Glock 19 Gen 5

Recoil Spring 17 lbs., and made it heavier to 2x weight of original spring, it only reduce muzzle flip on recoil to mange. Roughly this Glock 19’s weighs in at 31 ozs.

This Glock was upgraded by licensed armory, not by
me and it is not dressed out to be fancy or good looking,
but dependable.

I would think things through before customizing any
firearm and please research any project that you start
and you learn and enjoy your firearms and to respect
them. Glock or any firearms are tools and you are the master. Thank you! Safety Rules are needed, please be safe.


I don’t prefer Glocks at all. Other folks swear by them. The reasoning has never been a failure to perform, but rather comfort due to weight distribution, take down quirks, and stuff like that.

Debating the issue seems unnecessary as it is a very good firearm for those who have no such issues with its “feel”.

My wife trains with a Glock 44 (.22). She carries a SIG SAS (9mm), and her home defense is a SIG P228 (9mm) and/or a Remington 870 Police style (18 1/2 in 20 gauge). Those are what she is comfortable with being 64 yo.

I am not particularly comfortable with her Glock, but I am extremely comfortable with the patterns she shoots with it.


I, even being non Glock person, have full respect to this handgun.
I’ve been always willing to listen people shooting them.
We shoot what works the best for us.

Anyway I’m wondering if I got it correctly:

Did you use recoil spring 2x heavier than original… or made the handgun weight heavier using formula:
“Weight= recoil spring lb x 2” ?


The recoil spring is 17 lbs store bought and tested to
Use any and many ammunitions. I would not use
+P+, but that is me. The recoil spring is purchased from
GlockStore and it is 2.5 times heavier than the stock
Springs it’s weight, to comfort recoil issues when
Training and can be replace to practice with your
targets. Those +p+ ammunitions wears all your springs out.

Muzzle flip
Muzzle rise

It gets wilder as you get faster in speed drills, but you
can manage that very well.

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I’m sorry… I’m still confused.
So is your new spring 17lb?

Thank you. Everyone is different and after a person shoots 9mm for a few years it become easier. I use heavier caliber ammunition and bigger Firearms.

I enjoy the Sig Sauer P320’s 9 and 40
Springfield XDM 5.25” 10mm

It gets costly too.


Recoil Springs weight rating: if you use to light of
recoil spring the cycling of your firearms will NOT operate
Properly. The slide will fail to cycle all together if to
Strong in its weight rating. Glock is between 15 and
17lbs. for your 9mm.

That ratio can be even higher for .357 Sig,
.40SW, .45 ACP, and 10 mm
and anything in between of different calibers.

10 mm can be used with very high and hot rounds
For bear hunting. 18, 20, 21 lbs. recoil springs.


With all respect, I am not military, or police and I have been trained by the best due to their services and I am grateful for that and USCCA too. It has been a long six years. I am also 64-year-old. Thank you for your feedback.


Ok… I see I won’t get the answer.

I know the recoil spring weight idea…but I still don’t know what did you mean by 2.5 x heavier spring than stock one. And that’s what I’m trying to understand.

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Built 5 Glock based guns here (26, 19,17, long slide 19 and a 21)and have a OEM 19 and 43 as well. Yeah, this 2.5 times heavier thing has me confused as well. Springs are measured in pounds/compression and for 9mm, think I’ve seen 13-18 or 19 pound springs. I’ve got 17-18’s in mine, running NATO or +p hp’s.


Recoil Springs have been made out of
Stronger metals, not plastics, the actual weight of the spring not the rating of spring strength.

I have been honest to you and I have never shown
Disrespect either.

He’s not being disrespectful, just confused as I am, despite building 5 Glock based guns and owning another 2. Going to check out Lennie’s site and see if I can find these chunky springs.

GlockStore, The Tungsten Guide Rods. They add weight
To the Glock muzzle and helps out the recoil problems.


Yeah, just saw that. Those are rods.Not springs. Hence the confusion. I run the stainless, broke one in my 43 awhile back.


After building and taking care of all the equipment
the famous Glock is a good foundation to learn
to operate and train to be your best. Glock is not a
Priceless Wonder or a Trophy. It has many configurations and it has the possibilities to be trustworthy and safe. I too have had the opportunity to
build, but the Glock is a very easy a basic firearm
that can be mastered. It only has 34 to 38 parts, but
You can run over it with a tank and still operate, but I would NOT attempt to completely destroy it.


I operate, train, and maintain 8 Gen 4’s and 1 Gen 5. With that it may be better to go back to Sig Sauer.

It has been a honor.


My main issue with Glocks is the cheap slide release. I put extended releases on my Glocks except 1 (lost count ordering lol, so the 21 went without) and now the slide release is on par with my M&P, M9, 1911, SR22 etc…
That and plastic sights and plastic guide rods. They have got to be making a real good profit…good gun though, simple and reliable.


Happy Anniversary @mattm


IMO people cut down Glock because they know Glock is the Big Dog. It is the standard by which others are measured. It is in a huge number of professional’s holsters both on and off the clock, and that’s not just a price thing.

They aren’t my personal favorite but if You asked the proverbial “only one handgun” question, I’d probably have to say G19


Thank you! We are all different, different abilities in learning, talents, skill sets, and it keeps on going.

Firearms are made to fit the right person and there
Firearms that are totally wrong to have. The Glock is a very good place to start, but we can grow by training
and practicing. I like the Sig Sauer P320’s and they aren’t perfect either.

Train with what fits you the best for you and you are confident with. People have the wrong part of FEAR
that destroys and they may have had a bad experience or been military or police.

I respect you and want the best for you, I have been
around groups of people that condemn me for training
and carrying and training, but that is me and I made
the decisions to continue carrying and train.

Continue to train to be your best and stay safe always.