Glock 19- Glock ,48?

Walk into the local gun shop(barber shop🤣) into the middle of a discussion 🤦, about whether or not the Glock 19 is obsolete? The discussion is centered around the 48 as a replacement. After listening to the discussion rage on for about 10 min. My buddy says “let’s let Jim decide, he is not a big Glock fan”
( Now just to be clear, I have no issues with Glock, just not for me)
So the 19 and the 48 come out. :flushed:
Ok hold them both, and UH OH! The 48 went home with me! :rofl: the faces behind the counter dropped !
Now I did not say one way or the other, yet I do see the appeal(obviously) of the 48, since the “aftermarket” has so much.(sights, 15 round mags.etc.)
Never did get to the end of the conversation, yet I did go home order sights mags, etc. :flushed:
So,is the 19 obsolete? I don’t know, but I have a 48 now.
I will say this, as a IWB carrier I did find that the 48 was way more comfy then the 19.
So what do ya’ think?


By no means is the Glock 19 obsolete. My pandemic purchase was a G19 MOS. I looked at several others including the G48 MOS. I’m sorry, but the 43/48 does not fit well in my hand. I have been carrying double stack Glocks for years and they feel right in my hand. The single stacks just don’t fit me well.


I totally agree with @MikeBKY and everything he said. I bought the 43 and the 48 to try them. And like @MikeBKY. I they don’t fit my hand at all. My 19 and 30 fit my hand like a glove. Nothing with 43/48 at all great guns. Single stack thin just not for me.


I shot a Glock 48 at the range and liked everything about it except the trigger (also tried the 43X - didn’t like the recoil).

But most small 9 mm guns feel too small in my hands. Soon after that, I ended up buying a Glock 41. :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the 48. :+1:

Please post a 400+ round count review on the S15 when you have a chance. There are threads on GlockTalk about magazine catch related issues on random samples, with catch wear patterns inducing malfunctions and magazine drops over time. Many have reported no issues. Here’s a quick Google search results page for that forum:

I’m currently using MagGuts on two of my Kahr’s, but have dedicated them to the second line up for CCW until further testing. Some people report problems and some people have none. Of the two models I purchased, one had issues (one model… bought three of them at a time for three magazines). After initial testing I had to send the one model back (all three), and the replacements have had no issues thus far, but want to put a couple hundred more rounds through it before my final conclusion on reliability.


Gonna agree with previous posts. The G19 is NOT obsolete there are other options now though.

One of my favorite quotes is carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting not comfortable. Now this obviously is to make a point however the comfort level from my G19 to the Sig P365 isn’t a fair fight for the Glock. However given the choice knowing a gunfight was a certainty I’m going with the Glock 19 every single time.

I also have a G42&43 so I’m not trying to compare a G19nto the Sig.

Congratulations on the new tool however, I’m sure you’ll find yourself not regretting your decision


I was handling the 48 yesterday at the local store. While I was mulling over the purchase the next customer in purchased it immediately. :flushed: It wasn’t in the cards I guess. Give us a full review when you get some rounds down range.


I couldn’t really tell you if they were obsolete at all, as I don’t use 9mm.


Not sure i touch one of them things an couldn’t figure out how to cock it so laid it back down felt for my kimber an knew i was good


Glock has way too many numbers. I wouldn’t know a 19 from a 43 from a 48. Then you get into Gen 1, 2 3 etc. I like the functionality of a Glock but I just can’t get them to point for me. That said there is some iteration of Glock that supposedly has a 1911 grip angle, no I don’t know that the number is or Generation.

My son did bring home a Hellcat yesterday and I was favorably impressed.

When all the Pandelierium settles down I may have to look into one of them.




Before the aftermarket 15rnd magazines (and I think I’ve seen extensions for them! TTI maybe?), the 48 vs 19 was very much Single Stack (and it’s compromises) vs Double-Stack.

Personally, I was not very enthused with the 48 (or 43X) at launch because if I want a full grip, single stack, that only holds 10rnds I would rather something like a 1911 with a larger caliber.

But if you accept the 15rnd aftermarket mags (my understanding is they basically removed the outer polymer shell to gain a little width to fit more rounds), well now it purely becomes “Do you want the thicker one or the thinner one?”. It’s a great place to be.

Be sure to test those mags, though :wink:

ETA: YEP, Taran Tactical has PLUS FIVE mag extensions for the Shield Arms 15round mags. Bringing you to 20+1 capacity :partying_face:


Over 50 models of glocks, if any were obsolete they’d stop making them.


I sure hope not I just bought two gen 4 19’s. And a gen 5 mos


I carry a shield regularly. I purchased a full size M&P 5” for home defense.

I am currently debating on getting the M&P 2.0 compact ( same size as G19).

I could use something in the middle ground. The 5” is just not good for conceal carry. I love the shield, but I could get away with carrying a larger gun pretty easily.

I was looking at the p365, and even though that’s a great gun, the larger the gun, the better the shooting, the longer the barrel = higher velocity.

So G19 is not obsolete by any means. That being said, I personally would want a smaller option for conceal carry for certain occasions.

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Didn’t sig just this month come out with a all metal p365 ?

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