Latest trip to the range....Glock 19, Stoeger STR9 & PSA AR15

So I took a friend to the range over the weekend that has really only shot revolvers. The last time was probably 5-10 years ago before I knew him.

I took my PSA AR15 & Stoeger STR9. I had been curious about the Glock 19 and if I should consider one so I rented one.

Spent over 2 hours at the range. He was amazed at how the AR handle and how easy it was to shoot. We only shot 22LR through it.

On the handguns…he preferred the little extra weight of my STR9 to the Glock 19. He put probably 150+ 9mm down range with at 90% from the Stoeger. He was equally accurate with both guns.

I was also equally accurate with both guns when firing with both hands. I like the way it felt and also was thinking as an everyday carry the lighter weight would be nice. Then it happened. That one thing that changes your mind about a gun. At this point I had put probably 25 or so rounds down range. I switched to firing with my dominant hand by itself. I wanted to make sure I could manipulate it as well as my STR9. First 2 rounds I had no problems. But I didn’t get a 3rd off because my thumb hit the oversized mag release. Out goes the mag. Yes I could train myself to watch out for that, grip etc. But I don’t have to think about it with my STR9. The grip is made so my thumb automagically misses the mag release. I didn’t feel like my hand was too big for the 19 as configred.

Has anyone else had that issue?

For the record, I love everything about my STR9 except aftermarket accessories. I loved everything about the 19 except the mag release.


I am a proponent of the thumbs high grip, which naturally keeps the thumb off the controls. Keeping the thumb high while shooting one handed also increases the grip strength and helps mitigate recoil/muzzle rise, while increasing retention.


Same here. Have 7 Glocks as well as a 1911, M9,m&p and a little SR 22. Had to reach over and grab my G21 to see what you were talking about.
I was taught to get my hand as high as possible on the grip, proper grip to me reminds me of a rodeo rider strapping his hand to a bull, only I’m jamming my hand into the beavertail. A bit dramatic here :laughing: but just trying to explain.