due to preferred safety features on Glock and the grip angle. I also shot the Glock better. The 365 is a really cool design though.

I’ll say, Sig is coming out with some really cool stuff though. I actually really like the looks of the new military rifle they just made a contract for. They have an excitement factor non existent with Glock. But I stick with boring old Glock.

That’s my 2 cents. Doesn’t really matter. Glock and Sig are proven platforms. Just pick one and run it! (Glock is better though :crazy_face:).


Glock 19 Gen 5

A 2022-09-12 20-51-32



A 2022-09-12 20-55-20


Both “Made by Wilson Combat” :metal:


Or a Gray Guns.

or Boresight Solutions

The Glock 19 Gen 4 was the first firearm I ever purchased, about 5 years ago. I figured it was somewhat of the gold standard of reliable firearms. I had only briefly shot a friend’s G19, and that was about the extent of my test drive. After trying other pistols (and buying a few), I find in comparison that the G19 to be awkward to hold. The grip feels too square, like trying to hold a pack of cards…there always seems to be a natural gap at 3 and 9 o’clock for me, instead of some of the more rounded grips that more naturally fit my large hands.

Not to hijack this thread, but are there any aftermarket workarounds that might help? (I’ve tried all three of the backstraps included, and I use a Talon grip as the stock texture is way too aggressive and uncomfortable to me.)

My EDC is the Sig 365 with a flat trigger, 12 round magazine and safety. I always have one in the chamber and have the safety on. I do practice drawing taking the safety off and it has become second nature to me. My Glock 44 is fun to shoot and I am more accurate with it but to use it for EDC with one in the chamber would not be comfortable with me so the Glock 19 is not for me. I can not wait till I try the Sig 322 which holds 20 and you can get a 30 round magazine.

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