Talking Glock


We all have our favorites - and I know a number of you love your Glocks… So this one’s for you:

Do you have a Glock 19 or 43? Which is your favorite and why?

Updated: or is there a different Glock that has your heart?

What's your favorite Concealed Carry Gun Brand? (Poll)

We’ve got 3 19s, if you count a 19X, a 17 and a 20. My wife is a 19 freak and I like the size, it’s about as small as I’d like to carry. I’d say my favorite, I’m weird, is the 20. I really like the 10mm round.

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Trying to decide if I want a G19 (9mm) or the G30 or G41 (.45acp) as the next gun. I’ve been shooting my trainer’s G19 and like it pretty darn well - but the smaller size on a G30 or G41 has an appeal for CC. Plus I think the G30 will take the same mags as my G21 full size .45.
The range has a G30 for rent, so I may see if I can get the G19 and G30 on the same rental and compare them. Then I just have to fine a G41 to try :slight_smile:

Re the G19 / G43 - I think the G43 looks like it’s going to be way to small for the grip I like, so probably not on the eligible players list.


If I was of the mindset to buy a brick, I mean Glock😁, it would be a Model 40. 6 inch barrel, and 15 rounds of 10mm.


:rofl::rofl::joy: @45IPAC you’re funny :rofl: :wink: nothing wrong with a love of the industrial :smiley:
my hubby’s a big fan of the Glock .40s I think he’s got the complete set now.


Really gonna buck the system here. I have and carry a glock 19 but I sold my glock 43 and bought a sig P365. I’m not trading one company for another but I will upgrade one tool if a better one comes along. The 43 is amazing pocket rocket but it is not what I consider a primary fighting pistol.


I don’t currently own any Glocks (yeah, I’m kind of a SIG Guy), BUT I did just shoot a Gen 5 G19 side by side with my brand new P320 X Compact. The G19 is a fantastic pistol in a very good size for carrying concealed. I would have no problem in recommending the G19 to those who prefer Glocks.


Good morning! I was reading your article and I liked it. There is nothing wrong of having the BEST of both worlds. Glock and Sig Sauer.

The best !!! Have a good day.

William H Smith Jr.


For the record, I don’t hate Glocks. They go bang, virtually every time. Do I choose to buy one, no. Would I trust my life to one in absence of a gun I choose, absolutely.


I’m on my third Glock as of Christmas. My first carry pistol was a 1911. I think the G26 is as small as I can go as far as capacity. My G45 is my EDC since I received it.


I’ve been carrying the Glock 26 since the beginning of the year, before that it was a Glock 23 that I found a good deal on when I was looking for a Glock 19. I was figuring on getting a 9mm conversion barrel and swapping the extractor on the G23. Then as the story goes when looking for a conversion barrel I found the G26 at a “great deal”.

For the home we have his n hers Glock 21s. The Glock 21s are bigger frames.

The G17/22s are duty sized, G19/23s are mid sized compacts, and G26/27s are subcompacts. Overall they’re the same width, and keep the same fcg internals being interchangeable. They just get less in slide length and shorter in frame height.

I like to use G17 mags in my G26 and G22 mags in my G23.


Sounds like your getting the idea on how GLOCK works They are interchangeable, but use good quality parts and equipment. We all know that the Glock 26 is a 9mm and the 27 is a .40 caliber. Please change the recoil spring out from the .40 to 9mm and in reverse along with the extractor.(EXAMPLES) The recoil spring in the .40 caliber is a 18 pounds and the 9mm is 16 pounds. The extractor is a necessary change too. (EXAMPLES) If you do not change out these small parts, The Glock will MALFUNCTION. You will have to clear firearm by, Slap, Roll, and Rack, it is not fun. The mags and converting them is that you can look up PIERCE to check on COLLARS that will fit your magazine of choice and like the Glock 23 and 27, you increase your magazine in numbers. ( .40 CALIBER ) !


The recoil spring is something to take into account with all Glocks in my opinion, it’s one of the spare parts components to keep on hand.

The only recoil spring guide rods I’ve had an issue with was my G26, once I replaced it with a new one it was running like a champ.

I could be wrong but I believe Gen 1-3 recoil spring guide rods are all standard for each of 3 frame sizes regardless of caliber so long as within that frame category.

I have seen Gen 4 requiring specific guide rod recoil spring rate for frame size and caliber, knock on wood I’ve not had or seen this issue with my Gen 3s that I’ve converted calibers.


Hmm… were a glock intensive family (I think we’re up to 6 in .45 and .40) and haven’t had to change out any parts on any of them… no issues with failures or misfeeds, springs, extractors,or anything else.


Same here, holding at 9. .45ACPs, .40SWs, & 9mms. Getting ready to add some SIG love to the family I’ve set it in stone for a P229 Legion

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Nice! 9mm next here I think. G19 most likely, or the G30


Gen 1-3 are not the same animal and they break into with time and wear. Your Right. Springs are
made to absorb and help get the slide back into battery. To much weight the firearm malfunctions
and you have battery issues and operation of your round. ( feeding issues ). Gen 4 are better quality. Aim goal high and you are the best.


I’ve never fired the G30 but I’d certainly run it with my G21 mags for some added grip hold. My hands barely grab my G26 frame grip with the pierce extension.


The .45s are gen 3 (one is high round count), Hubbys had one of the .40s (high round count) since it was first on the market. No issues.

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Except we always shoot jacketed… if you don’t they tend to lead up.

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